Every now and then, something strikes my fancy in such a major way that I can’t get it out of my head.

That happened pretty much the second I spotted this shot from Emily’s Instagram feed.


Pretty much my first two thoughts were:

A) Dang, I wish I could paint like that


B) Dang, that coat is dope (okay, so I probably didn’t actually think the word, “dope,” but that’s what came out of my fingers just now, so I’m going with it)

Of course, I knew it wouldn’t be cheap since it’s from Boden. In fact, knowing that, I avoided even trying to track it down for a solid week.

Finally, my curiosity got the better of me, and I found it on the site.



It strikes me as a bit funny that both Emily and I liked it so much considering that she’s just as adamantly devoted to her beloved neutrals as I am to my colors (long live aqua!).

But it’s a pretty stinkin’ fantastic raincoat, so I’m not surprised even a neutral-lover would be drawn to it.

So, what was the price tag?

$151.30. (#random). On sale.


I started calculating just how many Shop My Closet Items I would have to sell to pay for it, guilt-free, and how much time it would take to snap all the pics, list all the items, ship all the stuff. Then I factored in how many years it would take off my life to take 6 kids to the post office. Multiple times.


I closed my computer.

There’s only so much you can love a cute floral raincoat.

That said, be on the lookout for some Shop My Closet items coming up. I doubt I’ll get enough of them listed in time for my size of raincoat not to sell out, but I had planned on doing some closet purging anyway, so we’ll see how it goes.

Am I the only one who gets fixated on something specific? Somehow I doubt it, but feel free to enable validate me if you wish.


  1. My splurges are on much more modest amounts right now, but there was a beautiful glass pitcher at Marshall’s a couple months ago for only $12 that I LOVED but didn’t buy because I didn’t absolutely need it. (I only let myself buy something I specifically went shopping for, no “fun finds” added.) I changed my mind a couple days later and have been looking for that thing ever since and haven’t seen it again – so frustrating!

  2. I am the worst at buying myself stuff. ‘i have a hard time justifying buying a $10 sweater let along a $150 coat (but ooooh man is that coat pretty) I like to fill up shopping carts with the items i really want and then back out last second and not buy any of it. I think I have such a hard time because I was raised on a very low income so we only got necessity for many years. we are on a tight income now as well and i always feel like rather than buy that $10 sweater (which i actually really do need) I buy toilet paper and soap etc. I do freelance editing work and sell paintings on Etsy though so i use my profits from that work to spend all on myself. 🙂

    1. I do the exact same thing – fill up the basket, tell myself I’m finally going to get something I want, and then panic because I decide the money could be better spent. Most of the time it’s a good thing I change my mind, but there have been a couple of times when I wish I had just bought it. I’m trying to learn to see the difference in that moment!

  3. If it helps you to feel better about it at all, the pattern matching is totally awful on it! So it might be kinda pretty but on the right hand side you’ve got half a tulip significantly lower than the other half, and for $150+ you would expect your patterns to be well-matched 😀 xx

  4. For me it’s Trades of Hope accessories, but I console myself with knowing that my purchase is helping another woman out of a desperate situation. A purchase you can feel good about for sure.

  5. Oh honey…you don’t have to bring your kids to the post office! You can have the post office pick up packages at your house! Buy the label online at usps.com (which most of the time is cheaper than at the actual post office location) and then schedule a pickup. You dont have to go anywhere! 🙂

    1. I’ve looked into it before, but definitely didn’t seem that straightforward. I got about halfway through the process several times, and then it asked for some info or other i didn’t have, and I gave up. I’ll have to try again…

      1. Their site has gotten better, more streamlined, in the last year. Its not perfect, but its getting there 🙂 Might be worth a shot..hopefully this time goes better than last for you! 🙂

  6. I too have a hard time buying for myself – but will grab something up for one of the kiddos in a heartbeat! Lol it’s a Mama thing! But I am awfully good at justifying the purchase of my scrapbook necessities! And that addiction serves not only me and my need to cut paper and make a mess….but it is ultimately for the kids too. 🙂

  7. I’d wait for a knockoff from Target. I have such a hard time justifying spending money on myself at all, let alone a splurge. Plus we only have two seasons in Chicago – Winter and construction, so a raincoat isn’t practical. Maybe someone else will invest in one and you can be the second owner? Kind of like that car commercial?

  8. Yes!!! Currently it’s the peony cake plate @ Anthro- even on sale it’s $89.95!! I keep trying to justify it in my head. I haven’t found the right excuse to buy it, yet! Sigh…

  9. Boots. Yep! I was fixated on a black pair of Born boots, but didn’t want to pay the $170 for them, so I walked away. Bugged me so much that my husband finally said—“Would you PLEASE go and get those boots?” So, I DID! Just sayin’….

I love hearing from you guys!