I don’t know why I’m so drawn to corny puns in titles, but…I am. My apologies.

But before we get to the subject of my titular corniness…

leigh anne

You are the winner of our Jamberry goodies from last week’s giveaway! I’m not gonna lie. I got really excited when I saw her name pop up as the winner. Leigh Anne is one of my most faithful reader-friends since almost the very beginning of this here little blog, a mama to four littles, and SUCH a sweetheart. We live in the same state but still about 10 hours apart (sigh…Texas), but she has family near me, and I am determined that we get together for a coffee (hot chocolate for me) date the next time she comes for a visit. (You hear that, Leigh Anne??). Anyhoo, she totally deserves a pampering treat, so I’m glad she won!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

About a week and 1/2 ago, I got my first haircut in, oh, 5 months. When my hair was long, I would often go 8-10 months without even a trim, but since whacking it off about 18 months ago, 2-3 months is the longest I’d made it between cuts. But with holiday craziness and Theo’s birth, I just hadn’t made it back for quite a while, and things were getting a bit, um, hairy (oy, with the bad jokes, already, Abbie!).

Here was the situation before my trim.


Scraggly ends. Poofy on top because it hadn’t been thinned out in forever. Grown-out, limp bangs.

Definitely in need of a tune-up.

I’ve decided to grow out my hair, and with the help the It Works Hair Skin and Nails I’ve been taking, it’s coming along, so I didn’t want to take any length off. Just some weight.

Then again, I did feel like a change.

So, after a fair bit of trimming and a liberal use of thinning shears, there was a nice little mountain of fuzzies on the ground.


It’s hard to have the right perspective just from the photo, but that is a LOT of hair. Which is kind of nuts considering that I lost almost no length.

So, what was this change that I wanted?



This picture makes me laugh. I kept joking with my friend/hairstylist, Hollie, that I needed to caption this one: “I asked her to do this to me.”

I mean, seriously, that right there is the perfect combo of poodle + “Working Girl” hair.


But less than 24 hours later, after a good wash and a bit of tweaking, it had calmed down a fair bit.


And then, after yet a few more days for it to completely come of out shock and the first time I actually styled it like I normally would (plus bangs-straightening, of course…follow that link to see all of the products I use), we had this.


Because I know you were dying to see not one but four of my goofy expressions. But Ezra was my photographer, and he was really proud of his work (which I promised I would show off adequately here).

Of course, those are mildly blurry phone shots, but he did manage this crystal-clear “real camera” shot too.

new profile

This one too. I look ridiculously smug. But it does show you a bit of the side-view.


ANYhoo, you may now consider yourself fully updated on my most recent follicular adventures.

I honestly miss my super-easy, funky, short hair, but at least I have the bangs to satisfy my urge for something different every once in a while. Who knows? Maybe next time I get the itch, I’ll go blonde!

Anybody else changed up their hair recently? I wanna see!

What’s the most drastic thing you’ve ever done to your hair? Mine would probably have to be that time I cut mine down to 2 inches or less all over my head (not Shaun’s favorite). (Although…that bowl-cut when I was 8, while not “drastic,” was definitely “dreadful”).


  1. Hi…. I love your blog… Have curly hair, the same length as yours after the trim and a 2y.o boy. I loved the lipstick which you used in the pics clicked by Ezra. Can you tell me which one is it?
    Lots of love to your kids 🙂

  2. It’s funny that you just changed your style–I’m planning to use one of your photos as my example when I get my hair cut tomorrow! (Hopefully that doesn’t freak you out! I promise I am not a weirdo.) I found your blog via a Google image search for “chin-length naturally curly hair” or something like that, and just loved the style. My hair is super-curly and thick, and I have gotten tired of straightening it every day, so I wanted a style would look cute but still let my hair do its own thing. Once I was here, I found that I really like your blog, too. 🙂

    1. Well, I’m super-late in responding, but I just wanted to say that I’m so glad you found my blog through my hair post (that seems to happen a lot), and I don’t think it’s creepy at all that you use my hair as an example. It’s a huge compliment!

  3. I’m normally some shade of burgundy red hair but 5yrs ago I went ultra pixie short & asked for Platinum Blonde uhhhhh they didn’t do something right & it was brassy & I decided my skin tone is Def not a blonde lol

  4. I once went RED. I first had to bleach my brown locks in order for the red to really look, well, red. I will never forget what my boss said…”it’s awesome! It’s not like anything anyone would actually GROW!”. Yep. She went there.

    I got highlights last summer, and I big puffy heart them. I had them light and bright for summer, toned them down to a coppery bronze for winter, and will be lightening up again on Friday. It was a HUGE change! I think I’m going for more bangs too – these chin-skimming layers just flatten out and make my head look like a watermelon. Not flattering.

  5. Say Whaaaat?!?! I can’t believe I won!! Sooooo excited because I’ve really been wanting to try Jamberries!! And what sweet things you said about me….I’ve enjoyed your blog forever (its a must read!) and yes, I agree about the ho-cho date (I don’t drink coffee either)! Its a must when I return to your neck of the great state of Texas woods 🙂

    I’ve had my hair the same for several years now….alot like yours in the header photo. I’m glad I finally found something that works well for my natural curls plus is lower maintenance. I go for a cut about every 4-5 mos….which is all I can manage in “finding someone to keep the littles while I look less disheveled” department. Your bangs look so cute in your pics! Its really tempting me 🙂 I’ve also been considering some slight ombre color for summer. I used to hi-light my hair with a little blonde and the up-keep was so hard once kids came along (roots!). Now that the grown out ombre look is in……I think I could actually manage it! My hair stylist always asks if I want to go ahead a schedule an appt for next time…..And I’m like :-/ (if only!!). She has clients that come every 6 weeks without fail……I’m definitely not in that camp!!

  6. Hmmmm I wonder what I did wrong with my post to you, only part of it is there. The rest should read, is the clock upside down on your wall or is it my eye? Lol

  7. I shaved my head in my early twenties because I thought I was always hiding behind my hair (I have thick hair that I like to wear long). I thought I was vain about it and didn’t want any of that, so I shaved it. I remember shopping at a store for makeup and hearing a little boy ask his mom why a boy was looking at makeup. Needless to say, my mane is long again 🙂 .

  8. I love what you said about your hair being “shocked” after a cut. My hair does the same thing! It usually takes a week or two to calm down from a cut. Yours looks great!

  9. My husband and I just got major cuts. We’ve both been growing our hair out for nearly two years to donate. This resulted in him losing over ten inches, and me losing 14″. I would love to show you, but what would be the best route to take to do that?

  10. Your bangs turned out nice. 🙂 I have a big cowlick right in the front of my hair, so the only time I had bangs was back when big hair was in! I like the look of bangs, I just can’t do it!

  11. I adore bangs so much!!! But – although I have the same cut as you – my hair is rather thin, so in order to get a good full bang, I end up with straggly, Raman noodles on what’s left of my head. Plus, spending summer days at the pool leaves me with poodle bangs. But I love, love, love yours and am super jealous!

  12. I love that you have never been afraid to change your hair! And curly hair at that!!! I love bangs and think everyone needs to find a great stylist and at least try bangs… You look very chic!!

    I just gave mine a good cut this weekend too; cut 4-5 inches, kept the layers but inverted the cut…. SO happy!! I have always loved changing my hair and get bored easily, so this wasn’t hard for me

I love hearing from you guys!