Here’s the thing: when I get asked to review something, if it doesn’t appeal to me, I just politely decline.

And, every now and then, if I agree to try something out, it just doesn’t work for me, in which case I don’t review it at all.

Which, as you might have already deduced, is why, anytime you see a review of something on this here blog, it’s positive. If I take the time to tell y’all about it, it’s because I really like something and feel like it’s worth sharing.

But then, every now and then, there are things that I actually seek out, breath held in hope that they will be as great as I’ve heard, and what I’m going to tell you about today definitely falls into that category.

Several years ago, Emily posted about her experience with eyelash extensions (all positive), and ever since, I’ve been pretty intrigued with the concept…but majorly turned off by the price (about $200 for the initial application).

So, when I saw a friend post about her experience with lash extensions on Facebook with a friend of hers who was looking to expand her part time business, I decided to seek her out and see if we could come to a mutually beneficial agreement. Code for: she’d do my eyelashes, and if I loved them, I’d tell you guys to go get your eyelashes done with her.


To say I l.o.v.e.d them would be such faint praise that it’s a little embarrassing.

(In other words: this not just a review. It’s a rave).

But more than anything, I loved Makenzie.

People, she comes to your HOUSE.

(Let me try that again)

YOUR house.

As in, you don’t have to find childcare for your children (assuming your husband’s around to watch them, or you can schedule a time when they’re all in bed, of course).

And then, she proceeds to play with your children, since you got home later than you hoped and are still running around getting dinner ready. I don’t think that’s technically part of her job description, but, considering that Evy (my shyest child) crawled up in her lap and started babbling away her life’s story in her ear within .03 seconds of Makenzie’s sitting down in my living room, I think she should probably add “Toddler Whisperer” to her business cards. Oh, and “Patient-as-all-get-out.”

And then she sets up all her gear and gets you all situated on this comfy table with an even comfier pillow and tells you, “I don’t mind if you fall asleep. You can even snore. I have people that do that. Doesn’t bother me at all.”


Note: I can’t guarantee I wouldn’t have snored had I fallen asleep, but…I didn’t. Because Makenzie is such an easygoing sweetheart that you feel like you’re just chatting away with a friend you’ve known for ages. And the time flies.


I got my first round of extensions done about a month ago in anticipation of family pictures that we had scheduled. Sadly, “rain” has been the predominant theme of our weather this spring (with a heavy side of tornados…yikes!), and our pictures have been canceled so many times that I’ve lost count.

The lashes last about 3-4 weeks, so just this last Monday, she came back to make sure they were perfect for pictures (even though they got canceled again)…AND she brought her husband with her to hold Theo (Shaun was out of town), claiming that he wanted to ride along (pretty sure he could have found a football game to watch or something, but I wasn’t complaining).

Her husband, who was just as easygoing and friendly as Makenzie, proceeded to hold Theo for over an hour, y’all. And T loved him!

Again, probably not technically part of her usual job description, but I was just so impressed with her thoughtfulness and how she went the extra mile to make sure I was comfortable.

Another thing I love? Her rates. She charges $95 for the initial application, which is less than half of what salons cost, not even factoring in the fact that she comes to you. And she’s only $30 for refills (when I told my husband that, his eyebrows shot up, and he said, “She’s going to pay that in GAS coming to our house!” :)).

When I asked her why she charged so much less, she said, “I just really love helping moms out, and I looooove doing lash extensions and making mamas feel pretty while simplifying their days, so I want it to be as accessible as possible, while still worth my time. And charging more just seems dishonest.”

The first time she comes, it takes between 1 1/2-2 hours as she meticulously glues either silk or mink individual eyelashes on top of your own eyelashes to take them from this…


{Believe it or not, I have the exact same amount of mascara/liner on my left and right eyes, but the light coming in from the left makes it look totally lopsided; Also, for some reason the only thing I can think upon seeing this picture is: “Selfie of a camel.” Apparently, I shouldn’t take pics straight up my nose}

…to THIS


That would be lash extensions with ZERO mascara. Zero eyeliner. Zero anything. And I still look awake. (Also, between the automatic “beauty filter” on the reverse setting of my phone camera and good lighting, I have the skin of a 12-year-old in this pic. Don’t be fooled).


And the best part? They’re completely weightless. I remember sitting up after the first application, expecting to feel the weight of the extra lashes or for them to be tangling with my lower lashes, and I felt…nothing.

Makenzie just smiled and said, “That’s how they’re supposed to feel.”

Mission accomplished.

I’ve had so many people compliment me on my lashes in the past month, and pretty much nobody could believe it when I told them they weren’t real. One lady even told me how pretty and awake I looked when I walked in to teach a 9 AM BODYPUMP class and how unfair it was that I looked so good in the morning, and I thanked her but walked off truly confused.

Because the truth is that I don’t look good in the mornings. I have major puffy-eyes, and even when I wake up with a lot of energy, it takes a long time for my face to get that telegram.

I was puzzling over her words the whole time I set up my weights, until, suddenly it occurred to me–duh!–it’s the lash extensions. They just make my eyes look awake, which translates into a much better morning look, even though I haven’t changed anything else in my routine.

I ran back to tell her why I had made such a good impression that morning and that she should have Makenzie come over to her house ASAP.

Seriously, in case you can’t already tell, I’m Makenzie’s biggest fan. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Of course, even though $95 is waaaaaay cheaper than you can get it done anywhere else (and did I mention she comes to your HOUSE??! Still blows my mind), it’s still a chunk of change on something that I certainly would not label a “life essential.” I get that. And totally agree.

You know me. I’m the cheap girl. The thrifter. The extra 60% off the sale rack shopper. And I’m usually very low maintenance. I don’t get facials or have my eyebrows plucked. And I can go months upon months without a pedicure or a manicure (I think I’ve had 3 in the last 8 months, and that’s higher than average). I get my hair cut about twice a year.

But this is different.

I would gladly scrape my pennies together for months or have this be my sole birthday gift, if that’s what it took. I can’t even fully articulate why being able to walk out the door with zero eye makeup on is so freeing and enjoyable. But it is. That much I can say for certain.

I would even go so far as to call this a #mamalifehacks post!

So! If you’re in the East Texas area (Makenzie lives in Tyler) and have ever even had an inkling of getting lash extensions, Makenzie’s your girl. All the way. I can’t imagine getting better service or results no matter where you go.

You can contact her at 3 zero 7-7 five 1-9 two 1 zero. (Just replace the words with the numbers they represent. I’m trying to protect her from getting tons of spam calls).

You an also email her for an appointment at: lashesbymakenzie{at}gmail{dot}com

Just tell her Abbie sent ya!


  1. I got my lashes done by Makenzie a few weeks after you posted this and LOVED them! They lasted 4 weeks, which is what I expected. It was time for a fill so I made my appointment for a Friday evening. A few hours before the appointment, she texted saying she needed to cancel but could come the next day. I agreed and asked her what time she could come Saturday and I haven’t heard from her since. This was 3 weeks ago. Weird! I don’t know whether to be annoyed or worried. Makenzie is so sweet and doesn’t seem like a flake but she hasn’t answered any of my emails or texts.

    1. This is an update to my last comment. On a whim, a couple of MONTHS after Makenzie missed our appointment and never followed up with me, I called her. She had a very valid reason for not getting back with me and was very apologetic. She immediately told me she owed me a full set (and I agreed). She said she could come the following Monday and we made an appointment for 9:30 (I think). Around 9:00 Monday morning I received a text that she had an emergency and would be tied up for a couple hours. She asked when we could reschedule. I responded asking if later that afternoon would work and didn’t hear back from her until nearly 4:00 that afternoon. She finally texted me back and we rescheduled for that Friday at 10:00 in the morning. Well, I got a text at 9:45 Friday morning saying that she had gotten into a car wreck and she would call me as soon as they were finished filling out the report. It was nearly 6 pm when she finally answered my text only to let me know that she had family coming in for the weekend and wouldn’t be able to fit me in until the following Thursday morning…oh, and by the way, I needed to come to her, which I understand since she had just wrecked her car. But, again, I haven’t heard from her since. The problem with Makenzie is her communication. She shouldn’t tell you she will be tied up for a couple of hours and ignore you for 6 or 7. She shouldn’t say she will call you as soon as a report is filled out and never call you back. Makenzie is very sweet and did an excellent job on my lashes but her communication skills are severely lacking and so is her reliability. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend her based on my experiences with her. There is another place in Whitehouse that does mink lashes at comparable prices. I will be giving them a try.

  2. Those are amazing!! Wish I lived near her! I cannot go without mascara because I just do not look awake. You look great!!

  3. WOW! I wish she lived in Michigan… how do I find someone in my area to do this??? I didn’t even know this was a thing!! 😉

    I have always been “eyelash obsessed”… it’s my favorite part of make up cause I feel it makes the biggest difference on the eyes… could skip shadow or liner, but without mascara, bland-city!

    Now, how do you wash off your eye make up? Do the extensions come off when you do?

    1. You just wash gently as per usual, and nothing happens to the extensions. You just wouldn’t want to rub a ton because they can get tangled.

  4. The timing of this post is great. I tried out the whole lash extension thing two weeks ago (with a Hawaiin vacation as the excuse). I LOVE them! It is so freeing as a mom to just put on a little foundation, lipstick, (okay, and my invisible eyebrows need help, too) and head out the door. I was able to get dressed and ready in 15 minutes every morning during our vacation. All because of eyelash extensions! It is glorious!


  5. Looking good Kenz. Sounds like your sweet as usual and super successful too. I am proud of ya girl….way to go!

    1. I’m going to add to this rave by saying that Makenzie did my lashes too and the results were incredible! I am pretty sure I did fall asleep while she was doing them. A 1 1/2 hour nap + waking up a person who can leave the house with no eye makeup = the ultimate mommy makeover. CALL MAKENZIE!!

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