So, my little blog hiatus wasn’t exactly planned, but neither do I plan either my own or my kids’ illnesses. So, what can you do? (Besides take as many naps as you can).

Yuckiness aside, though, can we talk about this for a minute?


Talk about what, Abbie? The fact that you’re the blessed mama of the happiest baby alive? Or that said happiest baby has a serious (and seriously adorable) case of teacup ears? Or that sharks don’t wear glasses?

No, sorry. Guess I should have been more specific.

I want to talk about these.


Ignore the awkward spelling (I just had to; I mean there are TWO of them) and the fact that when you read the title of this post, you were probably like, “Tuh-whoa Fies? What are those??”

And let’s just zero in on the fact that my child…my beloved 6th baby…who was just born yesterday (wasn’t he?)…has teeth. Plural.

Because here’s the thing. He got that first tooth at 4 months. Which might be no big thang for some of you.

But for a woman whose other 5 children didn’t even think about teeth (no matter what 4-month-old Ezra-Drool-Buckets teased to the contrary) until they were 8-months-old (shoot, the girls were more like a year), it’s a very big THANG!

We are not early teethers, in other words. Or early anything-elsers, for that matter. The boys both took their first baby steps right around their first birthdays (Simon was on the money), but they didn’t really cruise until 14 months or so. And the girls were more like 14-15 months before they took any steps at all.

They don’t sit up ahead of time or roll over particularly quickly or crawl before 8 months.

And you know what? I am a-okay with all of that. Honestly, I’m guessing most mamas with more than one can understand when I say that, after your initial gung-ho frenzy of, “YOU CAN DO IT! Waaaaaalk, my son. WAAAAAALK!” with the rest, you’re like, “If you walk by the time you get to kindergarten, we’re good. Until then, slug it up, bud.”

I mean, right? Children are SO MUCH HARDER when they’re mobile.

Which is why I was a bit alarmed when that little charmer up there popped out a tooth at 4 months and quickly followed it up with an encore performance.

(It’s just teeth, but it could mean he’s an early bloomer in other areas).


And then looked all smug and proud of himself.

I mean. He smiled at 3 days old (and never stopped), but smiling doesn’t make messes in Mama’s pantry, so that early milestone was nothing but P-A-R-T-Y!

And, honestly, I don’t mind the fact that he can almost sit up on his own already (he can on a soft surface like a lap or a couch). But when the pulling up starts, I might just start pushing him right back on the ground. JAY KAY! I would never ever. And I honestly enjoy seeing every single one of my kids reach those landmark moments.

But, up ’til now, I’ve been able to go a good long while before the landmarks crawled right up in my lap.

And that was quite all right by me.

Apparently, somebody knows he has five siblings to keep up with.

Bless us all.

So, what about you guys? Were your kids early or late bloomers? Or a mixed deal? I would definitely say that my kids have always been average to late…until Theo.


  1. I had asked my peds at Eli’s 3 month visit if he could be teething because he suddenly went from all smiles to Super Cranky Pants.

    Noo… babies don’t get teeth at 4 months, he promised me.

    (At 4 months on the DAY we had two teeth. He had his 2 yr molars at 15 months actually. He got all his teeth early!)

    He also crawled at 6 months on the day. (for birthday cake. he was determined to get to a friends plate where she was sitting in the floor.) and walked at 10 months. Once he figured out what his feet were for, he NEVER STOPPED MOVING. He’s 15 now. He still GOGOGOES.

    He was a late bloomer with talking though–15 months. Not a WORD. Not mama, milk, bottle. Nothing. I actually was concerned and asked about speech therapy… Peds assured me boys talk later and we’d look into if he still wasn’t talking at 18 months. But when he spoke it was in a full sentence, also. “Nanny! Tables are for glasses, not *******!” Not sure where he heard it but it was hilarious coming from my silent child.

  2. My daughter was early too! She popped those same 1st 2 teeth THE DAY she turned 4 months old! She also lost them early…

  3. First baby was right on for when to sit/crawl/teeth/walk…the next 4 were late bloomers. My sixth has 7 teeth already at only 10 months! And she is already taking steps…I’m not ready for her to enter toddler status. I love the baby stage!

  4. All 4 of mine didn’t get teeth until at least 9mo or so but at far as mobility goes it seemed that the more older siblings there were the faster they needed to get going! 🙂 baby number five gets here next Wednesday, another adventure begins!

  5. Both of my boys started getting teeth (plural) at 3 months. My first had 10 teeth by the time he was one and my second (currently 15 months) has that even possible? He has all of his molars. Oy vey.

  6. Loved this post! Baby #4 (2 years) didn’t walk until 13 months! My neighbor’s baby, a month younger than mine, was already taking steps by 11 months! My daughters (10 & 11) would be concerned their brother was behind our neighbor’s baby. I said I was in no hurry to have him walk! I feel the same for baby #5, who is 4 months.

  7. 2 early landmarks. But I noticed that there was no mention of the challenges of teeth and nursing mother. UGH !! I sort of thought early teeth were to blame for early refusing to nurse any longer.

  8. My first two boys were late bloomers. They were late walkers, late getting teeth, but on time talkers. My baby (who is now 15) had 2 teeth at 4 months and also started scooting around at 4 months. He was by far my earliest walker; however, he did not utter a word until 2 1/2!! I wasn’t concerned at all until a mom at swim lessons questioned why he wasn’t talking. We knew everything he wanted. He didn’t have to talk. So we put him in speech therapy. It wasn’t a talking issue, it was a hard head issue!!

  9. My daughter also smiled early (10 days) and never stopped and got teeth at 4 months. This was a shock because everyone in my family has been late in the teeth department. by 7 months she had EIGHT teeth! But at 11 months she is still cruising the furniture and not wanting to walk so I’m counting that as a win.

  10. All four of my precious kiddos had all their teeth by the time they turned one. One of them walked at eight months! (bless my heart) One of them talked in complete sentences by 18 months. Otherwise, I was glad for the “average” milestones. Theo is an absolute doll!

  11. My two boys are similar except one was born 6 weeks early and the other likes to get his teeth early. For example 6 year molars at 4 years old. He is now 12 and can feel his wisdom teeth trying to come through.

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