Confession: I have avoided watching the Planned Parenthood exposé videos over the past several weeks. I could claim busyness or exhaustion. But the real reason was that the mere thought of watching people barter over the sale of aborted baby body parts made me sick to my stomach.


{The more kids I have, the harder it is for me to even think about abortion}

But when my mom let me know that the Senate was considering completely defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives 500 million tax-payer dollars per year, I knew I needed to say something and that to be able to say it, I needed to be informed.

So, I watched the videos. And, yes, my stomach churned, but I’m glad I did it. Because truth always trumps personal discomfort.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me briefly explain: a man named David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress recently released four (of 8-10 total) undercover investigative videos, during which he posed as a representative for a company seeking to acquire fetal tissue. During the videos, he speaks with Planned Parenthood employees–doctors, managers, executives–and negotiates the sales of aborted babies on a part by part basis. There is haggling, negotiating, the desire expressed to “get the most out of it” and “check to see what everyone else is doing to make sure we’re getting the most we can, and if not, we can ‘bump it up.'” One woman even jokes (oh, Lord help us) about how she “wants a Lamborghini.”

Hopefully, you find this morally repugnant. At the very least, you might be interested to know that it’s illegal. Although I wish it were with every fiber of my being, the sale of human fetal body parts is not illegal. However, the profiting from such a sale is.

In other words, according to law, Planned Parenthood should have a flat-rate fee that covers any costs that they might incur in “processing and transferring” fetal remains to insure that no profits are possible. Instead, all four of the videos released to date reveal haggling on a body part by body part basis and even the discussion of “wholly intact specimens,” which sometimes “come out if we haven’t gotten to them yet.” That particular doctor admits that it’s definitely not their goal for this to happen but just sort of shrugs and admits that it does. I, like many others, am horrified by this implication that babies are being born before the abortion doctors arrive and then “aborted” anyway. (I am in no way saying that aborted babies inside their mothers’ wombs are any less “alive” or “valuable,” but the possibility of blatant murder outside the womb just adds a whole new layer of disgust/wrongness).

In one video, a prominent doctor/executive describes the process of using ultrasounds to search for the baby’s body position, with a “game plan” from a ” huddle” that they have at the beginning of the day. The purpose? Coupled with the knowledge of what kind of body parts are in demand at the moment, the ultra-sound information can help the abortion doctor to turn the baby around to deliver him/her feet first so that those parts come out “intact” and salable.

This process is identical to the illegal procedure known as partial birth abortion.

I urge you to watch the videos. The experience is neither pleasant nor comfortable (I watched every video with my hand over my mouth and didn’t realize how hard I was pushing on it until they were done, and my lips and teeth hurt).

But it is important.

Today, our legislators are meeting to decide whether to defund Planned Parenthood entirely. Technically by law, no part of our tax-payer dollars may go toward abortion, but given the fact that technically by law, the individual sale of baby parts for profit and partial birth abortion are illegal and yet are still going on–in tandem, no less– I have less than zero faith in an organization with executives who say: “These laws are open to interpretation. At the beginning of the day, if I say that I don’t intend to do something, it doesn’t really matter what ends up happening at the end of the day.”

I’m sorry. Isn’t that the only thing that matters?

After it was revealed that Josh Duggar had molested 5 young girls almost 15 years before, his family’s show was yanked from the TLC network in one day. (I’m not saying this was right or wrong. But it was certainly decisive and aggressive behavior).

Cecil the Lion was killed, and the media and celebrities exploded in a frenzy of outrage and cries for legal action. The Empire State Building has been lit up with his shadow in honor of his “murder.”

And yet, a judge has placed a restraining order on the expose videos, which clearly demonstrate intentionally illegal actions towards human babies, and our senate is meeting to decide whether to defund an organization that participates in blatantly illegal actions and receives 500 MILLION dollars of your and my money to do it.

I’m grateful that, at least, they’re meeting. But that’s still messed up.

If you think so too, please do something about it.

Share the videos, this post, or any other that will help inform people who may not have watched the videos.

Call your legislators.

Sign this petition.

And, most importantly of all, pray. For the senate to make the right, moral, legal decision. And for God’s mercy on our country. Only He knows exactly how much we need it.


  1. Abbie, Thank you for being willing to speak out on this. It is a hot button. Someone had commented about the Nazi’s and how the German’s responded. I won’t pretend to be well educated on this, but I wonder if it didn’t begin like we have. We don’t like it, so we turn away. Don’t stick our noses in where they don’t belong. And now it has grown to a mammoth sized problem and we feel helpless to turn the tide. And fearful to speak out as so many of our own friends and family do not feel the same value for all human life as we feel. I am not fearful of prison or death at this point… but I do fear the verbal barrage that comes upon so many that choose to speak their feelings on the value of human life (in this case speaking specifically of those in the womb). We need to speak out for what we believe, just as we also need to respect others’ need to say what they believe.
    As we live our lives, whether volunteering at a Crisis Center, speaking out on a blog, working at our jobs, volunteering with children, seniors, whatever our life has in it, it is so important that we are demonstrating love for others and genuinely caring about them. But in caring for them, we also need to be able to be true to ourselves, our Lord, and the beliefs we live by. Thank you for doing this Abbie.
    Psalm 139 (The whole chapter, but especially verses 13-16)

  2. thank you for writing this Abbie. You forced my head out of the sand and I’m going to educate everyone around me and do everything I personally can to stop this.

  3. for those that have argued here about the need of planned parenthood i appreciate the truth/facts given here that speak to the reality of what they do and the other options available. the argument that there will be back alley abortions increased if they close, hmm i would say that is already what planned parenthood has done and has been exposed with their back alley treatment of precious lives.

    i haven’t entered into this debate very publicly because of the wrath that is poured upon those who do (thank you for using this platform abbie), but i do very much agree with a comment above, one day we will look back on this with much remorse for not doing more and for sitting idly by. may God have mercy on us. the efforts need to be grass roots and the more women who open up to share their stories the more chance we have. i always think the best place to find the real truth is from those who are on the front lines, the helpers, the survivors, the doubters whose minds were changed by what they saw. therein lies the truth. their voices are eventually heard and we react in horror of how could anyone not have known sooner? think about all of the horrible things that have gone on for too long, the first thought, why didn’t someone do something?

    listen to do something by matthew west, this exactly.

    finally in all of history usually those who uncover the truth have been those who have been seeking it. yes. so let’s not just discredit the source. we wouldn’t be talking about any of this if it didn’t actually happen.

    1. The terror of back alley abortions is actually propaganda used during the fight for legal abortions. It has recently come out w/ cases such as Gosnell, that legal abortions are actually worse than when it was illegal. The only danger previously was self-induced abortions. Most illegal abortions were performed by those who knew the anatomy well. This doesn’t fit the pro-choice agenda though, so they rewrote history.

      And I agree, may God have mercy on us.

  4. I listened to a segment on NPR yesterday by a professor of medical legality. Legally, the woman has to agree to donate her fetus, *however* (emphasized) that donation cannot be connected to the abortion. She must have decided on the abortion before donation can even be mentioned. Also, abortion is only about 5% of PP’s actual work and there is a question about tax dollars being used for abortions. Breast exams, screenings, education are the bulk of their work.

    1. Unfortunately, abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood, are not monitored so we don’t know what portion of their services are abortions. They are supposed to be monitored but that is another way these agencies break the law.

      1. This isn’t true. Planned Parenthood is audited by a public accounting firm yearly, and not a dime of their federal funds go to abortions (because, of course, that would be breaking the law). Do your homework.

  5. I agree with the comment that plain and simple, murder is WRONG, and abortion IS murder. We may shudder at this, but how does a righteous and holy God look upon it? As calamities and sorrows befall this country, we do not need wonder why. If we look into Biblical history, the same thing happened to God’s people when they turned from His ways. America needs to REPENT or this country is headed for certain doom. This sounds gloomy, I know. But it is the truth. Us who fear and love God should be on our knees! Thank you Abbie for bringing this up.

  6. I haven’t seen the videos (bad internet in this part of the world!) But I couldn’t help but draw the comparison over the recent American news outrage about Cecil the lion vs the lack of American news outrage over the Planned Parenthood fiasco. One of the things that I saw after that really struck a chord with me was the encouragement to be pro-life in all regards not just anti-abortion. The meaning behind the term “pro-life” in many people’s eyes is a political agenda opposed to abortion. But we can use pro-life to mean so much more- for the life of young women in trouble, for the unborn babies, for the children who are born, for so many who struggle in the US and around the world. Many people already act this way in their own communities and even reaching out to other communities. But it is a good chance for all of us to stop and examine our own lives.

    Even comparing the reaction of the death of one lion to the millions who have died as a result of war, disease, famine, in the same area of the country is mind-boggling. Let’s all be pro-LIFE.

    1. YES. I have been saying the same thing, and the solidarity is getting my blood pumping. Pro-LIFE here, too, in hopefully increasing ways.

  7. I just happened to have the following come on my FB newsfeed after reading this.

    Abby Johnson: ProWoman, ProChild, ProLife
    23 mins ·
    Here’s a little truth bomb for you.
    There are fewer than 700 Planned Parenthood facilities that provide extremely limited gynecological care for women. There are almost 10,000 community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for men, women and children.
    Everywhere Planned Parenthood has a facility, there is at least one community health center that will see low income women at low or no cost. No woman needs Planned Parenthood. There is ALWAYS an alternative.
    Abby Johnson: Planned Parenthood Director turned pro-LIFE advocate

    1. Furthermore, you get more comprehensive health services at the health centers. The Planned Parenthood in the college town where I live is more concerned with handing out condoms than helping women find adequate care.

  8. Why would you compare action towards a child molester to this situation? How in any right or moral world is one compared to the other? A deplorable example of what you ‘feel’ is swift justice.

  9. I think of the Germans during World War II who lived nearby concentration camps and yet had no idea (or wanted no idea) of what was happening. Years later, we can’t comprehend their apathy or their silence. I wonder if that is how this will look in retrospect. Oh, I am just as guilty as they…like you said, I often turn away because I just don’t want to know. But Jesus, please open our eyes to this tragedy and to the many other tragedies and injustices of our country. It is only with His power, love, and grace that people’s hearts will be changed and that we will be bold enough to make decisions that cost us.

    1. Historians now believe that they did know but feared their government too much to speak out. It’s easy for us to be outraged as Americans because it is a protected right. We also have the means to protest protected by our constitution. What Historians are gleaning from recently discovered primary sources (journals, etc) is that those who lived near concentration and death camps had to know. That there was no way they didn’t know. The smell permeated the air. But these citizens feared retribution. They had seen their neighbors dragged from their homes and delivered to the camps. What was to stop the Nazis from taking them and their families? The few who did speak out were imprisoned, sent to the camps or executed. Let’s not forget the Nazis ruled by terror. You really can’t compare it at all.

  10. Wow! Looks like you struck a nerve with some! Glad you spoke out. Killing babies is WRONG! Anyone who says differently is WRONG! Very simple. Lots of words can be used to argue both sides but at the end of the day murder is wrong.

  11. But Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortions. It is an organization that provides birth control to women who need it. This organization also screens and tests – free of charge – for diseases that sexually active people may otherwise not be tested for because they are embarrassed. I think that if a woman has considered her options and has decided on the course of abortion (her decision, and not an easy one to make or to live with), she needs to have a place she can go that is legal, safe, and staffed by medical professionals. If Planned Parenthood is closed, where do you think these girls/women are going to go? Are they going to change their minds? No. Back-alley abortions will be back in business.

    I’m the mother of two daughters. The idea of either of them having an abortion makes me nauseated. However, I also know that I cannot force their decision, cannot force them to think the way I think or decide what I want them to decide. If they ultimately were to make that choice, I want to know there is such a place that is legally equipped and set up for their safety. I will be there for them without condemnation or judgment.

    1. Hi Karen,

      I hear what you’re saying, and I understand your concern. But I have to echo what some others have pointed out, which is that there are multiple other avenues besides PP to acquire the other health procedures that you’re referring to. For free. And they never offer abortions. Or Plan B (an abortifacient pill).

      Someone on my FB page asked if I would condemn the church as a whole and lump all denominations together for one wrong thing that they were doing, presumably because they were assuming that I, as a Christian, would staunchly defend a church regardless of its wrongdoing.

      But to make it an equal comparison, you would have to say something like: let’s say that there’s a church camp that offers pro-bono counseling to troubled teens, including shelter, clothing, etc. But they’re killing 3% of the participants and then selling their mutilated parts to companies for a profit. Oh, and they receive millions of tax-payer dollars to keep their program going. Would you really want to remove their tax-payer support for that 3% when they’re doing so much more good?

      I realize this probably strikes a nerve with anyone who supports PP and reads this because they wouldn’t agree that murdering teens is the same thing as murdering babies in the womb. But if you (I) do believe this, then the answer to: would you want to remove funding from an entire organization because of this “one bad thing” that they’re doing?…would be a resounding yes! I absolutely would not want any of my money supporting any part of their actions but instead hope that they would form a NEW organization that focuses only on the supportive/beneficial services and has nothing to do with the wrong actions of a portion of the organization (and this is assuming that–extrapolating this comparison–PP really does devote only 3% of its resources to abortions, which is a highly disputed claim). It would not matter to me whether it’s a church, a monastery, a daycare, a government organization…their tacit support of wrongdoing would overshadow/negate all other actions until they abandoned the wrongdoing itself.

      Also, because I believe that unborn life is just as valuable as life outside of the womb, I am never going to think that offering “safe” public abortions is beneficial. Again, as shocking as it sounds, it would be the same as my saying, “Since there’s a chance my daughter may want to kill her 3-year-old some day, and I can’t stop her, I need to make sure that she has a placce to do it in a safe, controlled environment where she won’t get hurt.”

      Is there as large a chance of physical danger to her in this scenario? No. But if killing a child is killing a child (not expecting you to agree with this; just expressing it from my perspective), then, regardless of how negatively her decision affects her personally, the “safe abortion” argument is a no-go.

      Would I disown or reject my daughter if she had an abortion? No. I would continue to care for/interact with her and pray daily for her repentance and recovery and gladly offer forgiveness when/if she sought it. But I would not support her decision, anymore than any (sane) mother would support her daughter’s decision to end the life of her child out of the womb.

      I don’t expect to change your mind or sway you in any way, Karen. But neither did I just want to ignore your thoughts. Thanks for expressing them so respectfully.

    2. But it’s not set up for their safety. It’s not regulated, it’s not monitored and oftentimes those who perform abortions don’t know the anatomy well. The case of Gosnell shed light on this. It hasn’t changed. Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide a safe place for any of that. A doctor’s office that’s actually visited by the health department does. Doctors are the ones that are supposed to be performing these abortions, so why wouldn’t you want your daughter going to an ob/gyn to receive an abortion. There are so many cases of young girls being robbed of their fertility b/c the abortionist doesn’t care or know what he is doing. It’s much worse now that abortions are legal than when they were illegal.

      Furthermore, Planned Parenthood doesn’t provide much of what you claim they provide. I had a friend get sent to the student health center for STD testing b/c Planned Parenthood couldn’t do it. It was set up 100 years ago by Sanger to stop the poor and minorities from having so many babies so the human race could be cleansed. Is this really what is needed? Most health insurance provides low or no cost birth control.

      Thing is, Planned Parenthood isn’t needed. It never has been.

      1. I had hoped that I could express an opinion and not be personally attacked for it, as in the whole “what you claim” line of your response. However, when I said that Planned Parenthood provides free testing and birth control, I wasn’t “claiming”, as you said. I was stating what they have, in fact, done for me in the past. This wasn’t a “my friend’s roommate’s brother’s third cousin once removed” told me this. After I was raped, I felt too ashamed to go to my family doctor but I knew I needed to get tested. Planned Parenthood treated me gently, tested me anonymously, and helped me with counseling. When I had no money, no insurance, and no other means of obtaining birth control (though I sought it from other places), they provided it. I have personal beliefs. I know what I have survived. I do not have an agenda; I have only my experience.

        1. Karen,
          What you went through is heartbreaking and absolutely horrible. I can’t begin to imagine your pain. Please don’t feel attacked again. I feel that the women who receive services from Planned Parenthood are victims. I have counseled women who find themselves with unwanted pregnancies, and am so glad that now, there are other options such as Crisis pregnancy centers, for those women. I will never speak positively about PP, an organization begun by a eugenicist and which, in my opinion, has continued her agenda. You, my sister, are a survivor, and loved, specifically by Christ who cried each tear with you. I pray my disgust with Planned Parenthood doesn’t hurt women like you. But, I, like Abby, won’t be silent any longer.

  12. Thank you for speaking up on this, Abbie. We have to. The more I think about how complacent we are as a nation, while over a million children die EVERY YEAR from abortion, the more heart-broken I get. We have to be a voice from the voiceless, or one day we will have no voice and no one to speak for us.

  13. while I would love having planned parenthood and abortions completely wiped away,i have to have anyone explain to me why with the wonderful obamacare in place WHY does anyone have to go to planned parenthood for regular reproductive care or mammograms or anything else for that matter ???????????????????????? this should solve everything to everyone’s satisfaction, right ??

  14. Your stance on this issue certainly doesn’t surprise me because I’m a longtime reader and know where you stand (with your religion) on this.

    What makes me scratch my head is bringing the Duggar situation into this. I understand you mean to draw a comparison between something that happened, caused outrage, and then was immediately addressed (although TLC did not decide to cancel the show until recently, it was pulled out of reruns instantaneously).

    People vote with their money, and TLC decided that the Duggars would cost them more on the air than it would to take them off. Simple as that. You may think that it was a morally-based decision on the part of the network (it certainly was framed that way), but it was not…it was the bottom line, dollars and cents. If people are outraged and threatening to boycott their channel, they are jumping to cauterize that wound as fast as possible.

    Government processes take A LOT more than the threat of lost money, outrage, and moral outrage bestowed upon them to have change take place. And THANK goodness! We would not want to live in a country where our lawmakers were as reactive as media conglomerates, we have to trust that they will wait until all pertinent information has been collected and properly examined to make a decision. It’s not an emotional reaction, it’s pragmatic, and that’s what government should be.

    That said, I am disappointed that you say you won’t say if TLC taking the Duggars of the air is “right or wrong.” It was absolutely right! I cannot for the life of me understand ANYONE who protects or defends a Christian family that did not do right by their children (all of them, including Josh) to make sure they got the PROPER care, support, and counseling they most definitely need. It was right for TLC to take them off the air, period.

    1. I wonder how many other 14 yos would have the conscious to go to their parents an admit to having copped a feel through clothing ?? I am not diminishing what he did in anyway but my question stands.

      1. Brenda,

        You are diminishing what he did by saying he was just “copping a feel through clothing,” and I find that deeply saddening. It’s not just copping a feel, it’s violating the personal, emotional, and private sexual/reproductive parts of a child who cannot defend themselves. I hope for your sake that you do not know nor ever have to deal with sexual harassment or molestation of yourself or anyone who you love, but your take on this reeks of ignorance about what it means to have had such a transgression take place. Or perhaps worse, if you have or know of someone who has been victim to any kind of sexual misdeed that makes your lack of understanding even worse.

        Whether or not he admitted it does not change that it happened, that it happened multiple times with multiple children, and that he NOR his sisters were ever given proper counseling to deal with it because his parents failed to do the right thing and give real attention to the issue. And sending him to do manual labor at a family friend’s property – a law enforcement officer who was later caught and convicted for possessing child pornography – in no way counts as addressing the issue, just so we’re clear.

        These are the words of Michelle Duggar, verbatim, about the ability for transpeople to use restrooms of the gender they identify with:

        “I doubt that Fayetteville parents would stand for a law that would endanger their daughters or allow them to be traumatized by a man joining them in their private space. We should never place the preference of an adult over the safety and innocence of a child.”

        So while Michelle worries about transpeople POSSIBLY attacking children in public restrooms (um, ok…that’s extrapolating a bit much), she was, herself, busy covering up the story of her SON traumatizing her daughters in their private space.

    2. Hi Katy,

      Thanks for being a longtime reader. 🙂

      Okay, so first of all, let me make it clear that I have zero moral ambivalence about Josh Duggar’s actions. They were wrong. Period. I know that. You know that. His family knows that. HE knows that and has admitted it and asked for forgiveness from all parties involved. (At least, that’s what he says, and until it’s proven otherwise, I can only believe him).

      Also, I should have read more closely when I said that the show was canceled after a day rather than the just the re-runs. The article that I read several months back simply mentioned the show’s being canceled, not just the re-runs, but I should have checked those facts.

      I don’t watching 19 Kids and Counting (or much of anything else), and I am fully in support of TLC’s right to cancel any show they choose. And I agree that their decision was made from a place, not of moral rectitude, but of public pressure and financial consideration.

      However, I am not completely sold on the idea that a show should be canceled in light of the revelation of past wrongdoing on the part of a very young man (who is not currently a part of it) who has since repented, asked forgiveness, reconciled with his victims, and has in no way been shown to continue to perpetuate his wrongdoing.

      Maybe it should. Maybe it shouldn’t. I could see valid arguments for both sides.

      ANYWAY, you are right that I referenced them, not as a perfect correlation, but to point out an instance in which something wrong came to light, and decisive action took place.

      As opposed to the yawns or outright defensiveness that the revelation that Planned Parenthood is performing partial birth abortions (possibly even “live abortions,” aka murder) and selling fetal tissue for profit is eliciting from some.

      In the same way that you feel outraged that a Christian family would fail their children in such a significant way (I feel the same outrage but am inclined to consider whether wrongdoing is ongoing or whether it has been repented of, acknowledged to be wrong, and dealt with), I feel disappointment in anyone who treats the Planned Parenthood situation lightly.

      You seem to consider Congress’s consideration to defund Planned Parenthood an “emotional reaction.” However, if they find PP to be guilty of willful and knowing infractions of federal law, then the move to defund (which, yes, I realize was not passed) is far from emtional. It is legal.

      You mentioned dollars.

      When you’re talking 500 million of them for a “non-profit” organization that is NOT a government program but IS subsidized by it to the tune of 45% of its revenue and posts an excess revenue of $87.4 million and $1.2 billion in assets, money may be the only thing that would speak loudly enough to make an impact. And our legislators know that. Because it’s not even their money (primarily), and if they’re being good stewards of it, then they will think long and hard before funneling it into a company with such questionable and downright illegal actions, not as a matter of emotional reaction but as a matter of law and pragmatism at its finest.

      Would I happily see that money redirected to other companies who don’t offer abortion services at all and are not under fire for illegal/immoral procedures so that HIV screenings and breast exams and gynecological exams can be even more readily available, free of charge?


      Planned Parenthood is not the only one who can offer these services, though, and I, for one, am not the least bit interested in having my tax dollars directed to them. I would be disappointed in anyone who, after thought/investigation/deciding that illegal/wrong behavior is taking place on an ongoing basis, was ambivalent or even supportive of their receiving tax-payer funds.

      1. So wait. Molesting your younger siblings is fine as long as you ask for forgiveness, but yet, Planned Parenthood is bad. That’s your rationale? Really?

        1. Um that’s what you got from Abbie’s reply? Really?! Maybe you should read it again (all of it) and try to understand what’s she actually saying before making such broad and erroneous statements.

        2. I don’t usually comment but this issue is very important to me. Re read Abbie’s comment. Obviously you did not read what I did. The two situations are different. What the Duggars son did as a young teenager was wrong but he repented and was forgiven by his victims. What PP is doing is murder over and over again in the most cruel way to the most innocent of us. I understand that you feel as strong on your views as I do mine but try to understand that some of us believe that what PP is doing is the worst of evil and we or our money don’t want to have any part of it.

  15. Be brave in Christ, my dear, against all of the negative feed-back. He is honored & He is all that matters anyway. Love you.

  16. Unfortunately I’m a little conflicted about this. Not that abortion is wrong and that these people in the videos are wrong, but about completely defunding PP. With all the focus on abortions, people forget that PP provides medical care to women who can’t afford it. They do breast cancer screenings and health education. I worry that if PP goes away, there won’t be something in place to take over all these procedures for those women who need that lifesaving care. Not all of them perform abortions. I also live in Texas and when those very strict laws were passed not too long ago it shut down PPs so that there are only a small few left open. I think about the people who now have to travel from one end of the state to the other for their care. And the people needing to use PP often struggle to make that trip. So that’s where I’m at. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

  17. You mentioned Cecil and the Duggars and Planned Parenthood. What about Freddy, or James…Sandra, Trayvon, Michael? As an African-American who has been the object of systemic and seemingly legal extinction, pro-life has a deeper connotation.

  18. Thank you for supporting and holding true to your values but mostly for using your voice to stand up for them.

    1. Alice I have watched all the videos and read the full written transcripts from each video after reading that they were propaganda pieces and the words that were spoke in the video were taken out of context. I think you should do the same and then decide for yourself-I did and I can tell you where the real propaganda exists-with Planned Parenthood.

      1. Thanks, Sarah. I watched them too. Planned Parenthood is hoping to deflect because the FULL context only serves to reveal and reinforce their attitude and actions as horrendous.

    2. Alice, as someone who works in the social service field, I know that volunteering makes a huge difference. At the same time, I know that funding makes an even bigger difference because without funds, organizations cannot do what they do. Both are invaluable.

      According to the article you cited, the author states,
      “Abortion is gross, no doubt about it. It becomes grosser the later in a pregnancy it gets. But so is heart surgery. So is child-birth, for that matter. We don’t deny people who need help in those cases because the help is gross. Nor should we deny people that help when it comes to needing abortion. We also shouldn’t deny women who want to donate fetal or embryonic remains to science any more than we would deny someone who wants to be an organ donor, even though the latter is also quite gross to ponder.”

      I think we need to define the words “help” and “need.” Might differ slightly from heart surgery. If someone wants to donate fetal tissue, go ahead. But the point is that so many people (ummm many women who get abortions) didn’t know that the tissue is harvested and donated/sold. Hence, the video.

    3. Planned Parenthood needs to be discredited. They do not serve the communities they are in. What about Planned Parenthood’s scare mongering tactics?

    4. Hi Alice,

      As far as the pregnancy crisis center…I volunteered at our local Pregnancy Resource Center until we started full-time homeschooling last year, and it was a great experience.

      I do tend to disagree that it’s a better use of my time–albeit certainly an important one–simply because a) I disagree that the videos are merely a propaganda tool (I’ve read well over 100 pages of transcripts not included in the videos and am just as convinced of their legitimacy) and b) my volunteering time is currently quite limited, my family is my first priority, and I do have a blog, so if I have a concern to share, this is a pretty beneficial way of airing it.

      Of course, I do not expect everyone to agree with me. But I don’t think that equates to lacking in benefit.

  19. Thank you for standing up for the precious babies! If you ever get a chance, the book “Unplanned” by Abby Johnson is an amazing eye opening account written by a former pp director. I am so glad to see you be willing to sacrifice readers in order to state the truth. A reader from Ca.

I love hearing from you guys!