As promised, today I’m rolling out all of my favorite Amazon finds for under $10. If you want more options be sure to check out last year’s under $10 list. A lot of the items are still available for the same/comparable prices.

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So…why Amazon? Well, honestly, because they’re the bombdiggity (just dated myself, didn’t I? shoot).

They have crazy fast shipping (especially if you’re a Prime member, which is totally worth it, in my book), fantastic customer service, and pretty much every item under the sun available for shipment to your doorstep at about the best possible price you could hope for.

And, no, this is in no way a sponsored post (although, I have used affiliate links, which means that I earn a tiny percentage if you actually buy something, so we BOTH win!). I just think Amazon is doing lots of things right when it comes to sales.

So, without further ado, let’s take a gander at today’s finds, shall we?


I’ve sung the praises of Efy Tal jewelry in my last two gift guides (I have their gold filled charm with an M–for “Mama,” of course–and it’s gorgeous and super well made), so it only makes sense that I would recommend these dainty initial discs. If you’ve already purchased an Efy Tal necklace in the past and want to add onto it for any reason, then you can for a super-reasonable price. The smallest discs are only $9.90 (yes, I realize it says $15 on the graphic, but that’s for the larger options), and considering that your options are 14K gold-filled or genuine sterling silver, it would be hard to imagine a better-priced way to build a beautiful and meaningful charm necklace for you or as a gift.


I pretty much always include nail polish packs in my gift guides because I don’t know too many girls who wouldn’t like to get a pretty polish as (at least part of) her gift. They are great stocking stuffers and teacher’s gifts too! And the color scheme on this particular set is really pretty!


If you know of someone who loves pretty packaging + journaling, then this little Q & A a day journal is the perfect gift. With prompts like: “Can people really change?” and “What are you reading right now?” it gives even the most blank-minded journalers something to write about. It’s so cute, it would even make a great coffee table book for guests to write in.


Who says you have to be a kid to play with stickers? Rifle Paper Co. never disappoints, and these gorgeous grown-up stickers are no exception. They would work great for everything from labeling party favors to fancying up the envelope of a thank you card (and quite a few things in between).


It’s hard to imagine playing Nerts with cards this fancy, but if you just so happen to know a card-lover, these are definitely a cut above (ha. ha. see what I did there?).


These pens are THEE best. Seriously. I have them, and I love how vibrant the colors are and how smoothly they write. I have very fickle handwriting. I feel like it can look nice with help from the right writing utensil, and these are definitely the ticket. You’ll also understand better why I think they’re a great gift once you’ve seen the next item…


Again with the childish things that are now kosher for adults to do. COLORING! With beautiful, ornate designs, this book is delightful all on its own but would be an absolute blast to add ink to (see item # 6 if you want a complete gift for any doodler in your life).


Did you know that it’s kind of hard to find a travel mug with decent reviews that’s not ugly? Like truly unattractive? There are lots of cute ones out there, but they all seem to think you’re just going to put them on a kitchen shelf and admire them because practically every decent looking one is universally considered to be downright lousy at accomplishing its one primary goal in life–keeping your hot drinks, well, hot.

This one is pretty in a simple way AND well-reviewed!


If you happen to have someone on your list who loves: a) picnics b) throwing parties and/or c) things that are functional AND super-cute, then this patterned disposable cutlery would be perfect!


If you’ve got a seamstress or DIY queen in your life, all of the reviews claim that she will LUUUUUURVE this cute little white tape measure. I know that I use the tar out of mine, and it’s way better than trying to work with Shaun’s stiff, bulky man version.


Have a sporty girl in your life? Then this a great deal on grippy Under Armour athletic headbands. Trust me. These puppies are a life-saver when you’re out running in the wind or doing a street brawl downward punch in BODYCOMBAT (yup, it’s a real thing).


These lip glosses don’t have the cutest packaging in the world (imho), but they do have amazing reviews, and the price simply cannot be beat. Another one that’s great to buy as a pack and then split up to round out gifts to girlfriends or teachers.



Ah, wet brush, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. And Della says amen too! If you’ve got or know a little girl with a tender head or just lots of hair to brush through, GET THIS NOW.



This adorbs tea towel would be a great gift for a coffee-lover. But hurry! There are only a few left!


A Jonathan Adler pencil pouch for $10??? Quick! Grab it before someone else does!

Aaaaaand there you have it!

15 fun little finds for under $10 (well, that last one was $10 exactly, but who’s counting?)! I’ll be back again soon with the next price range installment. Happy shopping!

Did any of you manage to score any epic Cyber Monday deals? I tried, but I was too busy packaging all of your Paint and Prose orders. So…I guess I’m not complaining too much. 😉

I love hearing from you guys!