I have a thing for s+p shakers. I don’t even know why, but I do. So, when I spotted these at Marshall’s one day in an aqua color scheme for…$5 (I know, don’t hate me), I snatched them up so fast I almost threw out my arm. And from the response on social media when I posted about them, I think one of y’all would have tackled me for them if you had been close enough. And then? My kids broke one. And then the other. Whomp whomp WHOMP. So, I’m posting this set in hopes that someone else will get to appreciate them for a little longer than I did (but hurry! They’re almost gone!).


I also have a thing for cake plates. I dedicated an entire post to them, for crying out loud. Which worked out well for me since my husband read it and bought me this one. Honestly? The reviews are mostly good with a sprinkle of really bad. But I’ve had no trouble whatsoever with mine…for what that’s worth.


I have all 4 of Anna Rifle Bond’s other collabs with Puffin in Bloom, thanks to yet another case of my hubby’s reading my blog and buying me the very thing my little heart desired (anybody else think I should keep him?). So I was excited to see this edition of Alice in Wonderland released. Until I saw the price. It’s almost twice as much as the others were (at least when you buy them in a boxed set). But then, I saw that it’s a bigger/”deluxe” edition, which explains the price difference. I don’t have it yet to personally attest to whether the extra cost is worth it, but if it’s even half as delightful as the other four, I’d say yes.


The vast majority of my socks are of the dingy white exercise variety. I think at one point I owned cute socks? Maybe? But I haven’t bought any lately, that’s for sure. The polka dot versions of these are SO dang cute, though (the graphic that Amazon automatically picked is not polka-dotted, so you need to click over to at least check them out) and are very reminiscent of something J. Crew would offer–for $12 a PAIR (instead of $12 for 3). Throw in over 200 rave reviews, and you’ve got the perfect gift for the cozy, stylish sock-lover in your life!


So, clearly I love the Rifle Paper Co. aesthetic. But seriously. I just love that they offer so many stylish options on overlooked paper goods–like recipe cards!

Of course, I’m putting the cart before the horse a little since I haven’t even recommended the recipe card BOX yet (that’s coming), but if you know someone who thinks it’s sacrilege to just print a screenshot off of allrecipes.com, then these gorgeous note cards would earn you some serious brownie points.


Perfect, lightweight, cheery apron for the deep-fryer in your life. Jay kay. She can wear it to wash dishes too. 😉


I’m not an expensive lipstick girl. Heck, most of the time, I’m not an any price lipstick girl. A quick touch of gloss, and I’m good to go. But I happened to pop into Sephora (I say that so casually, as if it wasn’t only the 3rd time I’d ever set foot there), and they asked me if I’d signed up for their loyal customer card (turns out that I had on one of my other two visits, but I had no recollection of it #mombrain), so I got two free NARS lipsticks because it was during my birthday month. Say whaaa? I was a little bit thrilled, to say the least. Especially when the red they gave me turned out to be super-flattering. In fact? It looks good on multiple skin tones. I’m super-fair, but it works great for my friend/business partner, Lindsay, too, and she’s olive-toned. ANYhoo, I tracked it down on Amazon, and it’s “only” $14, which, yes, is still pricey for a lipstick but is a full $11 cheaper than the retail (and what every other shade I saw on Amazon cost). Aaaaaand now you’re caught up on my entire life. But seriously. Buy this lipstick. It will look good on you. And/or your bestie/daughter/sister/mama/aunt. Pinky promise. 😉


If you’ve got a flower-lover in your life but want to send them something that will last a bit longer than a bouquet, maybe this pretty sterling silver plumeria ring will be just the thing (aaaaand now I’m a poet). It has over 100 great reviews, a great range of sizes, and is an absolutely fantastic deal on a beautiful piece of jewelry.


Speaking of floral jewelry…I THINK I like this leather floral cuff. It’s hard to tell whether it would be cool and boho or just gaudy, but I’m guessing that it would almost entirely depend on what you paired/wore it with.

But if you or someone you’re buying for is into leather bracelets that don’t draw quite as much attention, then this neutral wrap-style one might work. It’s definitely more my thing.

I like the dark brown on this one (shown in the pic), but I LOVE the red and the yummy cognac/caramel color that it also comes in (along with black and pink).

Either way, the price points are great!

Oh, and I just had to throw this one in there. I’m not an Ed Hardy fan, but if you know someone who is, this is a fun piece, and the price is PHENOMENAL. I actually really like the concept of wearing all those loud colors with something subdued as your one pop of color, but I would cover over the “Ed Hardy” branding with a metal plate and hand stamp it with something meaningful…you know…in all my spare time. :/

Can you tell I’m really into leather cuffs at the moment?


The picture on the graphic is not the scarf that I really intended to link to–just one of the (many) options when I copied the link for a buffalo check black and white option. If that sounds like your kind of thing, click over and browse, by all means. There are lots of cute options even outside of the buffalo. (Hint: polka dots!)

They have great reviews, and some qualify for Prime shipping, but even without it, if you ordered today, it estimates you would get it by the 17th.


I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but quilted vests are VERY in right now. It might be weird to buy someone you know a vest, so maybe this is more of a, “Hey, look what I found!” than a gift suggestion, but…”Hey, look what I found!” 🙂

The reviews are mostly good–although there are some complaints about its being thin. So, just be warned that it’s a fashion vest more than a practical one.


I have a clear liquid measuring cup, and I got a Pioneer Woman floral version for my birthday, so I’m all set on these. But! If I did need another one, I’d probably go for this glass version with cheerful turquoise lettering for a pop of something a little different.


I am a BIG fan of wristlets. They are just so easy to pop in a bigger purse/diaper bag and then grab for a quick (or not so quick…hello, six kids) jaunt inside the grocery store. And the wrist strap ensures that they don’t slide out of the basket or get rifled through by gum-crazed toddlers.

This option is genuine leather, comes in a bunch of fun colors, and has great reviews. WIN!

This one’s pretty too and has over 200 good reviews! Not all color options are below $20, but most are.

And there you have it, folks! 13 (random, yes?) fun gifts under $20. Happy shopping!


    1. They’re definitely showing up for me, and I haven’t had anyone else mention it, so I think they’re working for the most part. Maybe try a different browser?

      1. Can you still see the links? Or are those missing too? The only thing that I can think is that you need a different browser, an updated version off the one that you have, or something like Flash to allow you to see the images correctly. I’ve tested it on Mozilla Firefox and Windows Explorer, and they’re both showing with no problem.

  1. My husband collects salt and pepper shakers. One time, some friends of his parents when on a trip and brought him back some. He thought they were cool and people took that to mean, “Start buying shakers for this 14 year old kid”? haha. Now, we have a cabinet full of them. : ) He finally asked his parents to put on the brakes, but we really love the eclectic collection we have!

      1. A similar thing happened to Shaun with penguins. For a while, he was the “penguin kid.” His family tends to take anything that you like and fixate on it.

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