Ready for Round 3 of this gift guide crazy train?

All right then.


I established my love for wristlets a couple of day ago in our $10-$20 list, so it should come as no surprise that I love this shimmery Fossil version.


Not too surprisingly, I’m kind of in love with this turquoise breadbox. I think the price is a bit steep, but, then again, I’ve never seen one quite like this, so if you have someone you can splurge on who would love this look, it might be worth it. It also comes in red and white.


Ditto on the total lack of surprise that I would love an aqua colander. Again, it’s not especially cheap, but it IS good-sized (5 quarts) and waaaaaaay cuter than the white plastic version I use. Plus it has great reviews!


Okay, so I know that I usually recommend the best deal possible, and this is a bit steep for measuring cups, but, um, they were reeeeeally pretty? That’s honestly my only defense.


And then, there’s this guy. SWOON. I probably cannot adequately express how fantastic I think this tea kettle is. I mean. The color, the retro style? Le sigh. Throw in a reasonable price and and a bunch of good reviews, and it’s kind of perfect, don’t you think?


I recommended the recipe cards that go with this gorgeous recipe box the other day, but what I didn’t realize at the time was that this box comes with twice as many cards already in it as there are in the separate set of cards. Which…makes the $40 price tag a little more palatable (when you consider that the recipe cards alone are $14.99 for 12, and the box comes with 24).

The box comes in several designs (including a black and gold polka dot), and I love all of them.



I love this tote. The gray stripes. The cognac “leather” (no, it’s not real) accents. The shoulder + crossbody option. The roomy size. It looks both fun and practical. And the reviews claim that it’s both!


Know anybody who loves cozy pajamas? These have great reviews, come in all kinds of designs, and are waaaaaay cheaper than practically every other flannel pajama set I looked up.


This one could have gone in the under $20 category (by about $0.35), but I didn’t spot it at the time. Still, I had to include it. For all of the coffee + tea lovers out there, this would be a fantastically practical and beautiful gift.


Holy cow, is this ice bucket the cutest! (Did you see the bee design?). If you’ve got someone who loves to throw outdoor parties on your list or someone who would love a stylish planter for a little topiary bush, this would do the trick for both (though probably not at the same time).


Hello, gorgeous. These copper mule mugs have great reviews and are just so stinking pretty. I can’t imagine putting them behind cabinet doors. But I CAN imagine proudly displaying them on a counter top or open shelving. Great reviews!


These furry pillows are all the rage and add a bit of fun texture any room. And you would be hard pressed to find one for less, even in a discount store like Marshall’s (this one is 18″).


I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended this candle on at least one other gift guide (maybe both), but it really is the gold standard of yummy-smelling, pretty candles. So, if you’ve got a candle-lover in your life, this one’s a pretty safe bet to please.


These pretty Gracie China floral plates are a bit on the pricey side, but they have a very Anthropologie-esque vibe, and at $12/8 1/2″ plate (comes in a pack of two), they’re a considerably lower price point than Anthro’s usual $18-24 for the same size.


I love pom poms. They’re just so whimsical and sweet. And this blanket looks super cozy (the reviews agree). Win! Especially for the girl in your life who’s always cold!


I’ve recommended this book before. But it bears mentioning again. Because it’s a fantastic book. And if you have anyone who loves design + pretty pictures + practical decorating advice, then you need to get them this book!


These are genuine leather, comfortable, well-reviewed, cute, moccasin slippers. Need I say more?


This one also could have gone in the under $20 category, but…better late than never. Great reviews! And, well, it’s The Pioneer Woman! So, it has to be good, right? 😉


I’ve recommended this Efy Tal initial necklace in every single gift guide I’ve written (I have the M for “Mama”), so I don’t guess I’d better stop now. It’s a fantastic necklace. My only complaint is that it’s easy to break the chain, since it’s so delicate. But that’s just the nature of the beast if you like dainty jewelry (which I do).

P.S. In all of my research, I ran across a couple of items that just captured my attention but definitely are not in the “super affordable” category. But just in case you have someone SUPER special on your list that you’ll be splurging on, I thought I’d share.

First up:

Isn’t this Martha Stewart Dutch Oven a beaut? Obviously, I love the color. But it also has good reviews. And, even at over $100 (the price today is $117. Just the other day, it was $109), it’s a mere fraction of the price of a Le Creuset ($260 for one cooking pot? Nope).

And then there are these:

These Joules rain boots comes in a wide variety of adorable prints (I am especially partial to the ditsy, the bee, and the bird print) and have great reviews. They cost $75 a pair, which is about half of the retail for Hunter boots (I got a pair for Christmas last year, but I shopped around and found a great deal first). I’ve worn my Hunters a ton–even more than I thought I would (we’ve had a rather rainy spring and fall), so if you live anywhere where you get even a decent amount of rainfall and like to wear boots (or know someone special who fits those categories), these would be a super-fun gift. Just FYI: this link takes you to an option with all of the prints available for viewing, but quite a few of them are sold out in multiple sizes. If you see a print you love, search for it separately on Amazon because I found quite a few individual pattern listings with more sizes available (apparently, they run small, just FYI).

P.P.S. I’m working on a list for the menfolk, due to popular request. I should have it done by tomorrow, Lord willing.

And there you have it! An Amazon gift guide for under $10, under $20, and under $50. Phew! I hope these help you figure out something amazing for the special people in your life.


  1. Abbie, thank you so much for putting these together! You always have such great ideas! I can’t imagine how long it takes you to find these things & read the reviews, etc…..I’ve ordered stuff in the past (mostly all for myself, lol!) and plan to order somethings this year. Amazon Prime, FTW!!! Just wanted you to know that I appreciate all your hard work! Merry Christmas to your sweet family 🙂

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