Shaun and I put a lot of time and effort into gift-giving. We both enjoy it. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m about 1,000% easier to buy for than he is. For one, I have a blog. And on that blog, I discuss things that I like. Heck, sometimes I even make multi-item gift guides. Ahem. I mean. I practically do everything but gift-wrap it for him. 🙂
(Although, honestly, he’s also really attentive and thoughtful and will notice if I mention something even in passing, so most of the gifts he gets do not come from the blog).

Plus, I’m a girl, which means that I like pretty things…in practically any category. If it’s pretty and useful? Well, then I’ll probably love it!

Also? I have a rather well-publicized love of all things blue-green. So, pretty much you could buy me a bucket, and if it was teal, I’d probably do a happy dance.

Shaun is not as easy to buy for because he’s a man.

And that’s really all I need to say, isn’t it, ladies?

But it’s not all I’m going to say. Because I’ve made a list, you see. A list of things that practically any man would love–many of which I’ve actually bought for Shaun over the years (and he’s loved them).


I don’t know any men who don’t love a good multi-tool. And the reviews universally claim that this is a fantastic basic version. It’s certainly not as fancy as some, but neither is it as expensive. If you’re looking for something a bit more deluxe, definitely go with a Leatherman. I’ve bought Shaun two in the past decade (I only bought the second one because he managed to get the first confiscated at an airport after using the tar out of it for 7 years), and he claims that it’s the best gift I’ve ever bought him. So…multi-tools. You can’t go wrong. Also? Men don’t seem to mind if they have multiple versions of these. So, don’t be shy to get him another one even if he already has one.


I’ve bought Shaun various olive green military jackets over the years, and he wears them like crazy (which is why I have to keep replacing them). So, that’s what I was looking for when I stumbled upon this olive green army vest. It has tons of pockets, which makes it practical for everything from tools to gadgets to fishing paraphernalia, AND it’s actually pretty stylish looking. The reviews claim that it’s well made and warm too (just be sure to pay attention to the sizing since it runs small).


These work gloves are the best-selling versions in their category on Amazon. Need I say more?


Ditto for this flashlight. A bazillion reviews and ALL of them good? For under $5? I think I’ve found the perfect stocking stuffer, don’t you?


I can get Shaun to wear a fedora, but I don’t know about a newsboy cap. The reviews on this one are good enough that I’d be willing to try, though. And I see a lot of guys rocking these and looking super-cool doing it. So if you’ve got a hat-wearer in your life, this one is guy-approved.


This stylish, well-reviewed backpack would be great for everyone from a student to a business commuter to a weekend camper…and everyone in between. It’s big enough for a laptop + notebooks but not so huge that it’s a bulky pain to carry.


Have a coffee-lover in your life? Is he always on the go? Well, then he needs this thermos. Or so say many, many 5 star reviews. Shaun doesn’t drink coffee, but he loves hot chocolate, tea, and wassail, so I may just grab this for him anyway.


Shaun really dislikes layers. He’ll wear a tee shirt plus a jacket, but that’s about it. As much as I would love to kit him out in a striped tee, a chunky knit hoodie, and a cargo jacket over that, I know he would be just miserable. So, I keep on buying him soft, comfy tees in practically every shade under the sun because, well, he loves them. These are well-reviewed, well-priced, and well-stocked in tons of colors/sizes. Plus, nary a v-neck in sight. (If you have a v-neck averse man in your life, you know why this is so important).


I am getting this book for Shaun. And the kids. And me. Seriously, it looks like so. much. fun. The reviews definitely agree with that assessment.


Do you have a deep thinking man in your life? Well, then he needs a deep thinking man’s jourrnal. This masculine leather version would be great for jotting down plans and dreams and insights alike.


These moccasin slippers are the best-selling versions for men on Amazon. And they’re not ridiculously expensive. (I’ve searched in the past and had trouble finding a good pair for less than $100).


If you’ve got an amateur photographer in your life, he might just need this handsome camera bag. It comes with all of the camera-specific padding, but that could also be removed to create a generic bag for whatever he feels like carrying.


I bought Shaun a Philips Sonicare toothbrush last year for Christmas, and he luuuuurves (although, he certainly wouldn’t put it quite like that). Which just means that he agrees with pretty much every other reviewer.


I also bought Shaun these Nike Pegasus sneaks last year, and they are the perfect balance of style and comfort. Left alone to buy his own shoes, his choices are…questionable. (He will always choose comfort over looks). Which is why I love that he can wear these everywhere with zero pinching while still looking decent. This link takes you to a wide range of sizes, colors, and prices (I bought Shaun the neutral cream/gray/black, and they match everything he owns, pretty much), but if you don’t find the combo you need here, just search for Nike Pegasus. There are lots more options out there.


I’ve bought Shaun watches over the years, but he tends to favor his smart phone for time. If you’ve got a traditional watch-wearer to buy for, though, this is one is awfully stylish, well-reviewed and (relatively) affordable.


You might think that sock are socks. I tend to. I mean, I have my favorites, but I don’t tend to think of myself as particularly picky in this area. Shaun, however, has gotten more and more finicky in the sock department over the years. When he has building projects or outdoor work, he needs a thick, cushiony sock that still breathes, and these are his faves. They have extra reinforcement through the arch and heel, and he practically won’t wear any other kind now.


This beanie seems like a must-have for any guy who spends a lot of time outdoors in the cold. It has great reviews for warmth and durability. Plus, it says “Carhartt” across the front, which automatically makes it manlier, yes?


If you’ve got a special guy to buy for, and you know he loves to build, then Dewalt is the gold standard for power tools. And this power drill is the best-reviewed, best-selling basic option for your handy guy (yes, there are considerably more expensive, fancier options).


This bike won’t make a true cyclist happy, but it will certainly do the trick for the guy who likes to get outside for fresh air and exercise. Plus, it has a cool retro vibe for the man who likes a little bit of swagger to his ride.


These hiking boots have over 4,000 (!!!!) fantastic reviews. They are universally acknowledged to be: long-lasting, comfy, genuinely water-proof (especially, if you treat them with mink oil and take care with them), and high quality. And you don’t have to have a hiker in your life to give them as a gift. They function great as work boots or just for everyday wear too.


Have a barbecue master in your life? Then, he needs this set of best-selling barbecue tools. I love how thorough and tidy this kit is. I may just need it to replace the rather haphazard system that Shaun has going at the moment.


And if you’re going to get him tools, you might as well get him THEE definitive book on grilling, yes?


This is one of the best NWT prices on Ray Ban aviators that I’ve found. I snagged some of these barely used off of a Facebook Swap and Shop last year, and Shaun loves them! Just be sure that the 55mm (which is what these are) will work for your guys’ face size. (I believe this is the smallest size of aviators Ray Ban makes, but Shaun has the 58mm, which is only a smidge larger, and they work great for him).


Oh! And one more just for fun. Since men are just grown-up boys, it makes sense that they love this remote-controlled helicopter so much. And at less than $20, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted too much money when he crashes it into the porch on its maiden flight.

I’m sure I’ve overlooked all kinds of great options for the guys. But I hope that I’ve at least gotten your mind whirring with possibilities. Happy shopping!

I love hearing from you guys!