It really should be illegal to have as much fun as Lindsay and I do coming up with new print designs for Paint and Prose.

Especially when they say things like:


Black and white stripes, a floral handle, and a cheeky quote? Yeeeesss ma’am!


{In case you’re wondering: Forest Feast Calendar, Recipe Box, measuring cups}

I’m thinking you, or someone you know, might just need this one for Valentine’s, yes?

Speaking of…


It’s hard to get much sweeter than swirly fonts and petit fours.


Obviously, this would work great for a kitchen or a baking station, but I think it would be just–well–sweet in a little girl’s room!

Oh! And for the piece de resistance…



I know, I know. It’s not an actual quote from the book (it’s from the 2005 Keira Knightly movie), but it’s still a fantastic line. I may just need Shaun to brush up on his British accent so he can quote this one to me, Darcy style. 🙂 (Although, if we’re talking about favorite interpretations, I’ll take Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy over Matthew Macfadyen any day).


Also, if you love the quote as much as we do but aren’t into the flowers/color, you could always go with the black/white version.


Do you have a favorite?

I would say mine is a toss-up between Big Cups and Bewitched in color. But then, I remember that I kept saying: “I reeeeeally like this one,” the second I saw a print of Sweet on You, so…it’s a toss-up.

I love them all (and hope your Valentines do too!)

Now through Monday night, order any of our Valentine’s releases (8X10 or larger), and get a FREE 5X7 of your choice with the order. Oh! And if you’re wanting to send a print as a gift, simply order with that person’s name + info in the address line and leave us a note letting us know that it’s a gift and customizing it with a gift message if you want.


  1. My husband would start singing big butts to me every time he saw that picture. Hilarious! Hey, I keep thinking about the laundry picture..I can’t even.. quote. How about a blessings overflowing quote? You know..pressed down, etc.? That puts an encouraging spin on it too. If you do it, can I get a free one? Pretty please!

      1. Absolutely! The idea is gold, plus the custom design is already made, it just needs wording ;). The sweet deal is you making money off of it! Ha! It is all about perspective 🙂

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