This year has taken that whole–fastest ever/WOW does that seem like ages ago–trick that time seems to play on us to the extreme.

It’s all a bit of a blur, and there are things that I’m convinced just happened, until I realize that–oh yeah–that was 6 months ago. Then again, Theo’s birth seems suddenly very far away. Like–there was a time when we didn’thave him?

It’s hard to imagine because his happy, cheerful, babbly self has become such an integral part of all of our everyday routines that it’s almost impossible to imagine what we did before we had his sweet baby chub to pinch.

We’re all kind of obsessed with him to be completely honest. Partly because the older kids all kind of “get” now how cool it is to have a little baby in the house. And partly because of this paragraph that I wrote on Instagram earlier this week:

The other day, I wondered aloud to my husband whether I had ever been as obsessed with any other of our babies as I am with Theo.
It’s not that I play favorites but simply that, the older I get, the more the Lord softens my heart toward motherhood.
I wasn’t the girl who dreamed of having lots of babies (although I knew I probably would have them since I always planned to leave the number up to God). But now, with half a dozen to call my own, I am so, so grateful for the way the Lord has expanded (and even amplified) my love for my children as the number grows.
It’s not that I don’t still get frustrated or burnt out or react wrongly (I do, for sure), and it’s definitely not who I naturally am. But I can see a positive change, and for that, I can do nothing but give God the glory for great things He has done.

A bunch of fellow mamas chimed in with agreement, so obviously, this soft spot for the youngest child thing is for real.


(Twelve months of Theodorableness)

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Theo is a chubby, squishy, giggly, bright-eyed, great-sleeping ball of joy and sunshine.

This baby, y’all. He is such a blessing. And although that would be just as true if he were cranky and colicky and dour, I’m not complaining one single bit that he’s not.


(The older three saw me taking pics of Theo after they got done with their baths and ran out to jump in on the fun; they kind of can’t stay away from him)

It’s like he knows he’s the 6th kid, or something. Or at least that’s what people like to say when he smiles and wiggles at every last stranger we pass in Target. (I like to think it’s more like God was very, very kind and gracious to me in this busy season). Thankfully, he reserves his best smiles for me and had the good sense to choose: “Mama,” as his first official word.

He has 9 teeth, toddles around in the cutest little stiff-legged drunken sailor gait, and loves power-climbing the stairs and dipping entire rolls of toilet paper in the potty the second Mama’s not looking.


(And, yes, I’m aware that I have 6, not 4, children, but the twins were napping, and you do not wake two sleeping 3-year-olds before their naps are up unless there’s a gun to your head. Thankfully {for several reason} there wasn’t).

He eats just about everything under the sun (how could he not with all of those chompers?) and has the most infectious belly laugh that you ever did hear.

Also, He’s a “patter.” When I get him up each morning, he babbles and grins and gives me a vigorously arm/back pounding with the flat of his chubby little hand before laying his head down on my shoulder for a snuggle. Be still, my beating mama heart.

He adores his siblings. He’s got a pretty decent case of mama fixation (the feeling is mutual), but he will happily go to Ezra or Simon, even when he’s fussy or tired (within reason), and they will happily cart him all over the house. Ezra will even come to me and ask if he can, “bathe and change Theo and then watch him for you.” Gee, kid. Let me think about that for a second. YES.


And, of course, he’s head-over-heels for his daddy. I’ve loved seeing  my husband’s bond with all of our babies, but just like my own heart has softened, I can see that his has as well, so it’s been especially fun to watch how much he’s enjoying Theo’s babyhood.


Basically, Theo is a dream baby. I can’t even tell you how many times Shaun and I have looked at each other and said: “Could he BE any better?”

Answer: Um, nope.


So happy 1 year, Theodorbs! (His birthday was actually last week, but…close enough). We are so, so grateful you are in our world.


  1. I have three boys, and even with 3 (spaced 3 years apart each), I notice the utter appreciation for the little things with our youngest. He’s 6 now, and our last, which I suppose lends itself to the notion of soaking every last minute up. However, his personality is so different, I believe due in part to our more relaxed nature with him. So easygoing and cheerful, I think there’s something to that birth order theory. I love how, like Ezra, his older brothers enjoy him just as much. Nothing breaks my heart more (in a good way) than seeing their bond, since the sibling bond is the longest anyone will have in a lifetime. Your kids are just simply wonderful. Thanks for the glimpses 🙂

  2. Oh my word, that last picture is too completely adorable! (hence his name…er, nickname)

    I completely identified with the thoughts you shared about softening toward motherhood. I think for myself, I have done less worrying and have had less of a struggle with adjusting my life to accommodate my third baby (due to already having done the new baby thing and a toddler and another baby thing before). So, I am able to just simply enjoy him!

    Thank you for sharing these pictures and sweet words!

  3. Nooooooooooo !! A whole year already !! We just saw new-born pics a couple of months ago…..mercy me! Happy birthday you sweet adorable hunk of humanity!! You are loved by a ton of wanna-be aunties. Blessings little one!!

    1. not only wann-be aunties but wanna-be grannies as well. Can’t believe Theo is a year old already. Sweet baby! Happy Birthday, Theo!

  4. happy birthday Theo. curious do you think that it is from a more relaxed place thinking this may be the last time around for this stage of a sweet child’s lifetime= all those first times are fixed on this child ?? I am so glad he is having such a sweet time with siblings as well as parents. also, “the baby” place in the families that I have known seemed to have brought this nostalgic loving place in their families. sweeeeet.

  5. My goodness is he cute! What a sweet blessing. I can’t believe he is already walking! Wasn’t he just born?! Apparently time passes by even faster in the blogging world. Baby fever has officially started!

  6. Because you have six children, I was wondering, how do you deal with fighting/whining/tattletaling? I have three kids-5,3 1/2 and 1 1/2 year old with one on the way. I feel like all they do is fight over what chores he or she has (I rotate chores- I’m wondering if it would be better if I just had them each have their set jobs each day) and who plays with what toy or who sits on my lap, etc or whine/tattletale about who did what to whom. How do you handle it? Any tips would be much appreciated!

    1. Oh yeah. With three little girls 5 and under, there’s a whole lot of bickering that goes on in our house. If there’s a toy that they can’t agree on, then I take the toy away. That usually the redirects the interest onto something else and breaks up the fight for the moment. If they can’t get along at all or are just insisting on having the same chair, etc., I separate them to 3 different corners of the room until they decide that it would be better to be together and be kind than to have to sit in the corner. We cheer and clap and scream like crazy people every single time they decide to share, so that kind of helps encourage that. And I just ignore most tattletaling unless it’s over something serious. I’ll just acknowledge what they said, remind them not to be a tattle tale, and then move on. They usually lose interest if I don’t respond dramatically. And then, if I’m using my brain, we stop and pray. It’s no magic solution, but it makes me feel better.

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