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Welp. It’s Monday, February 8th. And for all of us crazy clutter-crushers, that means today is the start of our 3 week, 50 bag challenge.


I actually cheated a little bit (although not intentionally) and cleaned out my garage the weekend before last, so I had a bit of a head start, but I also added to the pile this past weekend as I was going through the girls’ clothes and toys.

Here’s what I have so far.


Almost 1/4 of the way there already! Of course, I know that garages and toy clutter are kind of easy targets, so I have no doubt that I’ll have to start thinking more strategically about where to declutter from now on.

Also, when I mentioned the decor items I have to clear out, several of you expressed some, um, rather strong interest. If I find some items that would make sense to ship, are any of you interested in my posting them for sale on the blog on a first come, first served basis?

If no, I’m happy to donate. Just thought I’d check here first.

How are the rest of you feeling about embarking on your clutter-crushing journeys? Good? Bad? Skeered?

We can DO this, ya’ll!

Remember: hard is not the same thing as bad!


  1. I had noticed in a previous post your amazing grace sign decore thing…where did you find it? I have literally looked everywhere and cannot find one anywhere? Also 2 med sized boxes donated over the weekend!!! Whoop and a half of a box ready to go. I too did my garage several weeks ago and I needed up taking three car loads to good will…I have a Saturn Vue so my car isn’t huge… but three car loads…very freeing!!!

  2. Four down…we’ll see if we get to fifty. I got rid of 300 pounds in October (we went to the dump so we weighed the truck) and I did my daughters room in January so maybe I have 50 bags maybe not but we’re gonna try.

I love hearing from you guys!