First up, wow! You guys were super-excited about having pretty, non-bleeding lips. So, let’s get right to the winner of last weekend’s giveaway, shall we?

And that would be:


…who said:

I just had my seventh babe and have had a horrible-so-embarrassing-why-won’t any-stinkin’-lip-product-work dry lip problem since I got pregnant with my son 10 years ago. I think it is because I have had six girls in a row. Apparently, girls make your lips plump up because of hormones??? Who would have thought? Anyway, I am ready to be amazed! My choice is D. ;)

Well, yeehaw, girl! I’m excited for you. I hope this is your cure, for sure!


And now, onto my plea for advice.

Thursday is Shaun’s and my 11th wedding anniversary (which is so weird because I feel like I just wrote a post about our 10th), and, as much as I don’t just love it to death when my husband travels, I’m always grateful when we we can manage to coordinate a work trip so that I can tag along.

We did it last year for our 10th anniversary trip to California, and this year, we managed to coordinate a work trip to Vancouver BC, Canada so that I could come to.

I’ve heard so many good things about how pretty it is and how much there is to do, but we’ll only be there for 3 full days, so we’re trying to prioritize our top picks.

Any native Vancouverites (Vancouverans? Van…what DO you call yourselves) out there? Or maybe you’ve visited and have some killer restaurant recs or activities from your trip? I’m all ears.


This is what I’ve got so far for packing (I need to get on the stick seeing as how I also need to pack for 6 kids!!), but I’m thinking I may need a heavier layer for the evenings. And I doubt I’ll be using either of those swimsuits. In fact, I kind of despise swimsuits, which is weird because I grew up swimming competitively. But these days, I’d rather do just about anything than put on the equivalent of spandex underwear and then go out in public. I was pretty pleased to disover a tankini + a one piece option–both brand new–on thredUP for next to nothing.

And, nope, this is not a sponsored post. I just continue to enjoy getting polka dot boxes on my doorstep occasionally, In fact, I scored the black/red/green floral Anthro top (right) + the cream eyelet blouse (middle/top), and the black + white embroidered tunic (left) recently. (So…maybe thredUP should be sponsoring this trip to Vancouver, since 2/3 of the clothes I’m taking are from there?) You can grab this code to get $10 off your first order ($10 for me too), but no pressure!

ANYhoo, enough about what I’ll be wearing. What we should do/eat/see?

Not gonna lie. A nap might be high on the agenda.


  1. I agree with you on the swimsuits! Competitve swimmer for 9 years, but you wouldn’t catch me out in public in a competition suit today! I buy cute and modest tankini tops and pair them with a lycra/spandex tennis skirt that has built-in shorts. Comfortable and covering!

  2. Hey! I live just south of the border, and we like traveling up north 🙂 Good exchange rate right now. Make sure to see Granville Island (Fun Improv theatre at night there), take a boat tour of the harbor, take a loop around Stanley Park for exercise. Capilano Suspension bridge is a little ways out of town, and Grouse Grind is a pretty gnarly workout. Have fun. Vancouver is a beautiful city!!!

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