So, I had to do a search on my own blog to find the last time I indulged in a round of Thrifted or Grifted, and even though I knew it had been a while, I was honestly surprised it had been THAT long. 2 years and 4 months, folks.


So, why the lapse?

Well, a couple of reasons, really. 1) I don’t do a whole lot of traditional thrifting anymore. Even when I had 5 kids, and the twins were tiny, it was still worth it to me to hit up Goodwill on the regular, but…well, they closed down my favorite hole-in-the-wall-with-all-the-best-stuff Goodwill, and the local thrifting grounds just haven’t been the same since.

Thank goodness for ThredUP, though. (Use that link to get $10 off your first order if you’re so inclined).

And 2) I just don’t do a lot of fashiony posts here anymore. Not sure why that changed exactly (and feel free to weigh in if you’d like to see more), but it’s just sort of fallen by the wayside since I stopped having a “wardrobe” theme for Wednesday.


I was going through my closet the other day and noticed that I had several items that were similar enough to throw together a good ol’ round of T+G, and–what can I say?–I guess I was feeling nostalgic because here we are.

thrifted or grifted collage

So, for those of you uninitiated, what IS Thrifted or Grifted?

Thrifted or Grifted is a silly little fashion game I came up with in which I wear two similar ensembles, and you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

A) 100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand



…and then you vote and leave me comments telling why you chose the one you did!

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

If you’re a Thrifted or Grifted pro, then you know the drill—get out that magnifying glass you’ve got in some drawer somewhere and procrastinate on those dishes a bit longer as you scrutinize the minutiae of each outfit (WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!) and then comment away telling me why you chose which one you did.

The commenter I find most entertaining (there’s nothing fair or random about it! ; )) will get 5 free entries into our next giveaway (coming soon!).

Alrighty, enough explanation…here we goooooo!

Is it…

option a



{Because I know y’all hardcore T+G-ers appreciate the profile angle so you can scrutinize for shoe-size gaps}


option b


P.S. Ezra is now my photographer. He does a great job. Except for when he cuts off part of my shoe. I promise I’m not trying to obscure your view here.

Oh! And just because Miss Evy-Lou was rather poorly/clingy and wobbled all the way down our gravel driveway in those plastic “princess flipper shoes” (aka: death to all toes with which they come in contact), I’ll include this oh-so-attractive picture of the both of us.


So, what do you think? Have you made your decision?

Well, then vote away! And don’t forget to comment telling me why you chose the one you did!

P.S. “Other” is not an option. I just couldn’t figure out how to make it disappear.


  1. Ok so just reading this now in August and am dying to find out the answer… can’t see it anywhere in the post and the poll just says it’s closed… help! BTW I love both outfits and either could be either!

  2. Option A is thrifted! The jeans in option B are what gives it away and the shoes, they both fit like a glove and look “new!” But the jeans in option A are adorbs too! I do think the ruffly top looks more expensive…and ruffles are amaze, love them! Keep rufflin on mama!

  3. Outfit A is thrifted. Why? Because it fits you like a GLOVE and only you could get second hand clothes on the cheap that fit you that perfectly. Yup. You da Queen of Thrift. I love Option A best which is why I KNOW you managed to get it with your wily thrifty ways.

  4. Mmm, option A. The ruffles just scream THRIFTED! What is it about ruffles that scream thrifted, you ask? Well, let me inform you.
    They just do.

  5. I say option “A” thrifted, and honestly I have nothing clever to say about it. I like it?! You look great in anything?! Yeah, I’ve got nothing! (Well, except that those things are true!!)

  6. Option A- Thirfted! The shoes look like they may be a tad bit stretched out. But other than that, WOWZA! I couldn’t tell a difference! If I hadn’t zoomed and looked hard at the shoes, I would’ve totally let my 3 year old pick A or B… Which probably would’ve resulted in him reciting the entire alphabet and letter sounds, leaving me to ask my almost 16 month old who would’ve tried to eat the phone

  7. Outfit A has got to be Thrifted. As a former self-described denim addict, I would know those beautiful Big Star jeans anywhere; and no thrifty mama of 6 would pay retail for those bad boys. The top is adorable, and almost makes me second guess myself, but the wedges look a wee bit big and perhaps a little worn in- as in some kind stranger paid full price for them, suffered from countless blisters breaking them in, and then gave them away. If I’m right, you totally hit the thrift store lottery, because that outfit is thrift-a-licious!

    1. Arg, now I doubting my option b choice! I was trying to make some sense of the jeans, but couldn’t figure it out!

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