Well, that was fun! And CLOSE!

Just as a refresher, here’s what we were voting on:

thrifted or grifted collage

50% of you thought that B (left…I know confusing, but it really was option B in the original post) was thrifted. 49% of you thought it was A (right).

2% of you picked “other,” even though there was no other. M’kay.

3 of you wrote your rationales for your choices on the poll itself…even though I have NO CLUE how you did that. (Maybe I should’ve taken my own poll).

So…we know the “other” folks were wrong, but which 1/2 of you got it right?

option a

It was this one.

And I couldn’t help but chuckle at and be impressed by Robyn, who said:

Outfit A has got to be Thrifted. As a former self-described denim addict, I would know those beautiful Big Star jeans anywhere; and no thrifty mama of 6 would pay retail for those bad boys. The top is adorable, and almost makes me second guess myself, but the wedges look a wee bit big and perhaps a little worn in- as in some kind stranger paid full price for them, suffered from countless blisters breaking them in, and then gave them away. If I’m right, you totally hit the thrift store lottery, because that outfit is thrift-a-licious!

Not only did she know her denim well enough to recognize THAT pair of jeans (she was totally right; they are Big Star), but she managed to analyze my shoes AND incorporate the word “thrift-a-licious”–all in one comment. Now, that’s talent!

Oh! And since I always break down the cost of each outfit, here you go:


Necklace: Goodwill, $2

Top: GW, $3

Jeans: Clothes Mentor, $3

Shoes: GW, $3

TOTAL: $11


Necklace: $5

Top: LOFT, $7

Jeans: GAP, $16

Shoes: Target, $9

TOTAL: $37

What I find most fascinating about the two outfits is that, although neither are expensive (at all), the thrifted version is less than 1/3 of the the (clearance) retail one. And most of you seemed to like it better.

So, yeah. Even if they did close down the best Goodwill that ever existed, I will forever hold a special place in my heart for wearing someone else’s clothes.

Hmm…that sounded different in my head.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

May your children be docile and your to-do list short!

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  1. Awesome post! I read that comment and regretted my vote immediately because she sounded like she knew what she was talking about!

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