I have no doubt that you guys are sick and tired of hearing about this wedding dress business, but…

That’s never stopped me from writing a post about something before, so here I go again.

So, my dress came. And I like it (don’t love it, but I’m sick and tired of looking, so it’ll work).

But–being the codependent being I apparently am–I thought I might ask you guys some hair advice.

Honestly? I’m kind of a hair girl. I like to fix it, braid it, up-do it…the works. I’ve even done bridesmaid and prom hair.

But lately, I’ve gotten lazy. I’m terrible about doing cute stuff with my girls’ hair, except on Sundays, and mine is almost always up in a (sweaty) ponytail #thatgymlife or down on the few occasions I actually bother to “fix it up real nice.”

Again, though, this wedding has me thinking that maybe I should make an effort, you know?

So! The question is: which kindof effort, at least where my hair is concerned?

I snapped a quick shot of three possible (extremely simple) options, and would love to know which style you think works best with the dress.

First up.



(Ignore the leopard print shoes…my new ones haven’t come in yet)

Okay, so here we have my basic washed-my-hair-at-night-and-slept-on-it look. I refresh it with a bit of water/conditioner plus a quick blast with the blow-dryer. For the actual wedding, I might try to spruce it up a bit with the curling iron, but the effect would basically be the same.

H A L F  U P


This is Shaun’s fave way for me to wear my hair, and–again–I’d probably do something a little fancier (maybe twists or braids) but the same basic effect.

And finally…



I guess you get the idea that I’d actually  make more of an effort for the actual wedding, but I kind of like the idea of an up-do since it would showcase a pair of pretty, dangly earrings I plan to wear.

ANYhoo, this is hardly a momentous decision or even one that honestly truly deserves your vote, but if you’re in the voting mood just the same…well, I won’t object!



  1. Half up kind of makes it look complete. All up is a little like the leopard shoes… Too much and what the heck.
    The dress looks sooo pretty. Feminine, kinda boho and like what you’d see in one of those “effortless” family pics of a family walking through a field like they do it ALLLL the time.
    Ps… You should do that too on your new land!

  2. I vote for half up as a nice balance with hair and dress. Also, this gets it out of your face as you deal with littles while you still look beautiful, as usual. (So glad that the shoes were just for the picture – I thought you had lost all sense of style for a second there! LOL!)

  3. Definitely not up. I think your dress is romantic and bohemian. So up is too severe, also I think big earrings would detract from the large print of the dress. I think down is probably too normal, so half up feels like a little more fancy. I’d do some kind of cool twist or braid like you said.

  4. I love you in the dress…i vote for down!!!.and but if you do wear up maybe a very lose messy low bun at base of neck

  5. I love the dress on you! And the bow in the front is beautiful! I think your hair is too pretty to not wear it down… So I say down or half up would be my second choice.:)

  6. Half up for head/ dress balance, And if you can, maybe position the waist tie slightly to one side (rather than dead center) or to the back. Love the halter style.

  7. Love the half up. I think the dress is cute. Maybe it’s the belt/ribbon(??) that is throwing you off. It seems disproportionate to the dress. Could be the pics, but still, it’s super pretty. It looks like a solid twirl dress. 🙂

  8. Yay! the dress came and I think it looks great on you. I am in the minority here but I am loving your hair down the best. The curls are fantastic and go with the vibe of the dress. Of course I am living a bit vicariously since I always wanted curly hair, and several perm attempts as a kid just did not take to my stubborn straight fine hair. However I have totally accepted my straight hair fate. Anyway that’s my vote but in the end I say wear it how ever you feel the prettiest.

  9. I agree with many of the other ladies. The updo shows off your great shoulders, which I want please but, I like the half-updo a liiiitle more to balance out the dress. And, the shoulders & earrings will still sparkle! 😉

  10. If the wedding / reception is outdoors wear it up — much cooler! If it’s inside, do half up. That’s my favorite way too.

I love hearing from you guys!