First up, THANK YOU so much for your words of encouragement, excitement, and celebration with us. I know that we’ve never made it anything close to a secret that if the Lord gave us more children, we’d happily take them, but still, announcing a seventh kid is not always met with such joy and positivity, and I can’t really adequately express how grateful I am for each of you that took the time to say YAY with us! (And each of you who thought: Whuuut? They CRAZY?!…and kept it to yourselves. insert laughing/crying emoji).

7 weeks

7 Weeks – Oh, abs. How I miss thee. Push-ups just aren’t the same without you.

I’ve false started on this post at least 6 times because I wasn’t sure which direction to go with it. Do I do a recap of the whole pregnancy so far? (YAWN…no, really…that would be a good word to sum up how I’ve felt for the most part). Do I hit the highlights? Do I skip the whole first half and go straight to the gender poll? (Because you know I love me a good gender poll).

9 weeks

9 Weeks – Trying on a dress my husband loved in the Vancouver Anthro…sucking in mightily.

So, here is the briefest (that I know how) of recaps, and then we’ll get straight to guessing exactly who is kicking around rather impressively in this big ol’ belly of mine.

I knew VEEEEERRRY early that I was pregnant. How? Because I woke up one morning with the vividest of dreams. Seriously. That was my first clue, at least. Like at maybe 1 week (well, technically, 3 weeks…if you count the two weeks from the 1st day of your last period that they include in your 40 weeks…SO weird that you’re already considered 2 weeks pregnant before you even conceive…but I digress).

13 weeks

13 Weeks – Shopping for the girls. Full of dinner from Zoe’s (my fave “fast” food), and…sucking in mightily.

I literally went from having completely dreamless sleep to 3 days in a row of such intense sleep adventures that I had trouble waking up from them.

And that was it. I just knew.

16 weeks

16 Weeks – at the wedding in Colorado…and not sucking in mightily
enough, I guess. I saw this picture and was like, “Whoa, baby.” And I
wasn’t talking about my husband, although he does look dashing.

So far, this pregnancy has been very similar to my others (well, the twins’ was a little different, but that’s a given). Which is to say: fairly easy and blessedly uneventful.

Buuuuuutttt…I’ve been SO tired. I think (oh, Lord, please) that I’m finally getting some of my energy back, but I’ve really never hit that magical 2nd trimester rush of endorphins and perkiness. I take naps every chance I get, and there have been days when it’s felt like if I didn’t lie down right that second, I might die. Only a slight exaggeration, y’all. This was legit exhaustion.

17 weeks

17 Weeks – on a date in Boulder with Shaun (duh) and–you guessed it–sucking in/angling for all I’m worth.

I’ve also been considerably more nauseated than ever before (including the twins). It’s still nothing compared to what some (many) people deal with–just a generally icky feeling on a fairly regular basis that won’t just go away and stay gone.

ANYhoo, other than that (and let’s face it: the fact that I really don’t like the physical changes and challenges that a pregnancy brings to my body…I’m not a lover of pregnancy, in general), it’s all been good.

Of course, the awesome part is that no amount of tiredness, sickness, aches, or expanding hips can even hold a candle to the exquisite bliss of holding a baby, fresh from heaven, in my arms and marveling at the fact that the Lord used my body to create this little bundle of perfection.

So, that’s where we stand.


20 Weeks – Because “outtakes” are fun (ahem, twins + my derpy expression). NOT sucking in at all.

This pregnancy has felt slow as molasses so far (despite the summer streaking by in a lightning blur of activity), but I’m hoping, with school starting, that the weeks will just melt away. (I can only imagine once we get into the holiday season).

And now we get to my favoritest part: the gender poll.

So, what do you think?
Is #tiebreakerbaby a boy or a girl?

Because, yes, there is just one in there.

P.S. Guessing whether it’s a boy or a girl is not the same thing as saying that you want it to be a boy or a girl, and my asking what you think is not saying that I have a preference either, so no fair saying: Team Healthy Baby. We are ALL on that team together! 🙂

P.P.S. After I announce a pregnancy,  I always get an influx of emails asking me questions about: pregnancy (of course), life with lots of kids, birth (particularly of the unmedicated variety), family planning, even pregnancy fashion. I’m happy to (and do) answer all of these individually, but I thought if there are that many folks willing to send emails, then maybe there are others who don’t message me that have questions too? Maybe I’m way off on that. BUT! If you do have a such a question, feel free to ask it in the comments, and I’ll put together a blog post answering all of them soon(ish) :).


  1. Congratulations, Abbie! I’m guessing boy, but I was wrong with 5 out of my 6 children, so it’ll probably be a girl

  2. Congratulations! It’s so good to see other families embracing babies! We’re expecting our 5th right now. It’s exciting, its overwhelming, but its all so so good.

    Is it ever hard to say “we are open to as many babies as God sends us.”? I hate being asked “so are you done?” or “this is the last one right?” I also cringe at my own embarrassment at answering this question. Maybe I need to just practice saying it so I can answer the question and move on! It seems I always stand there stammering and embarrassed trying to defend or explain our family. Oi! It’s a joy to follow your blog. Keep up the good work mama!

    1. I get it, Carolyn. I do. I don’t mind being asked the question because I’ve begun to see it as an opportunity (that I wouldn’t normally get) to tell people about the Lord. I understand the cringing, though, because it’s hard not to project what we assume people are thinking of us (cuh-razy) onto their expected reaction once we tell them. I usually just say, “No, we’re not done…at least as far as we know. We leave the ultimate number up to God, so we’ll see how it goes!” Insert big smile. I haven’t yet met a person who will respond (outwardly) negatively to that response. They very well may be thinking, “You’re nuts,” or, “Glad it’s you and not me,” and that’s fine. But at least I’ve had a chance to give the Lord the credit, and eeeeeevery now and then, it leads to something more meaningful.

  3. Congrats! A baby is ALWAYS a gift. I am the youngest of nine children (and the tiebreaker–go TEAM PINK!), and my family is everything to me. I have SO many questions, but I guess I will ask just a couple: How much time on the average day to you spend doing non-kid related activities–things that fulfill you that don’t involve the amazing blessing and joys that are your six kids?! I am just struggling because I have developed an incredible imbalance in my life, where I have nearly zero time on a given day that is not consumed by the good and *holy* work of caring for my three–soon to be 4–children (4, 2, 1 and growing one inside due Dec). I worry about what this is doing to me mentally and spiritually and I just don’t know how to gain perspective to better understand where I can make chance. My husband works at least 12hrs a day out of the house, so I am on my own during nearly all of their waking hours. I am enrolled full-time as a PhD student, but we can’t afford childcare, so I patch that care and work together weekly, giving the program maybe 10% of what it requires and demands. I guess my main questions are: What do you let go? How do you set boundaries? And, what in your life do you believe affords you the opportunity to protect these boundaries? Thank you so much for your work on behalf of families and women.

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Okay, so this is a great question, but before I even start to answer it, I have one for you: why are you a PhD student? What are your goals in doing that? Not challenging the rightness or wrongness of it, necessarily, but I’m just trying to get a better feel for why you are choosing that particular level of stress at this particular season (of lots of little ones needing your attention). Because that’s…a lot. I can’t even imagine. In fact, I wake up from nightmares of trying to do school and motherhood at the same time (I’ve forgotten to go to class/turn something in/do something required of me, which is awful for this A student).

      As far as me personally, I recharge by writing (this blog…I’d love to be able to write other things, but it’s not the right season right now), spending time with my husband at night, and teaching my fitness classes. I used to go thrifting and do DIY projects, but I’m not in that season anymore (at least for now) either. I also enjoy making art with my best friend, Lindsay, when we can fit it in.

      Other than that, I’m mostly running my household and all that entails. I would love to have more of an outward ministry, but for now, my blog + classes I teach are my exterior ministries, since my children are my first.

      I don’t know if that helps, but I guess I would just really encourage you to examine/pray about the PhD at this point. Maybe it could wait? Maybe there’s something else less stressful and more soul-filling that could be done in that 10% you’re giving it? I don’t know the answers to those questions. But they seem like ones that need answers.

  4. I vote Girl!! Also it’s so encouraging to hear that you don’t generally enjoy pregnancy yet you continue to bring sweet babies into this world. I’ve always wanted a large family but am now on my 2nd pregnancy and muddling through the awful kind of morning sickness again and I get discouraged thinking about doing this a few more times. Pregnancy is just for a season, but the life you bring in to the world holds beautiful, eternal value! Excited for your family!

  5. Boy. Even though its a tiebreaker, there is symmetry to the two boys three girls two boys. And then you’re free to have three more girls … 😉 Best wishes to you ALL!

  6. I think girl — because of the nausea. Speaking of which what remedies have worked for you? Also how do you keep a pregnancy under wraps when kiddos see you sick? (Currently at 6 weeks in bed with a 6 and 3 year old trying to keep it together)

    1. Hey there! I meant to answer this one personally. Honestly, I don’t get sick enough that I have to stay in bed too much. Although…I do take as many naps as possible. And most of the time, it doesn’t really occur to my other kids why I might not feel great. I just say that, “Mama’s not feeling too great right now,” and they seem to accept that. Did I answer your question?

  7. Hmm…I’m torn. Don’t really have a strong feeling either way on pink or blue. Not sure why I would even? lol But I’ll say girl just as a shot in the dark. 🙂

    I have a question for you! And I’m not a mama (yet) but I’m a doula, and more importantly, a Jesus-follower, and I’m currently wondering: do you have any thoughts on hypnobirthing? I’m purely curious and have no experience with or real opinion on it myself yet, but I respect you and would super appreciate hearing yours (if you have one)!

  8. Congratulations! I think you are having a girl.

    My question, as a new mum to a beautiful 10 week old, is at what point to you feel comfortable leaving your child with others? And maybe too personal but do you use a breast pump? If so, do you have any suggestions or recommendations? Wishing you and baby health and happiness!

  9. I’m guessing girl based on the fact that you don’t seem to be carrying high, and the nausea.

    And, yes to the wild dreams. I had that happen this time, as well.

  10. I think girl because you have been more nauseas and in my own experience I’ve been sicker with girls 🙂 I have a question: I am expecting my fourth- and I’m 21 weeks today! So fun to walk this journey together (via the Internet- but still). I am just wondering how you wrap your mind around motherhood- this is vague- but I mean, with each child I feel like it’s been a huge adjustment for me and it takes me awhile to figure out where I am as an individual when all the dust settles of a new little blessing. I know you have things you do that are just for you like your class you teach. But just I guess identity and goals and such. I am a believer and I know that my identity comes from Christ first of all. Maybe I am not making sense- but basically how do you wrap your mind around another life you are in charge of?

  11. I vote boy! But I am almost always wrong, even with my own babies! I’d love to hear how to deal with some of the more negative sides of pregnancy with so much (seeming) ease on your blog. Varicose veins, exhaustion, homebirth nay-sayers, etc

  12. I say boy. You have had two boys, then three girls, then another boy, so that is why I think this one is a boy.

  13. Girl. Do you experience anxiousness with each new pregnancy- how will this kiddo fit in? How can I take care of another? Things like that, probably they go away as soon as each new kid joins the family, but I’ve noticed I am plagued with them during pregnancy. Any scripture you’ve found helpful on that would be good for me too. Thanks! I am due with #2 9/17, so pretty soon and number 1 just turned 1, so I am just a bit nervous about adding to the mix but also really excited and I know God has a much better plan than I do.

  14. I say it’s a girl 🙂 And I’m also curious about disipline or how you handle the new babies with the older ones -have you dealt with any jealousy among the younger ones yet? Also how do you get your little ones to sleep through the night when you nurse? We are at the brink of 11 mnths and my not so little guy refuses to sleep through the night which makes this mommy exhausted with a 3 and 8 yearold during the day. Thanks 🙂

  15. I would love to know how you discipline your children? From your blog posts you always seem to be so patient and calm— how do you do it?! Can you share how are you able to juggle homeschooling, housework– cooking, laundry, cleaning, organizing, etc. with teaching aerobics, grocery shopping, just motherhood and all that comes with it?! Do you have a large circle of support from family, friends, babysitter? I have 4 kids and there are so many days that I feel so impatient exhausted and overwhelmed. I sometimes feel that I am just on survival mode. Would love to hear how you manage everything. Do your kids play sports that you are required to chauffeur them around? What meals do you prepare and can you start sharing more on your blog or Facebook, recipes? Thank you so very much.

  16. So excited for you guys! Congrats again. I have 3 kids and we homeschool too. They are almost 6, 2 & 6 months. I’d like to know about having more kids. What’s it like. How much more does each child bring of chaos and stress. Im really hoping to have more, but not sure my husband wants more. So just any and all info on adding another child and large families in general. Thanks!

I love hearing from you guys!