Edit: A sweet reader found the lights I talk about below for cheaper. YAY!

So, was my punctuation/capitalization dramatic enough to catch your attention?

Hope so.

Because I think I may have solved my kitchen lighting quandary.


turquoise light2I mean, hello. They’re turquoise. Or–more appropriately in my mind–aged teal. (Because the fact of the matter is that, as much as I love all shades of blue-green, true, glaring turquoise is my least favorite).

I stumbled across these on a random Pinterest jaunt after a very (verrrry) long day of cleaning and organizing at the new house on Saturday.

And I must admit that I sat up a little straighter.

Now, here’s the thing: they’re not exorbitantly expensive, but they are more than I’d like to pay for a light for which I need more than one (possibly three). The best price I’ve found so far is: $178 (shipped).

They’re quite a bit narrower (though somewhat taller) than the gargantuan light that we originally had planned for over the island but still have the industrial elements I love, with the extra bonus of a fun–but not too loud–color. My signature color at that! (Yes, that was a shameless Steel Magnolias reference).

At 13″ wide, I think we could definitely (easily) fit 3 over our 12 foot island.


I’d love to get away with just 2 to cut down on costs.

Of course, we’ll measure and approximate as best we can, but I was kind of pleased to discover this shot on the same Pinterest jaunt:

turquoise lights kitchen


Those aren’t the same lights, but they do bear a striking resemblance. And if my powers of estimation are even mildly accurate (I’d like to think they’re at least average if the amount of times I’ve opened the back of my van and said: “Yup, it’ll fit,” in the face of very dubious men loading furniture…and beenΒ right…is any indication), then that’s about a 12 foot island, and those pendants are probably about a foot wide each.

So…what do you think of my discovery?

Better than the other options?

Could I “make do” with just two? (Yes, I could. I know I could. Just trying to get some feedback here).




  1. I’m going for 3. Sitting at the island, a focal point will not be blocked by the light in the middle. A 12′ island is pretty long. Probably need that extra light.

  2. Super cute! I think you can definitely get away with two as long as you have a focal point in the center, like a crazy cool range hood or window. We are planning to do the same the same thing in our kitchen when we remodel next year. We have and 11 ft island and recessed lighting. I want cute lights, but don’t want to block my pretty new hood. πŸ˜‰

    1. Our range (which will be a focal point) will be behind them but not “framed” by the them, except at an angle. Kind of torn…Thanks for your feedback!

    1. It IS helpful! I hadn’t found that low of a price, and I don’t need them right away, so if I order, I can wait for them to come back in stock. THANK YOU!

      1. You’ve got to start doing reverse google image searches, lady! I heard about them on the Chris Loves Julia podcast and they’ve revolutionized online shopping for me.

  3. I have a large upstairs school room. When we moved in 7 years ago, I only had the electrician wire for two long light fixtures. Now, I regret not having the third installed. It seems like a major expense now but in the long term it really isn’t. It is an investment for hospitality. trust me, I have six lights over my island.

    1. Honestly, if I feel like the 3rd one is necessary, I’m fine with paying for the third. But I don’t want to get one just because I’ve had 3 in my head this whole time…and 2 would work better. Thanks for you weighing in!

  4. Has your house already been wired? Cuz i was thinkin you might have 2 receptacles already? Also never settle. You are going to live with this house a long time. Measure measure measure. Draw it out on something

  5. Go for it! Those are awesome!……I’d say two if whatever is behind it is a focal point (range hood, etc.), if not then three would look fine too.

    1. Yeah, the range hood is behind them…but it’s not perfectly framedin between them…like the pic above with the window. I think it would still work, though. Thanks, Autumn!

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