Welp, it took me longer than I’d hoped, but I’ve managed to round up another fun collection of goodies from Amazon for your perusal.

First up, though, I wanted to point you to something fun that Dayspring is offering this year. It’s called The Shepherd on the Search, and it’s a sweet, Christ-centered alternative to the Elf on the Shelf as you place the shepherd in various places around the house on his quest to find the King. As your children find him each day, you can take a moment to read from the accompanying book and focus on the Advent of the Christ…until finally, your kids find the shepherd in the manger (included) with baby Jesus on Christmas day!

We have one, and–while I must admit that we haven’t started hiding the shepherd because, um, I’m pregnant and forgetful and just late on all things in general these days–my kids ask me about it often, and I plan to start tomorrow (because “better late than never” should probably just be tattooed on my forehead).

And now, without further ado, I give you:

giftguide collage under 35

Okay, so fair warning: this gift guide may be a bit “house product” heavy, since that’s the mode I’m in. But I hope that at least a few of these suggestions will be useful to you or someone you know.


So, I saw this idea on Anthropologie’s site and thought: Wow! Clever! I even screen-shotted it to remember for the new house (see above about pregnancy if you want to know what happens to ideas I don’t document in some manner). Basically, you attach the rods to your kitchen wall–under a cabinet or behind the stove, perhaps, and then you hang things from the s-hooks. Dish towels, coffee mugs, pot lids, cooking utensils. Pretty much anything you can think of. Of course, the Anthro versions were a little prettier than these stainless steel plain Janes, but they also cost 3 times as much, and I am a firm believer in the power of spray paint and Rub n’ Buff (even if you have to do a touch up every now and then).


Along the same lines, I love the idea/look/space-saving potential of this pretty mug rack (actually a bottle-drying rack, but who’s nitpicking?). The white is pretty, but there’s also a black option that’s considerably cheaper.


And again with the clever, home-organization theme. Have you seen these stair baskets? We’re always stacking shoes and other paraphernalia on our stairs that we then haul upstairs. This basket is a stylish, convenient way to corral all of those floating items, which you can then cart to their correct location in one batch. It even has handles! (Of course, it only works if it matches the height of your stair treads).


I think that I linked to headphones veeeerrrry similar to these in another gift guide, but this particular link has 4 different floral design options, and they’re all adorable!


Ditto with this recipe tin. I have definitely linked to this style before. But this particular design is new, a good $8 cheaper than the other options, and comes–as do all–with recipe cards included.

I have one and love it both for functionality and design.


When I did my dining room mock-up for the new house, one of the three options included curtains in this pretty floral fabric. Several of you asked me where it was from, but I didn’t know at the time. Now I do! The company is Greenland (they make tons of pretty textiles!), and this shower curtain is only one of several items you can get in this design (I scored the girls’ bunk bed quilts–for the new house–for an absolute STEAL from a different site in this fabric).

If you love the fabric but aren’t in the hunt for a shower curtain (as a gift, of course #wink), just scroll to the bottom of the listing, and they’ll have all of the other products they make in this design for you to choose from.


I’ve mentioned before that my biggest skin challenge (other than hormonal acne…thanks, Eve) is my dark under-eye circles. Well! This little tube of magic definitely knocks those babies right out. Fair warning: a little goes a LOOOOOOOONG way. Although the price is high for a tiny amount, I fully expect to get at least a year’s use out of my one tube (I’ve already had it for 5 months and barely made a dent) because it takes so little to do the trick (plus, if you use too much, you end up looking cakey, with makeup settling in the, ahem, creases).


If you have a Fixer Upper fan in your life, well, chances are, they’ve already read The Magnolia Story at least three times. But just in case not, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the reviews are pretty much unanimously positive. I guess that’s not too surprising considering the somewhat rabid devoted nature of Chip and Joanna’s followers, but for the comments to consistently be that the book is down-to-earth, funny, and inspiring–as well as well-written–definitely piqued my interest. I think I’ll be snagging this one with an Audible credit (Chip and Joanna are the narrators too…because, clearly, they never sleep).


I feel like this is something Joanna, herself, would wear–except with #shiplap across the front, of course. Cute trucker’s hats are such a fun way to hide dirty hair, and this particular design comes in at least 4 different colors.


Okay, so $25 for a coin purse–even a name brand leather one–isn’t that great of a steal. But! If you follow that link, at least one of the color options is only $14.99, with Prime shipping, which is a pretty great deal for a useful little gift with a recognizable name.


So, I hear about Turkish towels all the time, but I’ve never actually used them. Everyone seems to agree on their cuteness factor, but it seems that the actual functionality can vary widely. These are pretty and–according to the reviews–absorbent and useful too! I’ll be ordering a set for our downstairs bathrooms for sure!

Also, these would make a great stocking stuff or add-on gift if you split up the 8 towels among girlfriends.


Oy, with the house stuff, already, Abbie! But seriously. I ordered this one on the spot. It’s such a pretty/handy way of gathering so many useful sink items in one place. And! It helps with counter clutter (my nemesis).


I’m assuming that every mama of long-haired little girls has already discovered this gem, but just in case not (or if you have a friend/sister/aunt/cousin who laments her inability to deal with tangles), this brush will be your best friend. It’s not magic, but it does help a whole, whole lot with the rather tedious task of unraveling long, tangle-prone hair.


So, this hoodie hails from China, and, therefore, runs quite small (according to the reviews), so if you get it for yourself or someone else, be sure to size up. But it has a) cute patterns, b) a hood (my fave!), c) thumb holes, and d) a cute zipper detail at the neck. For a reasonable price (with Prime shipping).  I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but I’m tempted!


Another hot home trend? Bread/cutting boards–especially the ones with handles! I’m a cutting board (for function) devotee myself, so I get the practical side, but I can’t deny that the handles definitely up the design factor. These two have great reviews and Prime shipping! Perfect for the function and form lover.


These tea towels are just the cutest and considerably cheaper as a two pack (with Prime!) than most of this artist’s other listings!


I mentioned in the under $15 gift guide that I have always had a thing for pom poms. Including in blanket form. This one has great reviews at a good price, looks super soft and cozy, and comes in a variety of colors.


I think I already included this marble rolling pin on a former gift guide, but I own one now (and bought one as a gift), and I have to say that, it’s even prettier/more solid/impressive in person. I don’t know HOW they’re selling a solidly constructed, marble rolling pin for this price, but it’s definitely the kind of kitchen tool you can proudly leave out on the counters.


Could I really write a gift guide without including a cute set of measuring cups? I think not. This birdie design does the trick!


I mentioned this book in the under $15 guide as well, but I really can’t say enough about how adorable the illustrations are and how much fun it is to read through all of the state’s random facts.

Last year, we used the “something to wear, something to read, something you want, something you need” model for our kids for Christmas (we will this year too), and I purposefully bought pretty, well-reviewed, interesting books for our kids that look great on shelves and are just as engaging when you open them up.

Even if you’re not interested in the 50 States book, you should definitely scroll down to the bottom of the listing for lots more similarly stylish/good options. That’s how I found a lot of the ones I bought.

Speaking of which…

The Wonder Garden is a GORGEOUS educational book. The illustrations are mesmerizing, and–while I don’t love its evolutionary slant–the animal facts included are just as engaging.

Again, if you like the look of this one, scroll down, and Amazon will give you lots of similar suggestions.


And what would a Christmas gift guide be without a good set of slippers? These are well-reviewed and have several options that are well below the listed $35 price tag.


Have a craft-lover in your life? Or maybe you just want your Christmas packages to be extra cute this year? This 12 count washi tape bundle would be a great solution for both!


I love the pastel colors and funky diamond-angled designs of these coffee cups. Again, a great way to buy in bulk and then split up for gifts for your Bible study girls or whatnot.


This is another design from Greenland (told you they make cute ones!). One of the rooms in the new house is designated as “the toddler room” (at least for now), and I’ve been struggling with a design that’s fairly gender-neutral while still all-around cheerful and kid-friendly. I think this whimsical/colorful feather print a white background might be just the thing.


I love these delicate post earrings. I’m a fan of costume jewelry, but–on the opposite end of the spectrum–I skew towards minimalist, dainty designs. And Honeycat (the brand that makes these earrings) makes lots of pretty options that fit that bill exactly, so if these earrings aren’t your thing, but simple jewelry is, be sure to browse their selection.

Phew! Well, there you go!

25 options under $35 for the home/makeup/craft/book/fashion/organizational-lover in your life.

Stay tuned for one more guide this week (Lord willing).

P.S. I added a few items–including a very funny coffee cup–to the Under $15 guide.



  1. Hey I just thought if mention if you are ever get to go to a Mexican import store, they have the absolute best brushes for long hair. They have wooden handles and some kind of wire bristles, the best brushes I have ever used, plus they don’t make hair static.

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