I know that a lot of you look forward to my gift guide each year for the sheer fun of this under $20 category (quite a few of you have admitted that you find as much for yourself as for others here ;)). And I must admit that I have fun putting them together for you. So, here’s hoping you enjoy this year’s round-up. Remember that you can always go back to past year’s lists if you missed them or need to reorder. Most of the links are still up and functioning.

under 20

If you’re thinking, “Press-on, nails, Abbie? Really??” I don’t blame you. When I first heard about these, I was having flashbacks to the clunky, bubble gum pink versions I remembered from the 90’s (did I just date myself?). But, for real, friends. These puppies WORK, and people can’t even tell they’re not your real nails (or at the very least nice acrylics). I got so many compliments when I wore a pair of navy nails with a champagne accent over my birthday weekend, and they stayed on for a whopping 6 days! I don’t know what price these will be when you see them, since they tend to fluctuate wildly, but I got mine for less than $5, which is definitely worth it to have nice-looking nails for almost a week (and they come with multiple sets). Oh, and the glue doesn’t damage my nails at all, and I have the most sensitive, peel-prone, janky nails of all time. (Sold yet??).

Speaking of 90’s throwbacks, these 18K plated gold hoops have a bit of that vibe, but I love how they add a bit of sparkle to an otherwise simple outfit. I have these and wear them often.

I’m really digging these real suede fringe earrings. If you click through, there are tons of colors/shapes, and the reviews are great!

I just ordered these to squirrel away for gifts in the future. I mean, NINE pairs and amazing reviews? Let’s go!

And then, there are these tortoise shell cuties that have great reviews and come in several different colorways.

These are really fun too. I have some almost exactly like them and get compliments whenever I wear them.

Can you tell I had fun shopping for earrings? These are a blatant knockoff of an Anthro version (that I have), come in multiple colors, and have good reviews to boot!

I have pretty much yet to meet a dainty gold necklace that I didn’t like. This one does nothing to change that fact.

I recommend a version of these dainty initial disc necklaces every single year, but I love the option to add multiple discs and choose your metal from this seller (the rose gold is my favorite).

This cute lil’ (simulated) turquoise ring in sterling silver is a fun little pop of color for not a lot of money.

This Wristology watch is pretty (there are multiple color/style options) and well-reviewed, and I love the simplicity of its display.

And if you’re going to have (ahem, gift) all this great jewelry, then you’ll also need a good way to organize it. I love the simplicity (and good reviews!) of this cork + hork jewelry organizer.

I have a leather tassel on my keys, which helps me find them in the cavernous depths of my bag. Maybe you know someone who needs one too? (Comes in lots of different colors).

These aren’t leather, but they are super pretty (lots of options).

And while we’re talking accessories, these over-sized sunglasses come with over 1,000 positive reviews!

I am exercising some pretty intense self-control (I’m kidding, guys…just trying to make a point here) by not ordering this little purse for myself. I’m not sure where in the world I would use it, since I usually have a giant mom bag full of kid paraphernalia with me, but it would be fun for a date night. Someone get this, and send me pics, so I can live vicariously, please!

Again, I don’t know how practical a small, fringed purse would be for this mom of many, but it’s adorable and would be a great gift for your hip 16-year-old niece.

I think I am going to order one of these for an extended trip we’re taking in the spring as an alternative to the traditional fanny pack. Much cuter, yes?

Admittedly, most of the pattern options on this silk kerchief (which can be worn around your head, as a belt accent, around your neck, or even tied around the handle of your purse) put the granny in “granny-chic,” but a few have a decidedly Anthro-esque vibe without the price tag.

Speaking of scarves, this version, which is basically a glorified scrunchy–but cute–makes for a fun addition to a ponytail or bun. I have a set of these that I pop in my hair when it’s on day 8 of no-wash, and I need something to distract from the frizz.

My hair has a bit too much, ahem, personality to ever be tamed by a beret, methinks, but me also thinks this would look really pretty on a girl with smooth locks.

Another purchase for that trip I mentioned…the price for these packing cubes can’t be beat!

I have yet to jump on the jeweled barrette trend, but the variety + quantity for the price here miiiiight just tempt me to try it out.

These soft, turban-style headbands get great reviews for comfort, can be worn for both fashion and working out, and come in a million colors.

Likewise, these patterned versions, which I wear to keep my wispies out of my face when working out or doing chores around the house with my hair up in a giant Mom Bun.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of headgear, I have this hat in the “Mama Bear” and “Bad Hair Day” version and love both. Great shape/quality, and doesn’t hurt my headache prone noggin.

Blanket scarves. Warm. Cozy. Comfy. And oh-so-giftable. So many good options and colors here.

Switching gears, this yoga mat comes with its own strap and is offered in a variety of colors.

These bands also make a great gift for the exerciser in your life. They come in a pack with different strengths + colors and have great reviews for a great price.

I just ordered some of these leggings in the mint turquoise because, even though I’m almost always a black leggings girl, the reviews, which universally talk about how flattering, thick, shape-keeping, and pocket-licious (one on each side, in fact!) they are, and the price (under $20!), convinced me to branch out.

These socks get high marks for coziness and style. I’m digging the cute label too.

This macramé plant hanger has killer reviews…let’s hope that doesn’t mean anything for the actual plant you put in it.

And these little pots are pretty darn cute, even without a plant in them.

But if you DID want to pop a couple of succulents in them…did you know you can have these sweet little guys delivered right to your door? These would make great teacher gifts!

I’m not even a coffee drinker, and I would happily put this pretty Rifle Paper Co. calendar on my wall. But, seeing as how I am majorly in the minority in not loving coffee, this one would be a pretty safe bet for most women in your life.

Speaking of pretty stuff to put on walls, aren’t these botanical prints gorgeous? And such a good deal, considering that you get 6 of them for less than $20.

Yet more beauty for your walls, you can score not one but two of these macramé wall hangings and with great reviews to boot!

And speaking of yet more pretty stuff…this is not the world’s cheapest mug, but I love the floral + the “Hey, Mama.”

These Voluspa candles are small but pack a mighty olfactory punch and are pure eye candy to boot.

And for the list-maker + beauty-lover in your life

And while she’s making list, how about a little bling?

Makeup brushes can cost a million dollars each, so this well-reviewed set with multiple options for not much money would make a great gift for a makeup lover in your life.

Considering that Christmas comes smack in the middle of dry-skin weather, this Burt’s Bees hand repair gift set might be just the ticket for someone in your life (me! pick me!) *takes a break from typing to slather her hands with lotion*

I love Burt’s Bee’s products because of their clean ingredients, plus they work. This tinted lip moisture in another winner with great reviews.

Speaking of clean ingredients, this brand of lip balm comes with great reviews, no additives, and a certified organic rating for a great price! The workout girls that come to my house and I had a “favorite things” gift exchange, and I included these as part of my gift.

Not sure if this is something anyone should actually gift unless someone has mentioned an interest already (because: “Here, have some Vitamin C for your skin…it’s looking dull” is not exactly the merriest of Christmas messages to send), but this serum gets really good reviews.

If you do get the Vitamin C serum, be sure to grab one of this micro-needle rollers. I have one, and, trust me, it’s not as scary as it sounds (yes, you’re rolling tiny needles across your face, but it’s more of a tingling feeling than anything), and it does a good job of opening up your skin to let the serum soak in.

I just ordered this eye gel to try. We’ll see. The reviews are mostly positive.

Oh, and this jojoba oil too (because I’ve been meaning to get some for forever but kept forgetting).

While we’re talking beauty products, I’m eyeing this one closely too. I switched to Devacurl products a year and 1/2 ago and have not only noticed a huge difference in the definition of my curls but can now regularly go 7-9 days between washings. I have found the best prices on Amazon as a general rule.

Okey dokey, folks! That’ll do it for now! I’ll be back soon with my gifting book list!

Full disclosure: when you shop from this gift guide, I receive a small percentage from your purchases on Amazon–at no extra cost to you. Win-win!

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