Hope you enjoy! 

Day of the WeekBreakfastDinner
Monday Breakfast Tacos   BBQ Chicken Quesadillas
Tuesday Sweet Potato Hash Classic Chili
Wednesday Banana Bread Cheeseburgers
ThursdayYogurt Parfaits  Chicken Stir Fry
Friday Chia Seed Pudding Minestrone
Remember: I only provide 5 meals a week because that’s how many I cook here
(Date night when my kids cook + leftover night are the other two).

DAY 1: Who doesn’t love tacos? (If you’re raising your hand, you better be glad I can’t see it). They just work, amiright? And they work for pretty much any meal, including breakfast (tacos)

And while we’re on a Tex-Mex theme, how about BBQ Chicken Quesadillas? We keep the black beans out of the quesadillas and add them instead to this yummy black bean salsa with chips (On the Border is our fave brand) for dipping. 

DAY 2: Something you should know about me (well, should is a strong term, but I’m telling you anyway): I used to despise sweet potatoes. But now I love them. And sweet potato hash was my gateway to loving all things SP. The eggs in this one really up your protein + stay-full factor. 

It hasn’t cooled down in the slightest here in East Texas, but that’s not going to keep me from making a big ol’ batch of this classic chili. Such a simple, yet delicious recipe. 

DAY 3: I’m not usually picky about the forms my carbs take–cakes, breads, muffins. They’re all good. But when it comes to banana bread, there’s just something so satisfying about slicing off a thick steaming slab and then slathering it with butter. So much better than the muffin form! Aaannnnd now my mouth is watering. 

There is really nothing healthy about these Pioneer Woman cheeseburger sliders, but, man oh man, are they ooey gooey perfection. We serve them with the PW sweet potatoes fries

DAY 4: I’m not going to give you a recipe for fruit + granola + yogurt parfaits–just remind you that our favorite easily found store bought granola is Bear Naked fruit and nut, and our favorite Greek yogurt is the The Greek Gods brand (they’re all good, but the black cherry is especially scrumptious). 

Oh, and if you’re feeling guilty from your cheeseburger indulgence from the night before, but you still want alllll the flavor, then this gingery/galicky chicken stir fry goodness will do the trick. 

DAY 5: It can’t get much easier/healthier than this chia seed pudding. Top it with some berries, and you’re good to go!

I had never made minestrone before I had the privilege of eating it at my friend, Jennifer’s, house, but it went into our regular rotation immediately. It’s that good. It’s filled with so much vegetable goodness, but the flavors are so rich and savory that even my more veggie-averse kids gobble it up! It doesn’t hurt that it has a bunch of tasty sausage in there too! This pairs well with cornbread, a homemade loaf, or even crackers. 

Remember: my number one tip for meal planning simplification is batch cooking meat! The stir fry meal calls for chicken thighs, but I’ll probably bake a bunch of chicken breasts seasoned with salt and pepper to have on hand for stir fry, quesadillas, lunch salads, etc. 

If you’re wondering about lunches, I don’t provide a meal plan for those because we do leftovers, salads, sandwiches, burrito bowls, and other easy options for our middle meal of the day.  

And there you have it, folks. Another week, another meal plan you didn’t have to make.

I love hearing from you guys!