Hope you enjoy! 

Day of the WeekBreakfastDinner
Monday  Chocolate Chip Scones Chicken Penne Pasta
TuesdayEgg Bites  Salmon + Rice
WednesdayEnglish Muffin Sandwiches Chicken Pot Pie 
Thursday  Instant Pot Oats Turkey Meatloaf
Friday Green Smoothie Chicken Salad Croissants
Remember: I only provide 5 meals a week because that’s how many I cook here
(Date night when my kids cook + leftover night are the other two).

DAY 1: My girls have been making these delicious chocolate chip scones for Saturday breakfast for a while now, and they are always a big hit!

This Chicken Penne Pasta can be thrown together in 30 minutes if you have cooked chicken (rotisserie is great!) and jarred pasta sauce (I like the Classico Tomato and Basil). I also like to sauté some onion first to give the dish some depth. 

DAY 2: These egg bites are so delish and can be jazzed up with a variety of mix-ins. 

And this salmon recipe given to me by my FIL, who is such a good cook, was a big hit here! We served it with this corn salsa and some rice, and it hit. the. spot!

DAY 3: I don’t have a “recipe” for you for these English muffin sandwiches, but we toast them with a bit of butter + a slice of cheddar cheese, then pile on the eggs + bacon. Such a hearty, yummy way to start the day!

This Chicken Pot Pie from my blog is the most commented on/well-loved recipe I’ve ever shared. It does have a can of (gasp!) cream of chicken soup, but the internet is full of healthy replacement options that would work well, I’m sure. You can make your own crust or buy premade…it’s the filling that makes this one work. In fact, if you’re gluten free, you can just eat the mixture in a bowl because it’s so filling and delicious!

DAY 4: Okay, so the graphic says “crock pot” steel cut oats, but I use my Instant Pot for these!

I don’t make turkey meatloafmashed potatoes, and homemade mac n cheese often because it’s such a time commitment, but every now and then, my kids’ pleas + the sheer comfort meal perfection of it wins me over. 

DAY 5: This green smoothie is a super healthy (and sweet!) way to start your day.

And chicken salad on croissants is an easy way to finish it after all that cooking you did the night before making cheese sauce from a roux. 😉 

You can used premade salad, of course, but this recipe has everything you could want in a classic chicken salad (except a little something sweet! I love adding in grapes or Craisins). 

If you’re wondering about lunches, I don’t provide a meal plan for those because we do leftovers, salads, sandwiches, burrito bowls, and other easy options for our middle meal of the day.  

And there you have it, folks. Another week, another meal plan you didn’t have to make.

I love hearing from you guys!