Hope you enjoy! 

Day of the WeekBreakfastDinner
Monday  orange + cranberry scones cornbread salad
TuesdayYogurt ParfaitsBeef stroganoff
Wednesday Fritattas Meatballs
ThursdayPB Banana Toast   Gyros with tzatziki Sauce
Friday Protein pancakes  Naan pizzas
Remember: I only provide 5 meals a week because that’s how many I cook here
(Date night when my kids cook + leftover night are the other two).

DAY 1: Let’s start with the fun/funky, shall we? For breakfast, how about these zesty orange + cranberry scones? SO FUN. It’s like a party in your mouth to wake you up in the morning. 

 And then, for dinner, this cornbread salad sounds…weird. But I had it for the first time ever last Sunday at a brunch, and it was absolutely scrumptious! Definitely give it a whirl! 

DAY 2: I could put fruit + yogurt + granola parfaits on the menu EVERY week because they are definitely on a weekly rotation around here. Just a PSA to the new folks that we LOVE Bear Naked granola + The Greek Gods yogurt. 

 Beef stroganoff is not a common meal in our house, which makes it all the more a treat when we have it!  

DAY 3: We don’t usually make frittatas around here unless it’s a special occasion, but I love this that this recipe has 5 different variations to work with. It would make a great dinner option as well! (Plus, I have the Love and Lemons cookbook, and it’s so good!)  

My mom gave me a meatball from her lunch the other day, and it was so tasty that I was inspired to include meatballs + whipped mashed potatoes on this week’s dinner menu.  

DAY 4: Another easy go-to breakfast around here is peanut butter, honey, banana toast. I mean, I would give you a recipe, but if you can read the description, then you can make it! Some of our crew loves it with a dusting of cinnamon (not I!), and it would also work well with a sprinkle of chia seeds for some crunch. (Our favorite bread for this is Dave’s Killer Bread White Done Right). 

 Shaun and I got the incredible opportunity to visit Santorini, Greece 7 years ago. And I still remember the phenomenal chicken gyros that we ate for our first meal after we landed. My mouth just sprang a leak thinking about them. While these chicken gyros with tzatziki sauce will never rival eating the authentic version from Greece, for no other reason that I can’t eat them while staring out at the the blue, blue ocean, they’re still pretty dang good.  

DAY 5: I’m including the same Protein pancakes from last week because heading into the weekend with a little extra protein under your belt is never a bad thing!  I’m assuming I’m not alone in not really feeling like cooking anything involved by the end of the week.

Naan pizzas (a reader once wrote to tell me I should stop calling them “naan bread” pizzas, since naan is the word for bread, and I would be calling them “bread bread pizzas”) are easy, crowd-pleasing, and have a pretty much endless variety of possible options.  I get my naan from Sam’s, so it’s not authentic, but it still does the trick.  Then, we slather them with sauce (either homemade or from a jar), and pile on toppings like beef sausage, chicken, sautéed veggies, cheese, and bacon. It really is an anything-goes situation, and it’s fun for the kids to be able to pick their own toppings and go to town!

If you’re wondering about lunches, I don’t provide a meal plan for those because we do leftovers, salads, sandwiches, burrito bowls, and other easy options for our middle meal of the day.  

And there you have it, folks. Another week, another meal plan you didn’t have to make.

I love hearing from you guys!