Hope you enjoy! 

Day of the WeekBreakfastDinner
Monday Biscuit Donuts  Butternut Squash Soup
Tuesday Egg and Ham Scramble Salsa Chicken
Wednesday Toad in a Hole Balsamic Chicken
ThursdayWhole Wheat Waffles White Chicken Enchiladas 
FridayProtein Pancakes Chicken Pesto Quesadillas
(Recipe Below)
Remember: I only provide 5 meals a week because that’s how many I cook here
(Date night when my kids cook + leftover night are the other two).

DAY 1: We’re not starting off with healthy, but we are starting off with delicious. And technically, these canned biscuit donuts are healthier than the donut shop alternative because we make ours in an air-fryer, and so there’s zero added grease. Also, this recipe calls for allspice, but we just go with a cinnamon sugar coating.  

And for dinner, why not redeem your unwise but oh-so-tasty breakfast life choices with a nourishing, creamy butternut squash soup? Serve it with a green salad and some crusty sourdough to sop up the dregs, and you are good! to! go! 

DAY 2: It doesn’t get much heartier/easier than an egg and ham scramble for breakfast.  

Okay, y’all. I don’t have a “recipe” for these salsa chicken tacos so much as a list of ingredients.  

  • Corn tortillas (browned in butter, natch)
  • Cotija cheese (like feta, but better…for this recipe)
  • Cilantro (unless you’re one of the crazies that think it tastes like soap)
  • Tomatoes (duh)
  • Onions (Again, duh) 
  • 2 avocados, chunked (like chopped, but thicker)
  • 2 roma tomatoes roughly chopped (keep the juice!)
  • ¼ small purple onion, choppedJuice of one lime
  • Handful of chopped cilantro
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste 

Assemble your tacos with as little or as much of the above as you want and ENJOY.  

DAY 3: I’m convinced that a breakfast labeled “toad in a hole” is called such simply to convince a two-year-old to eat it. I have yet to notice any resemblance between an egg and a toad. But I also think I’m being too literal because, regardless of what it’s called, it tastes yummy, is full of protein + carbs, and is easy to make. Alllll good!

 And while a meal including the words “balsamic chicken” might sound fancy, this one skillet version with yummy potatoes cooked in the same dish is actually super easy.  

DAY 4: I grew up with my mom’s grinding her own wheat and then making thick slabs of carbs in waffle shape. They weren’t anything like the sugary confections they serve you at IHOP, but that’s actually a good thing. This whole wheat version is better for you and is so good with a splash of real maple syrup (none of that sticky fake stuff, please), a dollop of freshly whipped cream, and some chopped strawberries. YUM.

 A crowd-pleaser every time, these creamy white chicken enchiladas are an absolutely decadent treat. Serve them with some 3 ingredient Mexican rice to keep the rich deliciousness coming. 

 DAY 5: Get yourself back on track from all of that cheese + carbs with these healthy protein pancakes topped with blueberries!

 I started making these open-faced chicken pesto quesadillas after we first ate them at a local Latin-fusion restaurant that we love. 

You’ll need:

  • Large tortillas
  • Shredded cooked chicken
  • Jarred pesto sauce
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Mozzarella (WHY do I always doubt how many “r’s” are in that word??) cheese 

Spread your tortillas with pesto sauce, then layer them with shredded cheese, chicken, chopped tomatoes, and pop them in the oven on broil for a few minutes. Hey PESTO! (See what I did there?) You’re done! 

***Also, if you have any moral objections tortillas, I apologize. This week’s meal plan violate them flagrantly,  

If you’re wondering about lunches, I don’t provide a meal plan for those because we do leftovers, salads, sandwiches, burrito bowls, and other easy options for our middle meal of the day.  

And there you have it, folks. Another week, another meal plan you didn’t have to make.

I love hearing from you guys!