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Move-it Monday: Exercising Your Funny Bone

Good Monday morning to you lovely folks! It occurred to me (too late) that I forgot to give you your “Giving Suggestion” on Friday, so, to make up for it, today I’m offering you a giving suggestion + a story to accompany it:

Giving Suggestion #6: Buy a bag of groceries for a single mom you know. 

Story: The kids and I went to Pizza Hut last night, and the staff was really accommodating—carrying things for me, refilling my drink often, clearing our area the minute it got cluttered (with greasy napkins and uneaten crusts), being sweet to the kids.  I noticed that Christian music was playing in the background, which, even where I live (the center of the heart of the Bible Belt) is not that common in chain restaurants, and I couldn’t help but think that the employees were being good ambassadors for their music.

Then, when I went to leave, I realized that I hadn’t paid for my drink, turned back to do so, and was waved away with a friendly, “Don’t worry about it,” by not one but two employees.  Honestly, I think they were mostly being nice because they felt sorry for the “single” lady with all the small children (Shaun was out of town), but really, isn’t that how it should be? Our response should be compassion when we see someone with a full load. Now, I’m not presuming to equate my situation with that of a single mother’s.  I can only imagine what that must be like day in and day out. But the experience has convinced me that I need to bless a single mom I know with an unexpected moment of kindness like I enjoyed last night…and soon.

Well! I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing this, but even with all the crazy busyness that’s been going down around these parts, this week is shaping up to be the granddaddy of them all.

So, with all the franticness, I find myself less motivated than usual to do my: “move, Move, MOVE!” routine for Move-it Monday, so I thought we’d exercise a different part of our bodies today: our funny bones.

I stumbled across Randy Glasbergen’s cartoons a little while back and have included several in recent Move-it Mondays, but today I thought I’d share several more of my favorites since he has an entire series about exercise, and they’re all chuckle-worthy at the very least.

start walking

Sometimes I wonder if Della worries like this. She seems capable but disinclined to walk.

treadmill stain

I’ll have to remember to do this with my elliptical should the need arise. Fortunately, we have almost no carpet.

pasta dietNothing beats a little willpower.

miracle celluliteUnfortunately, so true! There’s nothing quite so miraculous as moving your body.

Hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your Monday. I’ve got a fun *little* project to show you tomorrow!