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I am not an ostrich. I hope you aren’t either.

Confession: I have avoided watching the Planned Parenthood exposé videos over the past several weeks. I could claim busyness or exhaustion. But the real reason was that the mere thought of watching people barter over the sale of aborted baby body parts made me sick to my stomach.


{The more kids I have, the harder it is for me to even think about abortion}

But when my mom let me know that the Senate was considering completely defunding Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives 500 million tax-payer dollars per year, I knew I needed to say something and that to be able to say it, I needed to be informed.

So, I watched the videos. And, yes, my stomach churned, but I’m glad I did it. Because truth always trumps personal discomfort.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me briefly explain: a man named David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress recently released four (of 8-10 total) undercover investigative videos, during which he posed as a representative for a company seeking to acquire fetal tissue. During the videos, he speaks with Planned Parenthood employees–doctors, managers, executives–and negotiates the sales of aborted babies on a part by part basis. There is haggling, negotiating, the desire expressed to “get the most out of it” and “check to see what everyone else is doing to make sure we’re getting the most we can, and if not, we can ‘bump it up.'” One woman even jokes (oh, Lord help us) about how she “wants a Lamborghini.”

Hopefully, you find this morally repugnant. At the very least, you might be interested to know that it’s illegal. Although I wish it were with every fiber of my being, the sale of human fetal body parts is not illegal. However, the profiting from such a sale is.

In other words, according to law, Planned Parenthood should have a flat-rate fee that covers any costs that they might incur in “processing and transferring” fetal remains to insure that no profits are possible. Instead, all four of the videos released to date reveal haggling on a body part by body part basis and even the discussion of “wholly intact specimens,” which sometimes “come out if we haven’t gotten to them yet.” That particular doctor admits that it’s definitely not their goal for this to happen but just sort of shrugs and admits that it does. I, like many others, am horrified by this implication that babies are being born before the abortion doctors arrive and then “aborted” anyway. (I am in no way saying that aborted babies inside their mothers’ wombs are any less “alive” or “valuable,” but the possibility of blatant murder outside the womb just adds a whole new layer of disgust/wrongness).

In one video, a prominent doctor/executive describes the process of using ultrasounds to search for the baby’s body position, with a “game plan” from a ” huddle” that they have at the beginning of the day. The purpose? Coupled with the knowledge of what kind of body parts are in demand at the moment, the ultra-sound information can help the abortion doctor to turn the baby around to deliver him/her feet first so that those parts come out “intact” and salable.

This process is identical to the illegal procedure known as partial birth abortion.

I urge you to watch the videos. The experience is neither pleasant nor comfortable (I watched every video with my hand over my mouth and didn’t realize how hard I was pushing on it until they were done, and my lips and teeth hurt).

But it is important.

Today, our legislators are meeting to decide whether to defund Planned Parenthood entirely. Technically by law, no part of our tax-payer dollars may go toward abortion, but given the fact that technically by law, the individual sale of baby parts for profit and partial birth abortion are illegal and yet are still going on–in tandem, no less– I have less than zero faith in an organization with executives who say: “These laws are open to interpretation. At the beginning of the day, if I say that I don’t intend to do something, it doesn’t really matter what ends up happening at the end of the day.”

I’m sorry. Isn’t that the only thing that matters?

After it was revealed that Josh Duggar had molested 5 young girls almost 15 years before, his family’s show was yanked from the TLC network in one day. (I’m not saying this was right or wrong. But it was certainly decisive and aggressive behavior).

Cecil the Lion was killed, and the media and celebrities exploded in a frenzy of outrage and cries for legal action. The Empire State Building has been lit up with his shadow in honor of his “murder.”

And yet, a judge has placed a restraining order on the expose videos, which clearly demonstrate intentionally illegal actions towards human babies, and our senate is meeting to decide whether to defund an organization that participates in blatantly illegal actions and receives 500 MILLION dollars of your and my money to do it.

I’m grateful that, at least, they’re meeting. But that’s still messed up.

If you think so too, please do something about it.

Share the videos, this post, or any other that will help inform people who may not have watched the videos.

Call your legislators.

Sign this petition.

And, most importantly of all, pray. For the senate to make the right, moral, legal decision. And for God’s mercy on our country. Only He knows exactly how much we need it.