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Thrifted or Grifted–Apricot tops + Skinnies + Neutral Wedges

So, I had to do a search on my own blog to find the last time I indulged in a round of Thrifted or Grifted, and even though I knew it had been a while, I was honestly surprised it had been THAT long. 2 years and 4 months, folks.


So, why the lapse?

Well, a couple of reasons, really. 1) I don’t do a whole lot of traditional thrifting anymore. Even when I had 5 kids, and the twins were tiny, it was still worth it to me to hit up Goodwill on the regular, but…well, they closed down my favorite hole-in-the-wall-with-all-the-best-stuff Goodwill, and the local thrifting grounds just haven’t been the same since.

Thank goodness for ThredUP, though. (Use that link to get $10 off your first order if you’re so inclined).

And 2) I just don’t do a lot of fashiony posts here anymore. Not sure why that changed exactly (and feel free to weigh in if you’d like to see more), but it’s just sort of fallen by the wayside since I stopped having a “wardrobe” theme for Wednesday.


I was going through my closet the other day and noticed that I had several items that were similar enough to throw together a good ol’ round of T+G, and–what can I say?–I guess I was feeling nostalgic because here we are.

thrifted or grifted collage

So, for those of you uninitiated, what IS Thrifted or Grifted?

Thrifted or Grifted is a silly little fashion game I came up with in which I wear two similar ensembles, and you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

A) 100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand



…and then you vote and leave me comments telling why you chose the one you did!

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

If you’re a Thrifted or Grifted pro, then you know the drill—get out that magnifying glass you’ve got in some drawer somewhere and procrastinate on those dishes a bit longer as you scrutinize the minutiae of each outfit (WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!) and then comment away telling me why you chose which one you did.

The commenter I find most entertaining (there’s nothing fair or random about it! ; )) will get 5 free entries into our next giveaway (coming soon!).

Alrighty, enough explanation…here we goooooo!

Is it…

option a



{Because I know y’all hardcore T+G-ers appreciate the profile angle so you can scrutinize for shoe-size gaps}


option b


P.S. Ezra is now my photographer. He does a great job. Except for when he cuts off part of my shoe. I promise I’m not trying to obscure your view here.

Oh! And just because Miss Evy-Lou was rather poorly/clingy and wobbled all the way down our gravel driveway in those plastic “princess flipper shoes” (aka: death to all toes with which they come in contact), I’ll include this oh-so-attractive picture of the both of us.


So, what do you think? Have you made your decision?

Well, then vote away! And don’t forget to comment telling me why you chose the one you did!

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 01/05/2016 06:57:28
end_date 03/05/2016 23:59:59
Poll Results:
Which outfit is 100% THRIFTED?

P.S. “Other” is not an option. I just couldn’t figure out how to make it disappear.

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The 30 Minute Goodwill Challenge {Round 6}

In case you’re not familiar with this challenge, the basic gist is that I race through my local Goodwill—usually with multiple children in tow—attempting to find as many complete outfits (the goal is 3) as possible in only 1/2 an hour.  The trying on process is always longer than 30 minutes because I spend as much time changing diapers and doling out snacks as I do putting clothes on.

Still, the entire process is fairly quick, and I usually bring home some really cute looks (feel free to catch up with Rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 if you’d like).

Sadly, I’ve got rather depressing news to report: my local Goodwill—the teeny-tiny, had-no-business-being-as-fabulous-as-it-was location that I seemed to be the only one who shopped at—has been discovered. Or at least that’s what I’m assuming based on the decrease in selection and quality (not to mention the rise in prices). The shoe section—which used to be so amazing that I always brought home 4 pairs of adorable shoes for $3 each (and had to resist buying 2 more)—has dwindled down to the usual nose-wrinkle-worthy cluster of hunter green pumps from 1984 and a dirty, broken-down flip flop or two. Major sad face for that one.

Which, of course, means that what I have to show you today may not be as impressive as my usual hauls.

But first, here’s what I was wearing while I shopped:



Contrary to my usual M.O., I don’t think I’m wearing a single Goodwill item here. The sweater, jeans, and belt are all GAP or GAP outlet (all old), and the boots are my Nine West  leather $60 Marshall’s “splurge.”

And now for outfit #1:


Notice the relative cleanliness of Nola’s face at this point. It will get dirtier as the trying-on session progresses.

Those jeans were a fun find. I spotted them on the mannequin as soon as I walked in and could tell they were a nice brand, even from across the room. Sure enough, they turned out to be Joe’s, which sell for an average of $160 new.

The sweater was a nice blue/gray/green that sort of matched my eyes and was super comfy.  I bought both (although I’ll probably sell the jeans).


These were literally the only shoes I could find that I was even willing to try on. They were cute and a nice brand (Nina), but they were a tad tight, and the sole on one was starting to peel off, so I passed.

Next up, I tried on a flowy top with trouser jeans from Banana Republic.


Hello, cute baby.

I liked them both, but I only came home with the top (you’ll get  better shot of it in a minute) because the pants were a little big and not super-flattering in the hip area.


I don’t own (or wear) a lot of light-rinse jeans, but I knew my husband would like these Vigoss jeans (I was right; he made several appreciative comments when I wore them), so I bought them for only $4.

I bought this cute Forever 21 “top” (is it a dress? please say no) too.


Notice the stains on Nola’s face? I had resorted to feeding her and her sister leftover chocolate cupcakes from Della’s birthday party.

I actually came home with several other fun finds like a sea foam green silk skirt, an emerald faux patent leather hobo bag, and a pink GAP wool scarf, but the babies were done by this point. Even chocolate cupcakes were only buying their cooperation for mere seconds at a time, so I captured no pictorial evidence of my other finds.

I’ve worn almost all of my haul already, but I only took pics of one outfit.  I paired that flowy top from above with my red (orange?) corduroy J. Crew outlet pants to wear to Thanksgiving because I needed at least one loose item (the pants are not stretchy at all) to accommodate my culinary indulgence.

IMG_8851 Check out my majorly lazy eye (left); not sure what’s up with that.

Several of Shaun’s family commented on my “interesting” and “creative” color choices for this outfit (they weren’t being rude at all; they’re just not quite used to such loud color palettes), and I had to laugh a little. What can I say? I love color!

So there you have it: not nearly as successful as my other outings but still a decent haul for an hour at Goodwill.

Unfortunately, I feel like thrifting has gotten so popular lately that it’s getting harder and harder to score really great deals. Do you find this true too?

My advice: whatever you do, don’t reveal your secret thrifting treasure trove, or pretty soon it’ll be over-run and overpriced. BOO!

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