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Wanna help me pick some kitchen jewelry?

So, I warned you that I would be a) writing one more post about our redone kitchen and b) asking for your help.

And I’m delivering on both threats promises today.

So, I’ve already made it clear that my kitchen brings me a lot of, well, this:


But did you notice something missing?


How about now?

Yup, that’s right. My cabinets are completely devoid of hardware. Gasp!

They’ve been that way since the beginning, but the paint color was so dark before that it hid it pretty well.

Now, with their being all white and bright, I feel like they look a bit, well, naked without some kind of something to dress them up a bit.

Plus, the white definitely shows the smudges from dirty little fingers pulling on them more, and I’d love to minimize that as much as possible.

Shaun sort of thinks we should just leave well enough alone, but as my friend, Jolinda, pointed out, cabinet hardware is kind of like the jewelry that finishes off your outfit. And since I’m a girl and all, I’m all about that.

Problem is, I’m not sure which kind of jewelry, er, hardware I want to go with.

Confession: a lot of times when I do polls on the blog, I already have a direction I’m leaning. Sometimes, you guys sway me. Sometimes, even if the majority likes something different, I stick with my gut.

But this time? I genuinely do not know what kind of hardware I want on my cabinets. (Although I do know some kinds that I don’t want, so at least there’s that).

Which is where you guys come in.

Below are a few categories of hardware that I like and think would work, and I’d love it if you’d weigh in with your thoughts. But I’m also totally open to suggestions if you have something you think would work even better than my current options.

1) Whimsical

antique turquoise pull

I really like these pulls from Hobby Lobby. I actually fully intended to use them on my cabinets and bought out my local HL’s supply of them (they only had a few). They’re sturdy and fun, and with a 50% off sale (the only time I buy them), a great price for a metal pull.

BUT. After they didn’t restock, I tried to special order them multiple times, and after hauling my kids to Hobby Lobby to pick them up 3 times in a row and being told, “Golly gee. We don’t know what happened, but we can’t find them,” I got pretty fed up and decided to put the whole hardware business on the back burner.

I feel like I could still manage to track enough of them down, but maybe the whole being-hard-to-find thing is an indication that I shouldn’t even pursue this route. Especially since they don’t have exact matching knobs. (My, but they do look dreamy against the white).

2) Classic

silver cup pull2silver cup pull

I like both of these silver cup pulls (left and right). I mean, they’re pretty much the exact opposite of the funky turquoise ones, but I have a lot of stainless steel/silver finishes in my kitchen, so they would be a nice complement without being too flashy.

And since they’re so common, it wouldn’t be hard to find simple, coordinating silver knobs. They’d look crisp and clean against the white while adding still adding a bit o’ bling.

3) Classic with a Twist

scroll pull

Of course, I could also go with something that falls in between whimsy and tradition. These pulls are still simple while adding a bit of interest with the notched edges.

hammered knobs

And they’d look great with some hammered knobs like these.

4) DIY

And no, I don’t mean that I would literally make all of my own hardware (shudder). But it wouldn’t really be one of my posts if I didn’t have the option to DIY something. So, here’s the skinny. I bought some knobs/pulls, oh, years ago, fully intending to use them on our teal cabinets. I just never got around to it (although, I think my subconscious was holding me back by whisper-screaming, “Noooooo! Don’t put ORB hardware on dark cabinets!!!”).

diy knobs

I’m just really not into the whole oil rubbed bronze scene when everything else is so light and bright. But I am tempted to spray paint these the same color as I did my pantry door knob and then wax them to give them a bit of depth/durability. I realize that some of the paint would chip off, and I’m okay with that (although, I will say that the wax, which I used on the pantry knob, definitely helps to protect the paint).

It would give them a bit of the same vibe as option one (which has dark metal peeking through the turquoise) but without the hassle of having to track down matching knobs (or the rest of the pulls).


As far as what I don’t want…

I’m not interested in anything ultra-sleek or modern. And I guess you figured out that oil rubbed bronze it out. And, as much as I love vintage, I really don’t feel like that’s the direction I’ve gone with my kitchen, so that’s out too.

So, now that I’ve written entirely too many words about cabinet knobs, it’s time for you to tell me what you think.

Which option should I choose?

hardware collage

…with the last obvious option being, “none of the above; choose this one instead.”