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Shop My Closet: Winter Time!

Hey guys!

Ready for another round of Shop My Closet?

Today, the focus is on winter items—jackets, coats (I may add some boots, etc. later if I get time).

From the proceeds of all of our previous Shop My Closets, we were able to send a $500 (!!!!) check to more than cover all of Sarah, our PCM blog sponsor child’s, expenses for an entire year (it takes $420/yr).

Praise Jesus! That is so stinkin’ awesome, and I am so grateful to y’all for your generosity!

I’ll post an updated pic of Sarah that I received in the mail very soon and I will also share with you guys as soon as we receive a letter back from her (we sent ours back at the first of November).

By the way, if you have participated in supporting Sarah and want her to know that you’re praying for her, you can email me a picture of you and/or your family, and I will include it with our next care package. Outside of the actual words that you write to them, they love seeing those pictures more than anything.

As always 25% of today’s proceeds will go to PCM to further the incredible work they are doing to help orphans and pastor’s children in Uganda (if you’re not familiar with why we support them, you can read more from past posts here), but instead of going toward a specific child, this money will go to help all the unsponsored orphans (by buying them necessities like soap and little treats like suckers).

Here’s how this all works:

PLEASE read everything at least once! It’ll help me (and you) out so much! Thanks! : )


  • Send all bids or questions to shopabbiescloset{at}gmail{dot}com

  • PLEASE put the # of the item{s} you are interested in in the header of your email!

  • I have disabled the comments for this post so that I make sure to see all of your responses in my inbox


  • $6 for all shoes but boots (and additional $3/pair for multiples); boots will be $10
  • $6 for purses (and additional $3/purse for multiples), except for the extra large purses, which are $9
  • $2 for jewelry and belts (and additional $1/item for multiples)
  • $10 for duvet covers

    (This is strictly for U.S. residents. If my awesome Canadian readers see something they can’t live without, we can probably make it work, but I’ll have to do a little shipping research. I’m afraid I won’t be shipping outside of the U.S./Canada, though. Sorry!).


  • Once I have specific buyers for specific items, I will bill you via PayPal, so you’ll need an account. Even if you don’t already have one, setting one up is easy-peasy, very safe (and fairly convenient to have for other circumstances).
  • You have 3 days to complete payment; if not completed, then the item goes to the next highest bidder


  • I’ve put prices on here that I see as fair for used items in good to excellent condition (though some are new) that I took the time to find/buy/post. The starting prices are firm, I’m afraid.


  • Send me an email @ shopabbiescloset{at}gmail{dot}com with:

    1. The ITEM #(s)


    2. The amount you would like to pay (assuming the starting amount I’ve listed).

    I won’t be responding to specific bids for at least one full day…maybe more, depending on the level of interest in a specific item (unless you have a question), at which point I will assess how many people are interested in the same items.

    I will then contact each person once with a chance to “up their price” from their original bid. Whoever places the highest bid at that point wins the item.

    Obviously, for those items that only get one person’s interest, the item sells for their original offer.

    **I am doing this for one reason only: Since I’m donating 25% of the proceeds to:

    Parental Care Ministries: The Father's Love in Action

    …I’ll shamelessly take as much money as we can raise from this little shindig. : )

    TIME FRAME: I will likely ship the items in bulk once I know for sure which are items belong where and have everything packed up, so please be patient with me. I so appreciate it!



    BRAND: Moda

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Perfect (worn no more than a 1/2 dozen times)

    MORE INFO: 100% genuine leather! This jacket runs true to size, except for in the chest area, which is slightly roomier than most smalls. I absolutely adore this jacket, but the fit is just a little off on me, which keeps it from being worn as often as something this cute should.

    PRICE: $30




    BRAND: Uniform

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Excellent (no stains, no tears, no wear)

    MORE INFO: Runs true-to-size for the high end of the small-range and is not super-fitted

    PRICE: $8




    BRAND: Forever 21

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Excellent

    MORE INFO: Runs small especially through the shoulders and chest

    PRICE: $7



    BRAND: Juicy Couture

    SIZE: Medium

    CONDITION: Very good

    MORE INFO: Fits more like a small. There’s a slit in the sleeve that you can see in the pic above which could easily be repaired with a needle/thread

    PRICE: $15




    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Very good

    MORE INFO: No stains, no rips, but the cloth does show a teensy bit of wear (not noticeable unless you’re examining it closely for wear)

    PRICE: $8




    SIZE: 10/12

    CONDITION: Excellent

    MORE INFO: This jacket fits like a size x-small/small (with a narrow fit through the shoulders since it’s actually a girls’ jacket) and would be great for a small build or for a preteen girl

    PRICE: $7




    BRAND: Black Rivet

    SIZE: Medium

    CONDITION: Excellent

    MORE INFO: I’ve never figured out whether this coat is “dark navy” or “light black,” but it works with either color scheme. I wish I could have found the pics I was looking for of my wearing this coat because it is so cute on even though it looks a bit schlumpy on the mannequin. It’s a great layering coat since it accommodates sweaters underneath, but it works well by itself too.

    PRICE: $15



    BRAND: Jordache

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Excellent

    MORE INFO: A little narrow through the shoulders; it has some fraying/distressing on the edges of the sleeves, etc., but it’s intentional and has a fun look.

    PRICE: $6



    BRAND: ?? (Forgot to look before posting, but it’s not one I recognize

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Very good

    MORE INFO: Runs small (it’s more like an x-small) and would work best for petite frames/small-chested folks. It has a really fun, boho/Anthro-esque feel

    PRICE: $7



    BRAND: Isaac Mizrahi for Target

    SIZE: Small

    CONDITION: Perfect (I just wore it for the pics, and it still has the tags on)

    MORE INFO: Runs slightly large through the torso for a small, but that’s kind of the style.

    PRICE: $10




    SIZE: 8

    CONDITION: Excellent

    MORE INFO: The color is a soft olive green (NOT army green)

    PRICE: $8