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Shop My Closet Last Calls + a Winner!

Hey guys!

First things first–the winner of last week’s Younique giveaway is:


Check your email, girlie, and we’ll get your goodies out to you soon!

Next, I LUUUUUUURVED your responses to Friday’s “embarrassing” post. Seriously. I laughed so hard. And one response, in particular, got quite a rise out of pretty much everybody who read it (quick! go read if you haven’t already; you’ll know which one it is right away!).

In other news, I’ve done a couple of rounds of Shop My Closet over at @mifmcloset on Instagram in the last couple of weeks, and y’all just about cleaned me out both times, but I did have a few things left, and I thought I’d offer them here on a first come, first served basis (everything over there is auction-style).

Prices include shipping. The first person to leave a comment with her Paypal email address for each item gets it!

Shipping to U.S. and Canada only ($2 extra/item for Canada).



Dark plum Merona halter dress. Size 2. Runs large. Hits right above my knee
Worn once.



ALYNPAIGE gray knit dress. Size 7/8. Fits like a small. Hits 3-4 inches above my knee (in 5’7″ish), which is too short for me, so keep that in mind if you’re concerned about length. Silver zipper runs the length of the bodice. (There are belt loops, but no belt included; also, very slight, barely noticeable pilling on the lower part of the torso).

$8 shipped




We Vera blouse. Size 8. Fits like a small.

$7 shipped.



Mossimo dress. Size Medium. Could work for a small too. Worn once.

$9 shipped.


9 & Co. Faux suede black shooties. Size 8 1/2. TTS. Only worn twice.

$15 shipped.



Talbot embroidered cream-colored midi skirt. Size 4. Fits more like a 2. Has a very Anthro-esque feel.

Hits mid-shin.

$8 shipped



Nine West orange top. Size small. TTS. Tassel ties on sleeves (see right sleeve).

$7 shipped.




New York and Co. Cotton sateen orange dress. New Without Tags. Size 6. TTS. Hits me mid-knee. Very flattering silhouette.

$12 shipped

I’ll also be posting a new batch of clothes sometime today (hopefully), so if you aren’t already following, you may want to hop over to Instagram and follow along with @mifmcloset to get first dibs.

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Welp. I’m sick.

I find it mildly hilarious that right after writing a post on sleep-training, I would come down with a case of mastitis, which is almost surely the result of Theo’s rather quickly bumping his longest nighttime stretch from 5 hours to 8 hours last week.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy for the extra sleep. I could just do without the chills and the aches and the shooting pain.

Fortunately, a) I caught it quickly and am bumming it on the couch between answering math questions and downing raw garlic (shudder), and b) my fingers are still in working order, which means that I got a chance to post a bunch of Shop My Closet items last night. (while we watched Swiss Family Robinson for our family movie night, and my children almost had apoplectic episodes of ecstasy at how cool they thought it was. Seriously, if you have littles who love adventures–especially boys–do yourself a favor and rent that one. Even my husband kept exclaiming how much he remembered loving it as a child and how much he liked it still).

ANYhoo, I’m just hopping on here between cat naps (that are inevitably interrupted with a twin appearing thisclose to my face and intoning, “I hong-ey!”) to let you know that, if you want to head on over and get yourself some cute duds at a great price, I have created an Instagram account specifically for my closet items.

Items such as these:

closet collage

{Wrinkles included at no extra charge}

My user-name is @mifmcloset, and I have over a dozen things listed already and will be adding more as the weather/lighting/mastitis pain allows (in case, you’re wondering why the weather would have anything to do with it, we are currently experiencing a very dreary, light-deprived day that just produced–wait for it–the barest dusting of…S-N-O-W!!! Cue more apoplectic fits from my children. If you’re in Boston…I’m sorry).

The sale is auction style and ends at 9PM tomorrow evening.

Happy bidding!



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