Wardrobe Wednesday: Thrifted or Grifted—Gray Dresses + Messenger Bags

Normally, when it’s time again for Thrifted or Grifted, I start off by saying something super-original like, “It’s time again for Thrifted or Grifted.”

And I continue on about how it’s a “silly little fashion game I came up with where I get dressed in two similar outfits, and you pull out your binoculars and scrutinize every last detail to see if you can tell which one is thrifted and which one is grifted. WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!”

But today, I’m not saying that (although, if you’re confused or don’t know the definitions of thrifted and grifted, feel free to click here to get it all sorted out),


I’m saying nothing of the sort.

Instead, here’s what I got:

It’s time for the last Thrifted or Grifted I will EVER do…

…while pregnant…

with identical twin girls…

(I think).

Because regardless of whether they come today or 4 weeks from now (both of which are possible…crazily enough), I cannot even begin to imagine mustering the interest/energy to come up with two similar looks that a) cover the bump and b) are even mildly comfortable and stylish.

The jig’s up, folks. It’s pajamas and bunny slippers to the end!

I apologize in advance if you happen to encounter me in the grocery store. I’ll be the one in XXXXL t-shirt, shuffling through the ice cream aisle with a dazed expression in my eyes.


Hmm…after rereading this, I’m thinking I might not have had the most restful sleep last night.

Oh well.

Here comes…


IMG_4948 IMG_4944

And now for…


IMG_4790 IMG_4787

So…which is it?

Think you know?


Like, really know?

All right then.

Time to vote…

And comment telling me why  you chose the one you did!


Which outfit is 100% Thrifted?

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One thought on “Wardrobe Wednesday: Thrifted or Grifted—Gray Dresses + Messenger Bags

  1. Oh, wow- you’re at that point where your only wardrobe option is what I call “The Uniform”- the one outfit that still fits with a modicum of comfort and which you will burn in the BBQ grill when it’s all over! Kudos to you for mustering up one final T & G! I’m horrible at this game – always pick the wrong one as thrifted so today I looked, I thought, I did a 180 and picked against my gut. I chose A as thrifted even though I think it’s B! You are precious in both as usual but I found myself wanting to breathe deeply for you when I saw where the babies were sitting- their feet have got to be shoving your lungs into a whole new dimension! Hang in there- sending prayers for an imminent, quick deliverance
    soon! From Eugenia Book who can only get this blog comment thing to work if she identifies herself as “anonymous”!

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