Today, I’m thankful for:

1) Trumpet vines bursting into bloom on our pergola, despite the 103 degree temps and drought conditions (a reminder of God’s faithfulness in times of trial).


2) Funky, new-to-me Goodwill scarves with strangely honest product tags


3) Perfectly crisp and tangy Granny Smiths that, at 75 cents/lb, were not—as my oldest boy pointed out—“Too enspensive.” Mmmm…I can practically taste Apple Crostada just looking at them.


4) Friends who know your style, remember you were looking for something specific, and then do your shopping for you.  Thanks for my fabulous new bag, Mandy!


5) Childhood best friends who do photo shoots for you and your cutie-pie daughter just because. Thanks, Ronda! Some of my faves below:

Abbie & Adelaide23


Abbie & Adelaide10

Abbie & Adelaide30


Come on back tomorrow for Flicky Friday, and I’ll have a weekend movie recommendation all ready for ya!

Happy Thursday! What are you thankful for today?


  1. LOVE the pictures 🙂 My daughter turns 6 months on the 28th and we are having family pictures done on the 29th. I hope they come out as cute!!!

  2. I’d be thankful for .75/lb apples, too! Wow, that’s a steal!!!
    Love that teal dress you’re wearing in the bottom photos, and the little puffy onesie with flowers on your little girl!

  3. oooooh! i just love the photos of you and your daughter at the bottom of this post! you look like a 1940’s hollywood star! so glamorous! love it!

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