Oh. my. goodness, you guys. 

I woke up with peanut butter in my hair, cold toes, and the remnants of nightmares about really poofy lips and big 80’s hair.  What is that about?

And THEN I went downstairs to discover a bunch of creepy little men pasting paper all over this wall that gave me fits to decorate.  I promise I would have posted sooner, but I had a devil of time scraping all these old Christmas wish-lists off of my sheetrock (one kid wanted a toy Uzi that made “realistic noises”…no wonder he was on the naughty list).  

Of course, then I saw this post, and it all made sense. Those pointy eared stinkers hijacked my blog! (You didn’t really believe that I have elves on staff, did you? Believe me, all my posts would get done on time if I did). 

ANYhoo, I’m just dropping in to assure you that the monster Living Room post is coming—the one where I deluge you with pictures, give you price lists that include every single tiny accessory, and tell you the whole story of how, after spending a whole day getting the living room ready, we drove into town (in the horse-drawn buggy, y’all!) and bought every decoration that might possibly work on that darn wall from Walmart and Target (and yes, I put my receipts away pronto!) only to use not even one of them in the end. 

Oh, and I’ll tell you about my throw pillows. Because, folks. I have me a serious collection of throw pillows.

But for today, I’ll leave you with some shots of the undecoratable wall (the elves weren’t kidding about that!). 

Because it might have taken me 14 hours (and years off my life), but I decorated that wall, people!!!


This may look simple (and probably would have been to someone better at this than I am), but it was hard to come up with something to fill that funky open space over the TV. 


More prints from Jones Design Company. Love her work!


A fat Hobby Lobby bird who couldn’t possibly fit into that tiny Goodwill cage.


I’m in love with my new Target chairs (the mystery in the box).

I’ve gotta run for the time being, folks, but I look forward to giving you the blow-by-blow. 

Ta-ta for now!


  1. Excellent job you’ve done on your wall Abbie! I can feel the LOVE in your wall. You exerted effort on your wall I really appreciate it. I like the bird escaped from it’s cage.

  2. The elves really made me laugh! haha! Your wall is so cute and hadn’t heard of Jones Design so I check it out…..so cute. Gotta get some 🙂 Thanks! Anxiously awaiting the whole reveal 🙂

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