We, the Five days…5 ways Elves, regret to inform you that The Living Room Reveal has been pushed back a little due to our mistress’s hitting a wall.  Literally.  A big, blank, awkward, undecoratable wall.

Despite our combined efforts and ministrations, we were unable to keep her from wandering off to bed at 1:00 A.M. muttering, “Must sleep or die,” and perhaps the words, “More chocolate.”

We have tried to revive her using the following methods: 1) ice-water on her toes, 2) peanut butter in her ears, and 3) Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” non-stop for the last two hours (she moaned, “No,” and thrashed violently but did not awaken). 

Phase 2, which involves a ruffly bag we saw in her closet, a brick, and Bugs Bunny (read here for clarification), is forthcoming.

Meanwhile, we are busy wallpapering the undecoratable wall with last year’s leftover Christmas wish lists (the naughty pile) sent to us by our cousins at the North Pole and are certain we shall have something attractive to show you soon.

We think Mistress will be quite pleased.


  1. ha! well, for a little pick-me-up, I’ve gone and gushed about you on my blog…again. Happy Friday!

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