Oh boy, today’s packed with goodies!

First up on the docket, I know all of you are practically drooling on your keyboards in anticipation of finding out who won last week’s fabulous $25 credit to The Pleated Poppy shop.

Since I don’t want you to be ruining your keyboards or anything, I’ll tell you that the winner is…#76 (chosen by random.org), Ashley Dubose who said, “I really want a cute sunnies case!” Well, shoot me a quick email using the button on the sidebar, and we will get you a sunnies case, girl! : )

Next up: Thrifted or Grifted. If you missed last week’s inaugural round of T or G, here’s a recap of the concept:

I post two similar outfits—

…one 100% Thrifted: (adj.): previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand.

…and the other 100% Grifted: (adj.): swindled or cheated…aka Retail.

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think that you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

Last week, the majority guessed wrong. So, let’s see how you fare this time around!

To spice things up, I’m asking you to leave me a comment telling me why you voted the way you did (you don’t have to, though; if all you want to do is click, I’m good with that). Feel free to be creative, silly, outlandish, funny, or dry-as-a-bone.

I will choose my favorite explanation (a completely subjective, 100% NON-random choice : )) and award that person 5 automatic entries into The September Giveaway (the first of a new monthly giveaway series I’m starting), which will include five fabulous items to start your fall season off on the right foot—one of which will be this 13 piece ULTA cosmetic bag filled with all the fun loot you see below in your choice of 1 of 2 color options (this one, which is warm, and its cool-toned equivalent):


If the person I choose has also shared about today’s Thrifted or Grifted post in any way (blog, fb, twitter, etc.), she’ll receive an extra entry for every action she takes (just include that info in the comment explaining your vote).

Make sense? Leave me a comment telling me why you voted the way you did and if/how you shared today’s post, and I will choose one lucky commenter who will receive 5 automatic entries—+1 for every sharing action—into The September Giveaway which starts tomorrow (because tomorrow is Sept. 1st! Holy Moly!).

The best part is that this lucky duck can also enter through all of the usual channels once the giveaway opens, thus giving her a bucketful of chances to win some pretty awesome stuff!

Speaking of which, you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the specifics of the awesomeness when I reveal the other 4 items (besides the ULTA bag) on 5 Things Thursday.

If I’ve confused the tar out of you with all of this commenting talk…leave me a comment about that too! : ) I’ll do my best to clear it up for you.

And now for the pictures:

Exhibit A


So, whaddya think? Am I the thrifted one?



Please don’t let the fact that there are four photos in this as opposed to three in the other affect your vote. I just wanted to show you a close-up of the gorgeous bracelet my sweet hubby bought me as a wedding present. (I’m wearing it in both photos, which kind of makes it the Switzerland of jewelry, doesn’t it?)

Exhibit B


Or is this chick the cheap-o this time around?



Which outfit is 100% thrifted?

Happy guessing and commenting! I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow!


  1. OK, OK…here goes nothin’…*rolls up sleeves*

    I’m going with outfit B…because (maybe I’m weird for noticing this, but…) your belt is folded under…which makes me think it might be too long/too big, which you might run into should you be purely thrifting. Also…the pink-urple shoes are so awesome that they had to have come from a thrift store.

    Phew! *wipes brow* I wish all formal requests were that fun and easy. 😉

  2. I guessed B because of the shirt, something about it said possible thirsted??? I have no idea what I’m talking about! Loved both outfits. Love, loving your blog. Came over today from FOTF! Looking forward to following your blogs.

  3. Ha ha . . . after a long day of work I actually picked the wrong outfit!! I totally think that the second outfit is thrifted!! Geez! Oh well . . . I love your blog and I look forward to being as thrifty with my clothing as usual!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. Ok, I’m totally going with B.Maybe because it’s my favorite and I’m always looking to be tricked! Of course last week I got it wrong..maybe I’m reading too much into this! Anyway, love your blog!

  5. I love your bright shoes, flower bracelet and jeans. I have a pair similar but I always put my big foot through the knee and rip them tooo much.

    This is only my third week linking up at WIWW.
    I currently have a fun anything goes linky at my blog that runs Friday through Monday each week. I just announced a new monthly “desperate 4 date night” linky and would love for you to join in on the fun. Here is the link explaing more.


    Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

  6. okay, I read the other comment, and I must say, I don’t know anything about fashion. I had *no* idea the shoes in outfit “b” are in style. Yes, I live under a rock.

    So my non-educated vote is: both are 100% thrifted, and you’re pulling a fast one on all of us! 🙂

  7. Ok. I think outfit A is thrifted for the following reasons. 1. The top is just long enough to meet the top of your jeans. Right now longer shirts are the trend. 2. The extremely ripped look was more trendy in the past than it is now. 3. Those fuschia shoes in outfit B are too current to be thrifted.

    I hope I’m right! I got last week’s outfit right, because I am a smarty pants know-it-all and need more ego-boosting affirmation of my correctness 😉

  8. I’m going with B because the top looks like it might be a bit less trendie right now. But then maybe that’s too obvious and it’s the other one…. wait no it’s b. Wel, I don’t know I’ll go with a, no B. okay B is my final answer! 🙂

  9. First of all, I’m very confused by the rules, but I think it’s because I have a cold and I can’t think right now! At least that is my excuse for today. 🙂

    I think the first is thrifted. The shoes in the second outfit just looked very new and that color is so on trend right now. So the shoes have swayed me. Are they fuschia? Are they maroon? That is the burning question that remains in my mind. 🙂

  10. I’m going with B, mostly because I think the A top is a smidge trendier right now. Though, I admit to living in MT where we are undeniably behind the times. Yes, it’s true. All the same, I voted B. I like the shoes. I bought some pink pumps because you have me convinced that I, too, can wear fun shoes with jeans. Mind you, my shoes fit in the “grifted” category, so perhaps I voted wrong. Hmm… oh well. Voting done. Too bad, so sad, and all that jazz. Now… was I right?

    Oh, and I FB’d and +1’d it. Happy to share the love!

  11. i picked the first outfit. at first i was all, “ooh! super cute cropped jeans, she must have bought those retail!” and then i when i saw the second one i was like, “more cute jeans! wait…i think i own those…and i know where i got them and when they came out. crud, i have to guess!”

  12. I think exhibit A is too hole-y, thus the thrift store not accepting it due to its condition, therefore it being retail (take this a little tongue-in-cheek). That is why I voted for B. Plus, I like the purple shoes in exhibit B 😉

  13. Its hard to tell but I went with B… something about those shoes… just reminds me of high school days or a bridal party…love the color BTW and love how you put them with jeans!! I have flats in a similar color that I got a year ago…so that would be my second reason…

  14. I’ll guess B, as well, because the shoes are so fabulous it’s hard to imagine finding them inexpensively at a retail store (and I *know* even shopping retail you would want them at a good price!)

  15. I’m going to go with A only because it’s the less embellished of the two outfits. Not that that makes sense or anything but it sounds good. 🙂

  16. I choose B because of the shoes. It looks bright and usually it’s impulse buy that ends up in thrift store?

  17. I’m going to guess that the second one, B is thrifted! honesly, I’m no thrifting expert, so I can’t even tell you why. after staring at both for a few minutes, I resorted the eenie meenie minie mo technique.

  18. I think that exibit B is thrifted because those shoes are amazing and judging by your other outfit posts…you like a pop of color! So, I think that exibit B came from your FABULOUSLY thrifted wardrobe. 🙂

  19. Okay, here’s the thing, Abbie: I shop at thrift stores for my clothing ALOT. . .I love finding great clothes at super cheap prices and more than I could ever afford retail. But I gotta tell you, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and I would never have guessed that ANY of your outfits are thrifted! You put an outfit together so well, and wear it like it cost a million bucks, and I think that is the key to this fun thrifting game.
    Oh, and I guess I’ll guess. . .I choose A. ‘Cause of the four pictures. That threw me. : )

  20. I would say Exhibit B is the Thrifted one. The marks/holes in the pants looked more like a result of an accident or overuse. As compared to the holes in the pants of Exhibit A (which I say is Grifted), which looked more like deliberate style. Plus, the pink shoes in Exihibit B looked more expensive…I would’ve bought it only if the price is slashed, or if I saw it on a thrift store.

  21. I thing the second one is thrifted. The shoes make me wonder, because they’re amazing, but all in all, I’ll say the second one. twittering this!

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