So, if you’re wondering where Friday’s post went, and why it’s just now appearing late Sunday night, you can mostly blame my husband since I spent all 38 hours he was home (yup, gone again) enjoying every second I could with him. But there were other reasons.

Thursday night after dinner, I started feeling a little icky, which slowly progressed until I ended up waking up at 3 AM with horrible nausea and what usually goes with it.  That repeated at 4. Boy, was that fun. But I’m better now. 

And just in case you’re worried about me and my upchucking self, I assure you I almost never get sick. I don’t know what’s up, but viruses and I have been quite cozy, and food and and I have not seen eye-to-eye nearly as much as I would like lately.

Anyway, before I go on, I have to establish that I don’t usually say things like, “This is proof that God loves me” when, for example, I find that pair of red skinny cords I’ve been hoping to score at Goodwill for ages (oh, yes, I did…today, in fact). I don’t think God gives a rip about my pant colors.

I do, however, still believe that He cares about the details of my life. Especially the ones that grow me a bit and help me to see His goodness (and by goodness, I do not mean getting what I want all the time).

And just because I’m naturally a smidge of a cynic and therefore reticent to attribute every little mood-enhancing circumstance to the Lord’s divine intervention does not mean that I can ignore James 1:17, which says, “Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.”

So, keeping that in mind, here are some good things that I am attributing to God, and rightly so, I believe:

1) Even though I felt kind of gross all week, the only night I actually got sick, I had a friend over to spend the night (and watch the Rangers totally blow about 17 perfect World-Series winning chances, by the way).  I don’t think that was an accident. No, I didn’t make her get up and hold my hair back or anything, but it was just such a comfort to know that someone else was around.  Because sometimes feeling alone while you’re sick is way worse than the sickness itself. 

2) There are times in this whole blog-writing business that I have to reassess my motives. I’m just being honest. I love it, but sometimes I get overwhelmed or wrong-focused.  And while there are beaucoups of terrible reasons to blog (i.e. vanity, pride, competition), and I’m perfectly capable of falling prey to any/all of them, there are some pretty darn good ones too—the motivation to get stuff done, the chance to write (which is one of my most favorite things ever!), the opportunity to share my faith with someone other than my fellow Bible-Belters who nod their heads when I talk about God but who might not even hear me because we’re already so inundated with “religion.”

But you know what the primary blessing has been for me?


That may sound really cheesy (and maybe it is). But I don’t care.

I have “met” and connected with several kindred spirits as a result of “this whole blog-writing business,” and even though I haven’t ever been face-to-face with most of you, I already treasure your friendships.

A perfect case in point:

Molly “Sugar” Byrd (okay, that’s not really her middle name, but she’s smiling right now), who lives in St. Louis and wrote me during Game 6 that she felt “traitorous” for even communicating with a Texan while her Cards were about to lose the World Series (apparently, your loyalty was effective, darn you!).

This woman crocheted me a gorgeous scarf! 

THREE of them, actually.

And they showed up on my porch Friday morning, right in the middle of my feeling-ickiness. Oh happy day!


Look at the lovely chunky texture! And this pic doesn’t even do it justice! (Molly, don’t laugh at me if I tied it “wrong!” : )).

So, why did she do it?

Because she enjoys my blog, is a fellow sister in Christ, and I had told her I liked one similar to this one.

That’s it. Are you as amazed as I am?

She even made up the pattern for this scarf herself, and she’ll be posting it on her blog soon for your enjoyment.

When she told me she would do this, she never mentioned she had a blog (I didn’t figure it out ‘til she’d already linked up to my Five Things Thursday twice) and clearly wanted no repayment or recognition, but I just couldn’t resist bragging on what I’m calling “The Scarf of Human Kindness” (and yes, I know I’m butchering that phrase a bit). 

And you know what? You guys get to benefit from Molly’s kindness too!

Because one of the scarves she made me is going into the big PCM giveaway/fundraiser.


And then there’s Morgan, who drove all over God’s green creation (way to persevere, girl!) to get to my house this weekend, just so she could drop off her contribution to the giveaway. Stay tuned, you’re gonna love it! And you’ll see more of Morgan too in about a month.

It’s so humbling and exhilarating all at once to see what God is doing through these precious women and you too!

So, what about you? Any “good and perfect gifts” you’d like to share?

And just so you know, I enjoy reading every single comment you leave me, so if you’ve ever thought, “Gee, that’s silly or she wouldn’t care to know that,” nothing could be farther from the truth. 

P.S. Don’t forget that The October Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM, Monday, October 31st, so if you haven’t already, make sure you get your name in the hat to win yourself a fun little goodie package!


  1. what a sweetheart!! don’t you love surprises!! and i’m with you…God does care about the little things in our lives! my sister and i have started proclaiming “God Did” when we are surprised with coffee or a killer deal (maybe he does care about the color of your cords!!) 🙂

  2. Crazy! Wouldn’t that be fun?!?…..we will probably have a pretty full schedule visiting the fam & all, but thx for the offer. Will let you know if I’m able to break away from the action 🙂 Finally posted my comment on 5 things Thursday….5 days late 🙂 Was a fun topic this week…..thinking bout all those things made me smile….thx!

  3. What a neat post! LOVE the scarf! I’m actually taking a “crochet school” online right now to learn to crochet. It is something I’ve always wanted to learn…..even when I was trying to be the “cool” girl in high school I secretly wanted to learn to crochet 🙂 I’m about half-way through the lessons and hoping to whip up some scarves for Christmas. So, I’m totally impressed with the crochet….woohoo!

    Thanks also for the reminder about God’s love… true! I hit a great sale at Banana Republic this weekend – 40% off the whole store even clearance….yay! So guess where I headed – yep, the clearance rack….scored some great fitting black trouser pants for only $12 (still more than a thrifted price, but I was stoked). I had such a fun shopping day with my SIL and MIL sans kids that I know the Lord was smiling knowing that we were so happy to have a “girls day”!

    I live in the Texas Panhandle and will be headed to your neck of the woods (the warm country 🙂 next week to see my dad and his fam. He lives on Lake Palestine in Bullard so we are really excited for the trip. Do love all the trees y’all have since we have zilch!

    Many blessings on a great week ahead!

  4. lovely picture of you, and the scarf. i really like it with the vintage pin…good inspiration for me to use my recently acquired vintage pin! 😉

    ps- i think i’ve been places in your neck of the woods that you haven’t been, haha. and i agree, He sends just what we need, just when we need it.

  5. Dear Abbie “H”: I don’t know that I have ever laughed AND cried while reading a blog post before. . . you look great in the scarf and I am so glad to call you my friend! Will post the pattern today or tomorrow. ~~HUGS!~~

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