I realize that this week’s “cheat” outfit is a bit on the posh side for my usual ensembles, and the truth is that I didn’t wear it anywhere but the field you see behind me, but I had to show it to you just the same.


Because it, as well as those gorgeous earrings I’m wearing, represent the loot I scored on my jaunt to Bloom this past weekend.

Bloom…what’s that?

Oh, I’m so glad you asked because, even if you hadn’t, I was going to tell you. So there.


Dress: Bloom ($52), Belt: Goodwill ($1), Earrings: Bloom ($28), Locket: Goodwill ($2)

Bloom is the newly opened clothing boutique in the charming downtown square of McKinney, Tx, and it’s been brilliantly curated and decorated by the lovely Kendi of Kendi Everyday, who also happens to own and run it.

I stumbled upon her blog only weeks after I started Five days…5 ways and was immediately smitten with her humor and her style (I also bragged on her in this thrifting tips post). I’ve been a faithful virtual follower since, so when I heard that she was opening up shop so close by (after all, what’s a 2 1/2 hour drive when you can so easily convert blog-stalking into the real-life thing? Just kidding, Kendi…sort of), I informed my husband that, should she happen to open her store in time for my birthday, we would be including a detour to Bloom in our already planned Dallas weekend.


Well, Kendi was nice enough to oblige since Bloom opened at the end of September, but fortunately for Shaun, an old friend that I hadn’t seen in quite some time came to my rescue and accompanied me (which is code for: she drove us there even though she’d never heard of Kendi or her store…Thanks, Laura! : )).

And yes, that is me with Kendi. Isn’t she adorable?

I must admit that I had a brief moment of worry as Laura and I walked up to the entrance that Kendi might not be there and that the pilgrimage would have been only half-successful (yes, I wanted to see the store, but if you’ve ever read a person’s blog that you enjoy, then you know it’s kind of a giddy prospect to meet the blogger as well). 

Apparently, my worry was misplaced…big time.  Both Kendi and her friendly husband, Bryan, were there, and as we chatted, I discovered that they and Kendi’s dad were solely responsible for transforming the space in what must have been a Herculean effort, since they found out about the store opportunity in July and opened it for business a mere two months later.


This “piece” is one of my favorites in the store.  Kendi took the pallet that her store sign shipped on and peppered it with Anthro knobs that she then used to display some of her jewelry for sale. Genius, no?


Another favorite vignette was this built-in piece, which Kendi spruced up with some of Amy Butler’s beautiful wallpaper called Lacework.


Funky dress-forms support the beautiful Melie Bianco bags that Bloom stocks (they’re one of Kendi’s blog sponsors as well). 


More shots of the bags. I love the neutrals in combination with pops of my favorite blue-green shades.


Hey, look! There are those pretty earrings I’m wearing. We had a bit of a joke running about the price because one side of the little holder said, “$14.50,” and the other said, “$28.” I turned around to ask Kendi which was the correct price, and I think my expression somehow conveyed an incredulity I didn’t feel because she thought I thought that one of the prices was “$1,450,” and quipped that they were made from “3 layers of gold.” It was such a good line that I didn’t have the heart to explain what I was actually going to ask. Except here on the blog, of course. Doh! 


Kendi, doing her thing at the register and then sweetly posing with her husband, Bryan.


I would like two things abundantly clear: 1) this is the shortest dress I’ve ever worn in my life (and quite possibly the most wrinkled…I promise I ironed it), and 2) even though I did defy the tag’s instructions by machine washing it, I did not machine dry it, and it’s made of rayon, so I haven’t a clue why it ended up shrinking up two inches shorter than before I washed it. But it did, and I didn’t discover it until I had packed it, put it on, and already worn it all over the place. I spent the entire day tugging on it and feeling naked and threw some jeans under it after I got back to my suitcase.

Moving on, how about a few more shots of store loveliness before I sign off?


So, was it worth the visit?

Yes, it was.

It was a beautiful space filled with great clothes, and both it and Kendi were pretty much exactly what I expected: stylish, warm, and friendly. 

And the question you’re all dying to have answered—did I make an absolute fool of myself? (C’mon, you know you were wondering).

I certainly hope not and believe not, outside of a very unfortunate incident when, after already introducing myself and shaking Kendi’s hand, I grabbed it again because I didn’t realize I was still holding an article of clothing which she was reaching for so she could take it to the dressing room for me.  Awk-ward. (Sorry about that Kendi; I was genuinely surprised that you were a hand-grasper, and I was right to be surprised wasn’t I?).  She was very cool about it, though. She just extracted her hand gently and murmured, “I’ll take that for you” before gliding away in her utlra-chic booties (please tell me you read the “s” at the end of that word). 

Oh, and I think I called her “lanky” twice when what I really meant was lithe or leggy, two much more complimentary “L” words that would have conveyed my meaning a lot better.

OH, and I took a picture of her husband midsentence and completely freaked him out, I think.

But really? Who’s paying attention to little details like that? Not me, I’m sure.

(Do you think they’ll call security if I go back?)

In the end, despite any gaffes on my part, it was an enjoyable little shopping trip, and I even allowed myself a splurge or two (I had warned my husband that we weren’t going to be looking at Goodwill prices; Lord love him, he doesn’t begrudge my getting nice things, but you KNOW after seeing nothing but $2 shirts since I started Secondhand or Bare Bottom, anything higher is a bit of a shock). 


After a year of practically zero chances of getting rained on, I managed to get caught in not one but two downpours last weekend. This is a shot of Laura and me after we hightailed it back to the car at possibly the worst possible moment (we were jumping small rivers in the streets, and jumping small rivers in 4 inch wedge boots + an unexpectedly short skirt is a very dangerous business indeed). It was glorious! We’re mostly dried out by this point, but as you can see, my bangs would not behave if my straightening iron didn’t have a say in the matter.

I hope you get a chance to visit Bloom if you’re in the area. It’s definitely worth a road-trip with a girlfriend. Just tell Kendi that strange, hand-grabbing girl sent you.

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  1. oh my goodness, i LOVE you!! your writing style is SO fun and I love your honesty and of course your style. and your hair too 🙂 fun that you got to meet kendi! I’ve been a bit curious about this store she opened, so thanks for the little virtual tour, darling! <3 http://www.rubygirlblog.com

  2. AHHHH! I am so jealous that you got to shop at Bloom and meet Kendi! She is the very first style blogger I ever came across and I just adore her. I LOVE the dress you got from her shop. Happy birthday, indeed!

  3. I love her blog too! The store looks so cute. I’d love to go one day if I’m ever down in that neck of the woods. P.S. your dress is so. cute.

  4. I am so inspired by Kendi’s blog, too. How fun that you got to meet her and shop at Bloom. Glad you had fun. Your “Bloom” dress is darling. 🙂

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