So, I thought about blathering on and on about something mundane for a page or so before revealing the big winners for The September Giveaway and the $75 to Lisa Leonard Designs, but I concluded that that would be too perverse, even for me, and decided to have mercy on your eager little souls.

So, without further ado…

The winner of The September Giveaway is: #151—Sarah Fontenot, who said, “I love the clutch! Why? Because I could SO use something to keep all my stuff organized!!”

Well, you got your wish, girl!


The winner of $75 to Lisa Leonard Designs is: #111—Elyssa McDowell, who said, “I like so many things from her shop! I like the Brave Love necklace, the Captured Heart necklace, the Heart Strings necklace. I think my favorite though is the Tree Stump necklace.”

Looks like you’ll have plenty to spend your $75 on!

Congratulations, ladies! Shoot me a quick email so you can claim your loot! : )


Stay tuned for: Move-it Monday and…something else fun!


I love hearing from you guys!