If you’ve been following along for a while now you know that a) I’m a fitness instructor, b) I teach two formats: BODYPUMP and BODYCOMBAT, and c) every three months we have something we call “launches,” which are essentially fitness parties to introduce new moves/music to our members.

This past Saturday, our BODYPUMP team launched BODYPUMP 79, and it was so much fun!


Unfortunately, before I did anything else, I managed to drop a bottle of one of my favorite Ulta polishes on the tile floor.


Of course, it shattered and splattered spectacularly all over the floor (right outside the entrance to the studio I might add = AWESOME, fragrant little surprise for our members). But I didn’t discover that I had also “decorated” my brand-new Asics until after launch. Oh well. It’s not like I bought them just because they were pretty (*muffled sob*).

Here we all are (minus Sara…we missed you, girl!) before the sweatfest got going.


I was so tempted to post the pic I got of Austin grinning like a Cheshire Cat, but since he is so cool about being our one and only guy member, I figured I’d spare him.


Of course, I had to snag a pic with Mandy, my bestie and exercising partner!

Launch was great, but really, why stop there, right?

It just so happened that our city was hosting an event called Fit City on the same day—lots of booths, fitness demos, free stuff, and all in the lovely historic, brick-cobbled section of town.


Half of our BODYPUMP team is also certified in BODYATTACK, and here they are teaching it in the streets (brick is pretty and all, but you better get up yo feet up in the aaaaai-er if you don’t want to trip!).


Mandy and I were up next with a little BODYCOMBAT.  Thank goodness it was only 75 degrees or so (in the shade). The sweat was still flowing freely, but I didn’t feel like passing out or anything.


Aw, the lovely Muay Thai knee, otherwise known as the head-smash. Can you see why? I’m not actually a violent person…really!


Round-houses in Pump shorts are dangerous things. I promise I was wearing bike shorts underneath, but this is still more of my white legs than anyone should ever be subjected to (and yet, here I am forcing them on you…sorry).

And on that dubious note, I will bid you adieu. Today is a busy one, so I think Move-it Monday will be the theme for the rest of it as well.

What about you guys? Did you do anything to get your heart pumping this weekend?


  1. That day sounds like fun. A year and a half ago I would have never said that! But I’m doing Insanity now alongside my husband and I am in the best shape of my life. I saw on a recent post that you are Turbokick certified. I am huge Chalene Johnson fan and have done TurboFire and Chalean Extreme. Thanks for all of the encouragement on Move-it-Mondays. My motto for women out there is: “you are worth it!”

  2. I can so identify with the nail polish debacle. I smashed my favorite red (brand new bottle!) and it shattered quite thoroughly all over my master bathroom. It looked like a crime scene.

    On the “move it” side of things, my girls wanted to learn how to do handstands this weekend. So we practiced in the backyard where my poor dogs were no doubt traumatized by my incessant flashing as my shirt would fall down every time I did a handstand. We were laughing and exhausted by the end of it, but it was a fun thing to do that didn’t involve them sitting in front of the Wii. And we got to play outside where it was soooo beautiful!

I love hearing from you guys!