Ready for some “cheat” outfits? I am. Sometimes it’s nice to take breaks from my 100% thrifted outfits and throw on whatever I want, but these days the non-thrifted pickings in my closet are slim, indeed. I still managed to scrounge up an outfit or two for you, though.





Dress: Target ($15), Tights: Walmart ($5), Boots: La Redoute ($25), Belt: Goodwill ($1), Trench: Old Navy ($15)

TOTAL: $61

I’m getting pretty stinkin’ good at this 10 second timer stuff, folks. You’d never know that I twisted my ankle twice and almost face-planted in the dirt at least three times while stumbling over my flowerbeds on my way to posing “naturally” for these pics.

Of course, if I didn’t have such a compulsive need for you guys to know what a spaz I really am, I don’t suppose you ever would know. But really, who wants just pretty, posed pics, when you can have pretty, posed pics and the mental image of my hopping around on one foot in three-inch heeled boots, holding my injured ankle just as the camera goes *click.*


Tank: Clothes-swap ($0), Sweater: Target ($13), Jeggings (oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just wrote that word): Walmart ($10), Socks: stolen from the hubby’s sock drawer, Belt: Gap ($3), Boots: JcPenney ($12)

TOTAL: $38

I love fall—the leaves turning glorious hues of amber and scarlet, the crisp tang in the air, the ho-cho with mountains of whipped cream. The 80 degree temps and sticky humidity. Ugh. Yeah, unfortunately, that’s been fall’s M.O. most of the time here in E. Texas this year, but the day I wore this coral/cream striped sweater from Tarjay (which I loved enough to pay 1/2 price for instead of my usual 75% or more, ha! : )), it was deliciously brisk…chilly enough even for me to pull out my $0.58 Gap knit mittens for the first time ever. It’s probably going to be to be sunny and 95 today and I’ll be hunting for my bathing suit, but yesterday was quintessential fall, and I enjoyed every second of it.


I love this pic of Della, me, and my mom.  I can’t wait until my girl is old enough to understand just what an incredible Softa (what we call my mom…it’s Hebrew for grandma) she has.


People say my Della-girl and I look just alike, and, while I think the main similarities are hair color/texture, skin tone, and eye color, in this pic, I can also see similarities in our smiles that make me smile all over again.


The theme for the party was “Della’s Dotty 1st Birthday,” so I couldn’t resist dressing to match. This shot is the closest I could find to a head to toe pic of my outfit, but I’m wearing the same boots as in the first outfit and a cute little skinny belt that I scored at Target for cheap. If you want to see the full dress and read a fun story about the special trip I made to buy it (and meet a blogging crush), you can here.


Top: Banana Republic/GW ($3), Jeans: Factory Connection ($10), Sweater: Factory Connection ($8), Shoes: Payless ($4), Belt: GW ($1)

TOTAL: $26 

Speaking of blogging crushes, I remember reading a a Kendi post once where she said something like, if wearing black and brown together is wrong, then she doesn’t want to be right.  I kind of feel the same way.  I’ve discovered that one of my favorite combos is actually a really rich cognac like the leather in my belt with a warm black like my sweater.

I paired them with a sweet, puffed sleeve polka dot blue and white blouse (bonus points if you can say all of that out loud even once) and a loose schoolmarm bun, and I have to admit that I feel a bit like a modern-day Anne of Green Gables in this get-up.

Which I like.

My style tends to veer wildly between:

bohemian—lace, ruffles, flowy skirts, peasantish details, and funky colors…


prim and proper—button-ups, bows, clean lines, and whites/creams…

…but I have to admit that whenever I watch a movie from the early 1900’s where they wear their hair in big, teased beehive buns and dress in high-necked lace collars with silhouette brooches and button-up boots, I feel a bit swoony.

Of course, then I think about trying to use an outhouse while wearing one of those long, heavy broom-skirts, and the illusion is instantly shattered. I guess I’ll just stick to watching Anne.

Speaking of swoony accessories, it’s been at least two days since I’ve said anything about:

five days five ways | because every day is different

…but there are tons of handmade pretty things to be won simply by leaving a comment. And remember, if you want to give, every. single. dollar = a separate entry, and every single dollar is matched. Such a good cause! Be sure to click and enter!

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!!! (Bring on the pie and turkey). I have so much to be thankful for this year as always. The Lord has blessed our family richly! I hope your Thanksgiving is filled with good things, family, and piles of things to be thankful for!

Oh, and:

five days five ways | 5 Things Thursday

If you’re playing along for this week’s special holiday edition, the theme is:

Party Time.

P.S. What about you? Do you tend to stick to one tried and true style or are you more a fashion chameleon?

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  1. Love, love , love the tights so awesome. And the combo with the striped dress, awesome again. I also like your Target sweater, I have the same one in green. And the last outfit looks very polished. I love it.

  2. Such great outfits! Especially love the red and black…..those are two of my faces! And what a sweet pic of u and Della. There is def a resemblance! Some of your outfits say “clothes swap” and I was curious about it. Did you actually host a clothes swap where your friends came with some clothes and you all traded aroud for some new looks?? I was thinking of doing this with some of my friends but was curious about the logistics. I think it would b great fun and a fun way to get some new clothes for free 😉

  3. Well, where to start! All 3 outfits are just fabulous. Those tights are rocking, the cardi is adorable & I definitely think you are channeling Green Gables in the 3rd look. You have the cutest style EVER!!!
    Oh and your Della does look just like you!
    Happy Thanksgiving friend- to you & yours 🙂

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