0ne quick(ish) announcement before I get going and forget:

I’m not even sure I could tell the “long story” version if I tried because I don’t even remember or fully understand all the reasons my husband and I did it, but for months, I’ve had a separate Facebook “like” widget on my blog from my actual Facebook page. One day, I started paying attention and realized, “Whoa! I have 400 likes on this puppy, and I need to make sure these people are getting updates from our Facebook Page.”

Turns out…you weren’t.

So! If you’ve clicked “like” on my blog page any time in the last several months, thinking that you were liking our Facebook page and would be privy to all the fun little extras, pictures, and tidbits I post there (c’mon, you know you want to be updated when I burn a waffle I didn’t even remember was in the oven…not that that actually happened or anything), so sorry, but no. You were liking the blog page, which I appreciate, but doesn’t help you much.

So! I’ve done away with that widget and would LOVE it if all 400 of you who pressed like (yes, I know there were probably some duplicates) would instead click the “like” button on the handy-dandy Facebook widget on the right sidebar (right under the followers box…you can send me your medical bills for carpal tunnel; I’ll understand).

Because, seriously, if I go up 400 likes on my Facebook page today, I will dance a crazy jig.

And then I’ll film it for our next Move-it Monday vlog. : )


Onto more business:

I almost feel guilty saying this, folks, because you were all SO sure (except for Becca; thanks for the validation, girl) that I chose Exhibit A.

But I didn’t.

I went with B.


And I had good reasons, some of which I would have disclosed to you yesterday so you could make a better informed decision…but I didn’t think about it until too late.

Reason #1: Yes, everyone who said I love red + turquoise was totally right, and I am beyond impressed that you guys are paying that close of attention that so many of you used that logic (I’d best start paying attention to what I say around here!).

BUT, that adorable turquoise bow belt didn’t come with the dress. I added it because the dress was pretty shapeless around the waist area (oh, and that teensy little belt would have added a cool $40 to the total cost of the ensemble, which just wasn’t happening).

Reason #2: The red dress is actually super-simple…so simple, in fact, that I might be able to actually replicate it some day, which is my goal.

Reason #3: My husband, the saleslady who was helping me, and I all ultimately liked the aubergine dress (yeah, you like how I just whipped out that fancy color term?) better in person.

It just had so many pretty details, and the colors are so rich and saturated in real life that I really couldn’t justify paying the price I did for another, much simpler dress that I thought I might be able to knock-off when I could be getting a dress I loved that I had no hopes of recreating (the embroidery and the origami pleating on the bodice? not a chance).

So…how much did I pay?

Take a big suck of wind, folks, because you’re about to gasp.

I paid $90.

Got that?


Oh, all right, fine (*pulling my big girl britches up*)…

I paid $90.

I know. I know.

I will be booed out of every thrifting club I’m already not a part of and now never have any chance of joining.

But my husband LOOOOOOVED this dress, y’all, and so did I, and he offered to buy it for me.

(By the way, the red dress was the exact same price, so with the adorbs belt…the total would have come to a dizzy-spell inducing $130…and with the SHOES? I don’t even want to think about it, but weren’t they cute?).

So…what’s a bargain-obsessed girl to do?

Tell herself, “Well, at least it was 50% off!”  (choke) and happily trot to the register, that’s what.

I may be cheap, but I’m not crazy.

And turning down an (expensive) dress that your husband offers to pay for because it’s his absolute favorite on you is certifiable, if you ask me.

So, there you go!

The saga of the Anthro dress is done…except that now I have to figure out a place to wear it.

Speaking of places to wear stuff, I need to go finish packing for Blissdom, seeing as how I leave this morning.

Also, seeing as how I leave this morning, there will be no 5 Things Thursday today, but there will be a Feature Friday FREE-FOR-ALL tomorrow!

See you soon!

P.S. This is what I wore to Anthro. The total for all 6 things things I’m wearing (including that Fossil floral bag) is: $19.


Take that, Anthro!

P.S. So, if you’d known “the rest of the story,” what would you have done?


  1. Alrighty, your description of Ophelia has ALMOST converted me. Almost. We have a Honda Element and I still love it but it’s not that practical for small one and all her acroutement.

    Love the one you chose.

  2. You already know my answer because you know about my shower curtain! The dress is perfect by the way. So, so glad I got to meet you! I subscribed so I can follow along!!

  3. Great choice! The color of that dress was divine. And I think you make perfect sense- the red dress was great, but not something I couldn’t see finding somewhere else and for cheaper. So I am totally stoked you ended up with some gorgeous new duds! 🙂

  4. Who says you need a place to were that beautiful dress. Go retro and wear it while making dinner :). Or just because. Your husband will love it even more.

  5. Alrighty, your description of Ophelia has ALMOST converted me. Almost. We have a Honda Element and I still love it but it’s not that practical for small one and all her acroutement.

    Love the one you chose.

  6. Hey Abbie, I couldn’t get the link to the FB to work? Cute dress though!!! and I like getting burn waffle info 🙂 lol

  7. I would have absolutely bought it! if you DIDN’T you would be certifiable! thrifting is just that being thrifty and i think anything 50% off is a great thrifty deal. That’s what I tell myself and it makes absolute perfect sense! have a blast at Blissdom!

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