In case you’re wondering, today’s title is NOT a typo…but I’ll get to that in a bit.

But first, let me say that not much this week is going like I “planned.”

It’s mostly all good stuff, though, so I can’t complain.

Take Monday, for example. My bro (you met him here) spent the night on Sunday in our guest room/toy room (yup, you read that right…we like to give our guests the option of snuggling with a stuffed animal or maybe having their dreams haunted by the intermittent ROAR of the present I intentionally chose for Simon’s last birthday—a fearsome-looking animatronic dragon who stomps and growls loud enough to wake the dead…or at least our sleepover guests—what was I thinking?).

And then he stayed home from work on Monday morning with a sore throat, and since we were “home” at the time, I got to spend all morning chatting with him for the first time in a while.

Which, of course, I loved.

Then, yesterday, we spent the entire day working out the details of getting a new van—well, new-to-us, anyway.

We are quite utilitarian and practical when it comes to our vehicular choices.

I bought my “dream car” (prepare to laugh)—a Volkswagen Jetta diesel…seriously, I was obsessed—brand new when I was 19, paid it off with my teaching salary in 3 years…and we still have it, ten years later.

And then, about 3 years ago, I joined the leagues of minivan-driving mamas with the addition of our 2002 Toyota Sienna, complete with fetching racing stripes decals (you can see her in the background of our planking vlog from a few weeks ago…don’t ask how I got that dent in the bumper)

Let me tell you, I was one stylin’ chica in that ride.

So, when I stumbled across a 2007 Honda Odyssey on craigslist (did you just laugh again? I told you we’re practical! And new cars with three messy little kids are anything but practical) with every bell and whistle I could imagine (heated leater seats? um, yes, please) for an absolutely incredible price…well, the course of Tuesday, February 21, was altered forever.

Her name is Ophelia the Odyssey (which you would already know if you were getting Facebook updates, by the way : ))…


…and she’s battling for 5th place in my affections (after my husband and children, of course) with Penelope the Kitchenaid mixer (Penelope makes the best chocolate chip cookies, but Ophelia has a DVD player; it’s a close match).

So! All of these wonderful distractions would be just grand if it weren’t for the fact that I’m leaving for Blissdom (woot!) in the morning, and all of this visiting and running around means that I haven’t packed, my house is mess, and not one single meal is ready for my family to eat while I’m gone.

And I’m sitting on my couch talking to you guys.

Sound about right? (Hang on…baby girl is crying…I believe a diaper-change is in order).

Ooookay. I’m back.

So…what in the world does all of this blathering have to do with that oh-so-intriguing :”grifted or grifted” title and the fact that I’m supposed to be showing you pictures of clothes?

Oh, nothing.

I guess I was just feeling chatty.

But now to the point.

I mentioned on Monday that we got to do some shopping on our relaxing weekend trip to Dallas.

Well, any time I find myself in Dallas with a little extra time, I like to swing by Anthropologie to marvel at their wares (and prices!!!).

But, although I have been know to trail my fingers lovingly down a silk blouse or two, I have never actually ended up at the register with anything more than a $5 pair of floral tights.

This time was different, though.

Because there, on the sale rack, were two dresses, quite different in style, but both very me, and, as it turned out, very Shaun too (he loved them both).

So, of course, I tried them both on and fell even more in love when they both fit perfectly. (And Shaun declared that they were his two favorite dresses he’s ever seen me wear…it’s like he wanted to spend money or something).

And then he came up with a brilliant idea:

Buy the one I loved most, and then host a little round of Grifted or Grifted.

Yes, they’re both retail, but which one did I buy?

That, dear readers, is what you must decide.

(By the way, as brilliant as I thought Shaun’s idea was, I would have been even more impressed with his intellect if he had suggested buying both dresses. Just sayin’).

So, here we go, which of the following grifted dresses is the first real Anthro clothing item to ever make me a poorer woman?



Apparently, I found posing in the Anthro dressing room while all the salesgirls rolled their eyes hilarious.




Of course, you vote, but to get full credit, you must (yes, must) leave me a comment:

1) explaining why you think I chose the one I did


2) guessing how much I paid for my choice.

Happy Guessing!

Which grifted Anthro dress did I buy? 

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  1. I voted red. You look insanely comfortable (and gorgeous!) in the red dress. I’ve never shopped at Anthropologie, so I have no idea what their prices are like – but I’m guessing that you shopped the clearance rack, found a gorgeous dress from last season, had a coupon or gift card, and batted those ever-growing eyelashes and got the dress for under $30.

    Have fun at Blissdom! Wish I was going with you!

  2. I voted for option 1, the red one. Simply because it’s more versatile. Price, I really don’t know, being in New Zealand our pricing is completely different to yours. I’ll guess $40

  3. I’m guessing A because what husband doesn’t love his wife in a smokin’ hot red dress with, surprise! a cute-but-sexy-and-still-modest-back? Both are adorable, but I’m guessing if your hubs is anything like mine, he’d practically beg me (ok, that may be a little too far) but be ok with me buying the red one. If it was on sale at anthro, I’m guessing it was $80 on-sale and some how you got it down to $60. So there. Neener, neener.

  4. I vote A too…and I remember from your kitchen post that the red/turquoise combo is one of your fav! So now you can wear the dress in the kitchen and be a domestic goddess!

  5. I voted A, it’s just insanely cute (the back omg!) I am guessing you bought it because of that darling bow belt and the back is totally gorg. Price??? Maybe $90?

  6. I haven’t read the other comments, but I’m sure someone else has already pointed out that Exhibit A has a belt in your “signature color” so I’m sure that’s what you chose (and why!)

  7. Before looking at other comments, I’m hoping that you bought dress #1, the red one. I like the other one a lot but the top chest area is not as flattering as it could be.

    But of course you do look beautiful in both!

  8. I think you chose the red one, because you know it’s my favorite color. 🙂 Actually, I think you picked it for the fun cutout in the back. You seem to be smiling bigger in that one too. As for price, I’m thinking it might have been on sale, so I’m going to go with $69.99!

  9. A had a beautiful back and looked like you were getting so much more for your money…..can be dressed up or down with accessories!!!

  10. I guessed A. The colors seem very you, which appears to be the inclination of most everyone else too. I admit, I tried to zoom in on the back shot with the price tag. I’m guessing 37 dollars.

  11. Please say you picked A – it looks so stunning and the back is divine. I’m guessing around $80 bucks.

    Have a blast at Blissdom!! One of these days I’ll get there.

  12. I am voting for the red one because of the color combination – I remember you discussing your love for the red / aqua color combination, I LOOOVE the back, and it is more practical with kids. I think you paid 87.95

  13. I chose the red one because the details are so awesome and I think it looks best on you. I would guess it was priced at $45. That would be quite the steal for Anthro. The shoes are to die for too!

  14. I think you chose the top one because it isnt strapless and I know that when I go dress shopping I always fall in love with strapless dresses and then they dont make as many appearances out of my closet because I cant find the right place to wear them or if I do I feel like I have to wear a cardigan to most places and Sooooo I believe the red dress makes for more easy-to-wear-to-more-places 😉

  15. I chose B. Not because I’m trying to be super sleuthy and remember your past color preferences. But because it looks like a million bucks on you- the color, shape, length, cut, detailing. I vehemently declare you must go back and get B- if you don’t have it already and if B costs less than 100. You can’t wait around for years for it to show up thrifted. You simply must buy it!!

  16. Love them both! I think you bought A. It’s a great color and you could wear it more places. I would guess the price to be $49.

  17. oh! i luv ophelia! kitchenaide stand mixers and dvd players in cars they run a close race huh? they both are great inventions, one saves us time and the other our sanity on long (ok sometimes fine alot of short) trips! so glad you found her!

  18. I’m saying A just because of the color combo, and I know you luv those colors by your house and other outfits. i’m gonna say $69.99 just because I think any cheaper and shaun WOULD have said buy both!

  19. I think you chose the red, because it is my favorite…I love love love the back. I’m betting you bought it for 39 bucks….just because I think you can get quite the deal…it’s because of you that I haunt good will and our local thrift shops.

  20. Dress #2 because well, it was my fave- ha! But I liked them both. I am going to guess $49.99 because I live 2 miles away from Anthro and her sales rack and I are intimately acquainted. 😀

  21. I think A because it’s such a great color and it’s a little spring-y. I also think it’s a little more versatile. I haven’t been to Anthro much because, like you, I usually just wince at the prices. I really think I feel physical pain when I see their stuff. Even the cost of their sale stuff hurts me. I would guess around $45. I’d actually guess a little more, but I thought I’d go a little lower than the 2 previous girls just to be different. 😉

  22. Oh man! Both are adorable, but that’s what you can expect from Anthro! I chose A, but only because it’s RED and I love that. And, red looks pretty with your dark hair. 🙂 My guess is about $50 on the sale rack…..

  23. I REALLY hope you chose A. The bright pop of color, and the turquoise belt?! Adorable. And the back?! I think they purple may be just a little too long. A is way too cute to pass up. And the price? Hmm, maybe $48? If it is that or less, (which knowing you and your awesome magical retail powers, it probably was) then I am running (which I only do if chased by an axe murderer) to the nearest Antrho and buying that for my college graduation!! It is so cute! PS, the nearest Antrhopologie is a little over an hour away. In a car. Pray for me!

I love hearing from you guys!