Hey guys!

I know it’s not Monday morning anymore, but I’ve been having trouble resurfacing back to real life after the kind of weekend that makes you go, “AAAAAaaaah. I needed that.” (No bubble baths, but no laundry either, so I’ll take it!).

If you remember, we kept things pretty low-key for Valentine’s (thanks so much for all your input on the glasses decision from that post, by the way. Option 1 was the winner by a landslide, which was a sad moment for my husband, since it was his least favorite. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on which one I choose!).

But Shaun did some looking around and found a 3 hour cooking class for us to go to on Saturday morning, so we took a quick jaunt up to Dallas while Softa (my mom), watched the kids.

It was perfect. We did a bit of shopping (I’ve got a fun little somethin’ planned for you for Wardrobe Wednesday that I think you’re going to get a kick out of), watched a silent movie at the Angelika (The Artist, and, in case you’re wondering, I liked it!), ate good food, caught up with some sweet friends, who were nice enough to let us crash at their house that night, and then had our cooking class (Italian) the next morning. (You’ll hear more about how that went later on this week).

The entire weekend was unhurried and full of hand-holding and laughter. I’m definitely guilty of overscheduling every rare kid-free moment that we manage to snatch these days, so to simply enjoy each other’s company with no set agenda was absolutely lovely.

In fact, I think I’m ready to do it again…next week, maybe? : )

Actually, I know that I savor leisurely weekends like last one because they are so rare, and I also know that the pace is hardly slowing down any time soon from the constant diet of homeschooling, picking up, unpacking, catching up, and cleaning that’s been on the menu all morning long.

Oh, and then comes Blissdom THIS Thursday! Have I mentioned that Mandy and I are going?

I’m looking forward to and dreading it all at once. Only dreading because of how busy/stressed the next several days will probably be, but you better believe I’m jazzed about 3 whole kid-free days…for the first time in…??? Who knows?

Alrighty, so now you’re all caught up on the doings around these parts, and it’s time to get down to this business we call exercise.

I made another little vlog for you today, and this time it’s all about the Burpee (and, no, as I point out at the beginning of the video, this has nothing to do with the cutesy version of the word you use when your daughter pulls out a big-boy belch).

P.S. I’ve discovered that I still don’t know how loud I should talk most of the time on these video thingies and that if I don’t script my “jokes” ahead of time, I have a knee-jerk reaction of mumbling when I realize I’ve just told an especially lame one.

Oh, well.

I suggest turning up the volume again but having the control handy.


Untitled from Abbie on Vimeo.


Beginner: 10 burpees (choose your modification), rest 5 seconds. Repeat for two more sets of 10. (Shoot for doing 3 sets 4 days this week).

Intermediate: 20 burpees (choose your level), rest 5 seconds. Repeat for two more sets of 20. (Shoot for doing 3 sets 4 days this week).

Advanced: 15 burpees with jumps and/or push-ups, rest 5 seconds. Repeat for three more sets of 15 (Shoot for doing 4 sets 4 days this week).

Good luck with your challenges!

Oh, and I’d love to hear about your weekends…were they relaxing too?


  1. Love this move. I have never heard of it before, and I am definitely going to do this. I have a suggestions for your next vid — position the camera with the rising sun BEHIND it, not shooting into it. I could barely see you — you were almost a silhouette, so it was hard to make out what exactly you were doing. And the black bulky grill behind you added to the confusion. Shoot against a blank background if possible.

    Love your blog!

  2. Looking forward to trying some burpees for the first time. BTW you were in my neighborhood this weekend. We live really close to the Angelika. Love it over there! Whenever you or Mandy come to Dallas I squeal, grab my hubs and say “my favorite bloggers are down the street, too bad they don’t know me.”
    As for my weekend, it was fairly easy, not as relaxing as yours but I’ll take it. Visit my blog sometime, fellow Texan!

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