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I am a chronic over-packer.


I am almost always that girl who has a somewhat appropriate amount of clothing in her suitcase (although most definitely on the overly abundant side) until the last second when I have a spasm of but-what-if-the-two-swimsuits-I-already-packed-experience-a-sudden-case-of-suitcase-shrink-itis-and-no-longer-cover-all-the-important-stuff-they’re-supposed-to?

And then it’s a quick slide down the slippery slope of, “Oh, I might as well take two more swimsuits, three more tank tops, eighteen more pair of underwear, six more pairs of shoes, and an extra necklace or two.”

(Please tell me I’m not alone, and please tell me why we say “pair of underwear”’…is everybody else out there doubling up, and I’ve somehow missed that boat?).

But, wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles (♫ God took a tailor by the hand ♫…gotta love Fiddler on the Roof), for my Blissdom blogging conference trip to Nashville last weekend, I managed to control my over-packing impulses and packed—waited for it—4 changes of clothes for three days, and that included the “dressy outfit” we were supposed to have for Girl’s Night Out.

Only 3 pairs of shoes (including my gym shoes).

And not one single swimsuit (we’re not always on speaking terms anyway, so I left her at home).

And I think I know how I managed it.

I started out planning to attempt to squeeze all of my stuff into a carryon-sized bag.

Because paying $25 both ways just so American Airlines will let me put my bag on their airplane when I’ve already paid for my ticket hurts my feelings.

So, I tried on 14 different possible outfits, made faces at 10 of them, and put the other 4 in a pile.

Then, I couldn’t find the right-sized bag, and it was getting late, so I just dumped everything in my suitcase, partly out of sheer packing exhaustion and partly because I’d heard tell of awesome Blissdom swag that I would need room for on the way back.

Outfit #1


(This is right before take-off from our local little airport, where we were chided for “holding the plane up” because we took so long saying goodbye to our husbands and all 7 of our children. We were the last people on the plane, but we still left 20 minutes early. Sheesh!).

Outfit #2


A slightly dressier version of my airport style for the evening meet-and-greet our first night there.

Outfit #3

mand and me flowy dress

It definitely helps an over-packer’s peace of mind to know that she’ll be traveling with a girl who wears her same size in clothes/shoes. My boots were making my feet ache, so I borrowed Mandy’s fun wedges!


I also got to meet Allison of House of Hepworths and Becky of Organizing Made Fun—both of whom I’ve had the privilege of guest-posting for and who were so incredibly nice in real life.

Outfit #4


For Girl’s Night Out, I jumped on the opportunity to wear my 1/2-price-but-still-waaaay-more-expensive-than-I-normally-buy Anthro dress. My sweet new blogging friend, Megan from Millions of Miles, informed me that I looked “very Texas” in this get-up.


I am so not a fan of this pic of me, but it’s the only one I managed to get with Megan, and she looks great, so I had to post it. Friendship before vanity, right? Definitely.


I also had a bit of fun playing around with twists and braids for a messy-dressy updo. I would tell you what I did, but I don’t really even know.


If you’ve read this post, bet you can guess what my favorite part of this profile shot is. : )

Outfit #5

me and erin

Here I am with Erin of Two Story Cottage, another fun new friend. I am seriously coveting her living room ottoman, y’all. You should check it out.

me, lisa, lindsay, mandy

Oh, and I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show you this pic we snagged with Lisa Leonard of Lisa Leonard Designs and Lindsay of the Pleated Poppy, whose What I Wore Wednesday party I will be linking up this post with as I do every week. So much fun to meet these cool ladies in person!

me and foliage

I’m so glad I brought along those flats.

me and alby

But I was even gladder to make it back to this sweet man, who was the director of the too-cute welcoming committee I showed you on Monday:

Aaaaand my keyboard officially just yelled, “Stop typing!” at me (rude), so I guess when technology that’s not supposed to talk does anyway, there’s really only one thing to do.

And that is shut up.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow for 5 Things Thursday!

P.S. I’m posting about my Anthropologie Candlestick knock-offs today over at The Girl Creative, where I do a monthly repurposing segment. Swing by, and say hi to Diana if you get the chance. She’s a sweetheart!

P.P.S. I have to know…do you over-pack too?

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  1. I am horrible with over packing… especially if it is for the weekend and I am only going 45 minutes away. That anthro dress is so cute and I wish I had the patience to try to style my hair like that. Thanks for stopping by. I am following you on bloglovin now.

  2. I’m usually travelling with 5 children, so it’s a matter of balancing the fact that someone is very likely going to spill something on me/splatter me with bodily fluids (thereby justifying my over-packing) with the fact that after I have packed everyone else’s stuff, there isn’t much room for mine (which effectively stops over-packing). But still, better safe than sorry, right?

  3. Well I can’t comment when I read posts at work, but here at home and on my iPad, no issues! Looks like you had a great time and what a wonderful welcome home crew!

  4. Thanks for the sweet shout-out! I loved all of your outfits but especially loved your splurge dress! I also loved the hair (updo) ; however you did it, it was seriously impressive! Your cute family at the airport makes me smile!! 🙂

  5. #1 I can comment (and read others) with no problem – google chrome.
    #2 (should have been #1) You look fabulous!!!! Hair is gorgeous – outfits are as cute as ever, and um….meeting Lindsey and Lisa would be SOO amazing!!

  6. This post was TOOOOO fitting for my life right now…I’m trying to pack (as we speak) for a 5 day trip to Vegas! My other half and I decided to share a suitcase and pay the stupid fees (this was to avoid a fashion/carry on crisis), yet somehow I am still struggling to pack even in a giant suitcase! As of now I am packed, but I can almost guarantee that come Friday night at 12am I will have a fashion panic attack and start throwing things in my suitcase! Cause I might need those extra really high heels (that I have never worn, but they are PRETTY!) or maybe one more party dress just in case….haha! Someone save me from packing 🙁 Great Post! -Kate

  7. I do the EXACT SAME THING – I throw things it at the last minute! Glad I’m not alone. 🙂 I LOVED your “texan” outfit. Super cute!

  8. I always over-pack. I am a big “just in case” girl. There is no end to the things I will throw into my bag just to be prepared. It is a miracle my husband has room for anything after I get through packing mine and my girls’ stuff.

  9. I always over-pack. As I pack I find myself adding additional outfits to fit with different ways I might be feeling while I am away. Will I feel like wearing a dress? Will I feel like flats or heels?
    And then there is the “just in case” stuff – I am a big “just in case, we should have 5 extra shirts (or whatever) kind of gal. It is ridiculous and a miracle that my husband has room for anything after I apply this crazy logic to both mine and my girls’ stuff.

  10. I am the opposite. I never pack enough and usually end up having to go out and buy something on a trip. Or I pack impractical shoes. We are going to DC in a few weeks and it is Toms all the way!

    You have the prettiest hair, it is very lovely. Blissdom sounded like a blast, I love Opryland. You should see it at Christmastime! /TN native

  11. Such beautiful dresses!

    I always over pack. The one time I didn’t I traveled to New Orleans and had to buy a new shirt to fly home in, as I sweat through everything I brought with me. Lesson learned: I’ll always pack a few extras.

  12. I totally over pack. I used to bring far too many suitcases when traveling, until they started charging for them. You looked so cute on your trip – love that you got to go to Blissdom! I’m hoping to go next year.

  13. I am a total under packer BUT my husband, Bubba, is a total over packer! He packs the BIG suitcase every time we go somewhere while I pack a simple over night bag. However, I’m glad he does sometimes because when we went to New York, I bought a bunch of stuff and had to stow it away in his suite case since mine was too small. ; D

  14. Girl, you just tickle my funny bone!! I love reading your posts. I have suffered from self imposed over-pack-it-itis for many years! Until my ex former new husband (read into that idiotic moron and pay attention to the ex) made me take only a carry on, three pairs (?? i’m with you on the wonder of that) of underwear and 1 pair of shoes on our three week honeymoon to Italy. I am oh so glad that I won’t ever see any of those marvelous Italians again and have to explain why I always had on the same clothes!! Anyway, I did come away from that short union with an appreciation for packing light (er) and try to do that now.
    Your welcome home committee is absolutely adorable and I know you were glad to be home with them.

  15. what cute outfits!! you look beautiful! and I pack what I think I need and try to pick out “outfits” but then end up throwing in as much as will fit. I always wish i had more options once I’m were I’m traveling too. 🙂

  16. I used to be an overpacker as well…but the baggage fees have really forced me to limit myself when I fly, and luckily this is translating to car trips as well!

  17. Nope, I’m the opposite! I under-pack. It’s not good. I can relate to Girlygirl’s comment. There have been too many times I end up wearing dirty shorts and tees by the end of vacation. And, funny thing, as hard as I try to change this dilemma, my simplicity overrides my attempts! Oh, what to do….?!!?

    The outfits are adorable (and the eyelashes…..stunning ;))

  18. You are just gorgeous! The maxi dress & wedges outfit is my favourite! You should be very proud of yourself in your profile pic:)

    I am actually a light packer but it is sometimes to my detriment. I went on a trip to Fiji with my mum years ago. I went for 7 days with carry on luggage only. My mum meanwhile was hauling a suitcase filled with outfits and accessories for pretty much any extreme of weather conditions. I teased her mercilessly on the way over and was very smug about my little bag filled with simmers and sundresses. Well it rained and was freezing cold for the whole time we were there – I was very grateful for her spare tracky dacks and umbrella:)

  19. oh yes, way too much and for some reason shoes and earrings are the most difficult to cut back on for me!

    Cute clothes choices by the way!

    1. I so over pack
      My husband could not believe four lugguge for a five day trip that include Las. Vegas. What to do?

  20. You are too cute! And just as pretty in person as in blogland…it was great to meet you and Mandy! Wish we could have done more with you, but hanging out at sessions and lunch will have to do! All your outifts were darling!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

I love hearing from you guys!