I know we just did this recently, but I had a hunch that you guys wouldn’t mind too much if we played a round of  Thrifted or Grifted (speak now or forever hold your peace…or just vote…that’s good too).

If you’re new to T+G, here’s the skinny:

It’s a little fashion game I made up where you test your thrifting savvy by deciding whether an outfit is:

A) 100% Thrifted: (adj.)—previously loved and therefore ridiculously cheap…aka Secondhand


B) 100% Grifted: (adj.)—swindled or cheated…aka Retail

…and then you vote and leave me comments telling why you chose the one you did!

(Disclaimer: No, I don’t actually think you’re getting ripped off every time you pay retail, but I do believe that if you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it).

If you’re a Thrifted or Grifted expert, then you know the drill—get so close to the screen that you go all cross-eyed, then (over) analyze every possible aspect of the two outfits in hopes of noticing telltale signs of thriftedness (WRINKLES DON’T COUNT!) and then comment away telling me why you chose which one you did.

The commenter I find most entertaining (yep, it’s as subjective as they come) will get 5 free entries into our next giveaway (to be announced soon…and yes, I know I already promised that last time, but I I’m not making it up…just slow).


Are you ready to rumble?

I am.

Sort of.

Why the hesitation?

Well, you know how I try to choose outfits with similar elements, themes, or pieces?

Sometimes, I’m more successful than others.

This time—not so successful.

And it’s really bothering me.

It may bother you too.

Sorry about that.

Either way, here goes nothing.

Is it?





Not the best shoe shot, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

Or it is…




Obviously, my colors schemes, while similar, aren’t the same with the embellished black tank up against the white top with black polka dots.

I also know that the feel in Exhibit B is waaaaay more casual than A.

But it is what it is this week, I’m afraid.

So, you might as well start guessing!

Which outfit is 100% Thrifted?

May the odds be ever in your favor!

(Can you tell we went to see Hunger Games last weekend? We liked it pretty well. What about you guys? Have you been? If so…thoughts?)

P.S. I’m posting an Anthro-esque Pillow Makeover over at The Girl Creative today If you want to take a look. Here’s a sneak peak at the before, just to convince you that I’m crazy whet your appetite.


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  1. Just discovered your blog via Monday Mingle. Absolutely LOVE this concept. It’s so true that you can find such great things at a thrift store. Loving your first camisole; so pretty!

  2. I’m picking A because the pants look slightly retro and “pressed” aka ironed…and even though I’m thinking thrifted my reasoning stands why this outfit could be grifted as well. Yikes I’m utterly confused on this one, you’ve got me stumped. Good job Abbie.

  3. I picked A because it looked so much fancier I thought maybe you were trying to make it look more retail… both outfits are so well put together though & I love all the polka dots- especially those shoes in B!

  4. Yo. I don’t know.
    I’ve got no thrifted mojo…
    I’m just guessin’
    that B your dressin’
    is the Thrifted lesson
    cuz the pant’s need pressin’…

    Oh, don’t hate me!!! It just was the only thing I could think of that rhymed!!! And, don’t look at my wardrobe, cuz everything needs to meet an iron…gah!

    They are both super cute…no matter where you found them! Love this post, girl!

  5. I picked B as thrifted. They are both adorable and of course look fabulous on you… the cutest chickadee in blogdom. But….. I do seem to see a little seam puckering on the pants in B that make it look as if they have been washed and loved before. As opposed to A where I seem to see the factory fold lines still visible.

  6. I picked B as thrifted, because The blouse and pants in A look so shiny and new. The shoes like ultra clean white. The whole outfit reminds me of a car that just rolled out of the factory.

  7. I love love love those blue pants! And the red belt goes so well with them. New follower by way of WIWW.


  8. I first thought A because of the length of the pants (don’t ask….just the way the noggin works), but then chose B. Why? Less items. I figure…..CRAP! Right theory, wrong option. What I was going to say…er, type was that less items=bought/grifted since more items generally = more money spent. Oh well.

  9. I am guessing that B is thrifted. The pants in exhibit A are wide leg and longer, which is very in right now. I actually think they fit you a little better and have a more dressy look, so that might be why you spent a little more money on them. Either way, you always look beautiful! 🙂

  10. I think it is A. The pants don’t fit you quite right. They are a little big and I don’t think you would have bought them retail too big. 🙂 You look pretty in both pictures though…. as always!

  11. My guess is B. Both outfits are great, but I have an eagle Goodwill eye, with hours of experience flipping through someone’s tossed out …err I mean donated unloved items to put together into work wear which amazes and amuses my co-workers.
    PS: If I’m not right, then don’t tell me or anyone else; I might just lose my Goodwill knowledge ranking in the office. 😉

  12. My guess is A because I love the color combo! No real reason, other than that. I am about 50/50 at guessing the right outfit, so this time I just picked my favorite!
    Even if I am wrong, I LOVE this little game…and your blog! Happy Wednesday!

  13. My guess is A is thrifted because the pants have a little loophole button enclosure on the back and a very high blind hem. Which means they are probably better quality than you can find at say, Old Navy. Which means they may just be from GW?? 🙂

  14. I thought that Exhibit B was thrifted because the shoes in Exhibit A are so gorgeously clean they look like they have only been used for dancing on the ceiling so far! 😉 And what a diva you look in that first outfit! (In a good way!!!) 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!