It was neck and neck for a little while there for Thrifted or Grifted yesterday.

And the comments were hilariously conflicted.

“Well, A looks way better on you, so that one must be retail.”

“Hmm…B is way more flattering, so that one has to be thrifted.”

I tell you what, folks, the opinions of women about fashion are as many and varied as the spots on a leopard (which, as it so happens, is a pattern I have never bought at a thrift store).

The gap did widen finally by 8 AM this morning, with the final count being:



So…which one was 100% thrifted?


Top: ?/GW ($3)
Shorts: GAP/GW ($4)
Shoes: Mossimo/GW ($4)
Bracelet: GW ($1)
TOTAL: $12
Top: Beall’s ($6)
Shorts: Beall’s ($7)
Shoes: Urban Outfitters ($20)
TOTAL: $33

You pulled this one out! Well done!

(Darn those too big shoes in Exhibit A. They betrayed me!)

Oh, and you guys have probably already guessed this, but I don’t usually pay $20 for flats—even cute, striped, sailoresque ones—but when I bought the rug for Della’s room, shipping was either free if you spent $50 or like $15 for the rug alone if you didn’t.

So I paid $5 extra, and got free shipping and some fun, comfy shoes out of the deal.

Gotta love retail math.

OH, and the commenter who gets 5 free entries into tomorrow’s giveaway is Pamela, who said:

“I say A is thrifted because it doesn’t look like it at all to me. Neither does the other one, but I don’t like dark blue.”

That is the most awesomely convoluted, completely nonsensical reasoning ever, and I love it! : )

Okay, so today I thought it would be fun to join in on Bird and Branch’s “The Things He Says” linky, which goes a little something like this: you pick pictures of home décor that you like, then you show them to your husband and see what he thinks.

The thing is…when it comes to fashion, Shaun and I are very different.

He loves neutral and simple, with classic lines…and I do too.

On other people.

But what I gravitate towards for myself is: colorful, complicated, and highly accessorized.

So, you would think that, since home décor is basically fashion for houses, we would be just as different there as well.

Not so much, it turns out.

1. Take this room for example:



I thought he might shield his eyes in pain and exclaim, “Make it stop!”

But instead, he just observed it thoughtfully, then said, “Take away the lamps, and I think I like it.”

(Wooohoo! One turquoise room with a crushed velvet teal sofa and a spunky red chair comin’ right up, baby!)

2. So what did he think of this one?


“Cool dresser. Strange mirror.”

3. And this one?

naked woman room-001

Shaun: “Umm…baby? Why are you showing me pictures of naked women?”

Me:”???? Yikes!” (closes window quick, fast, and in a hurry).

(And yes, I did “alter” her a bit for decency’s sake)

4. Me: “Whaddya think?”

Source: via Marissa on Pinterest


Him: “I think I’m sleepy.”

(Which is funnier than it sounds considering that we were all cozy on the couch, and he was needing to go to bed but staying up just so I could ask him silly décor questions and show him pictures of tranquil-looking bedrooms that he couldn’t escape to yet).

5. With this last one, I finally pushed my luck a bit too far.



His response?: “Oooof.”

And then he went to bed. : )

Want to hear the best part of all?

He goes along with almost all of my harebrained decorating schemes and almost always ends up loving them when I’m done (although there might be an eyebrow quirk or two in the middle of the “creative process’”). He’s kind of ridiculously great like that.

So, what about you guys?

Do you and your hubby agree on decorating styles?

If not, how do you find a happy medium?

Do share!

And have a happy Thursday!


  1. My husband is bland in his decor choices also. In fact, when we first moved to our new place I put a gallery style collection of all our “art” above the couch in the living room (it was a decision based on our budget, not so much on high style). the first day he came home and saw it he complained. Now he shows it off to guests about how “cool his wife is when it comes to decorating”. After that he stopped complaining and I’ve started going bolder with the new things I put up. I have found that introducing new things slowly is the key; a new painting here, some bright throw pillows there…

  2. We’ve been married 53 years and it wasn’t until after our 25th aniversary that he told me he liked things “clean and Spartan”(old description of minimalist). To which I replied, “OOPS!” He also used to meet people at the door who were coming to our house for the first time with, “I know she has a lot of stuff………” I finally took him aside and asked him not to greet people with a disclaimer for his wife. In actuality, if something I changed didn’t get between him and the TV, dining table, or the bed, he was fine with it. He’s great like that. He hasn’t said much about the fact that I papered two walls in the bathroom with the pages of old books other than, “it gives a whole new meaning to “the reading room”! I think his biggest problem is thinking about change….not the change itself. Like the time I wanted to enclose our dusty, catch-all, back porch into a sunroom. He said he liked it just fine the way it was. I asked,”If I can save up the money can I do it?” Thinking he was off the hook, he said “fine.” I got busy couponing and selling some of that “stuff” he apologized for and six months later I was getting my sunroom. Now it is one of his favorite places! ‘Nuf said?!?

  3. Crazy thing is, we do agree (for the most part) on decorating styles. His take, in the end, is….”Do what you want…I’m just the grunt labor.” *sigh

  4. I think he wanted to move the lamps because they were blocking all the framed album covers lining the teal wall. He must of spotted one of his fav’s.

    (yes we agree on deco style, and when we don’t I just get my way anyhow-so we agree in the end really)

  5. My husband is an architect, so he also thinks he is an interior designer…I kinda wish he didn’t care so much, but he does have some really fabulous (expensive) taste. Now to just be able to afford everything he likes…

  6. So glad you got your “feed” fixed! When I didn’t see your posts on mon & tues I thought….uh oh! Is everything ok? But then I realized I just missed it….haha! Glad all is ok and I really loved your bathroom post. So pretty! And I never get a chance to comment on Wed cuz that’s the day that I work 🙁 But, I’m here today and was crackin’ up at this post. My hubby would have said alot of the same things and he is pretty open to all of my hair-brained ideas. Many times I don’t tell him, just go for it and he loves the results. Often, if I tell him, he can’t visualize it like I can and isn’t so sure. But when it is done, he always loves it 🙂 Gotta love those guy brains….man are they different than ours!

  7. haha! Unfortunately, my husband is still stuck on liking cabin-ish hunter green and whatever that redish-mauve color was that went with the hunter green in the 90’s? …I think it was the early 90’s.

    I REALLY want him to love the decor in our next place, but getting him to appreciate anything that isn’t wood is tough! (He’s also a minimalist, and I probably over-do the decorations a little).

    I was happy that really liked the last West Elm catalog. I think we’ve found a style we can both agree upon! Woohoo! It only took us 10 yrs! (I think the last time we agreed, I could have been decorating with cabin-ish hunter green!)

  8. my hubs is so great when it comes to decor, I change it up, and move it around more then a store front I am sure of it! I have been known to have a wild hair and delicately scoot him around on our bed to that other wall that was just perfect and I can’t believe I had not seen that delicious layout before.. all while he sleeps 😉 I am a very out of the box type of gal, tend to see what things can be while others see a heap of junk that should maybe be burned, flying into panic mode as we drive by that free pile, he sweetly stops and helps me drag that hutch and buffet home. he has never come home and had a problem with a hole home makeover, he smiles, hugs me and says… “oh baby it looks great” I have to admit I thought this is how all men were… I mean why would they care about home decor? meeting other women and seeing their husband reactions, or hearing them say… “oh no he would hate that and never let me” I now know how truly blessed I am by this man!

  9. Abbie! Thanks so much for linking up! Love the response from your man! You should definitely jump on the velvet sofa opportunity, those don’t come around often (not in my neck of the woods at least)! Thanks for playing along!

  10. my guy is pretty easy peasy on the decorating part. He has his office and he decorates anyway he wants. i suppose it does help that our living room is western-y themed tho, lol! i luv all the rooms except i’m with him on the last – it hurt my eyes, lol!

  11. Adorable idea!!! Hahaha, I’m pretty lucky in that my man usually goes along with my crazy interior design inspiration, too. He usually says “I don’t really care what it looks like, as long as it’s comfortable”. Yay! Ha, I like to think it’s because my inspiration is usually wonderful and leads to awesome interiors, but it’s also probably because I’m the one that feeds him :]

  12. If I showed my husband the bedroom one he would say “See, I told you, you aren’t supposed to paint bricks!”

  13. My husband and I pretty much always see eye to eye on decor, or at least we compromise. He has great taste!

  14. Hubby could care less about home decor, which works in my favor 🙂 The only thing he has really ever put his two cents in on is our mattress (not sure that counts). BUT, almost every paint color I bought, he says ‘You’re really going to paint with that color.’ EVERY time when it’s done and everything is together, he LIKES it!! Then I tell him…’Yeah, I know what I’m doing’ 😉

  15. Oh, that’s so funny! I love that teal room too. I can’t even get an opinion out of my husband on what he wants to eat for dinner, never mind anything fashion or style related. But he didn’t complain when I painted the kitchen turquoise.

I love hearing from you guys!