First things first…

Apparently, East Texas had an earthquake in the middle of the night…and I never felt a thing.

It was a 4.3-er, and I still just slept like a baby (side note: there’s a great movie line about that phrase, where one character asks another how he slept, and he—a big, burly dude—answers: “Like a baby. Woke up every two hours and cried.” : )).

No injuries or major damage were reported, but between the Dallas tornadoes of last month and now this, it’s starting to feel like the apocalypse is nigh.

Anyhoo, in other news, this was probably my favorite Thrifted or Grifted yet!

You guys were so conflicted, and the voting was SOOOOOOO close that it made for quite an entertaining little saga playing out (okay, saga’s probably too strong a word…bear with me here…we had an earthquake).


Were you right?

(About Thrifted or Grifted, I mean. I am not referring to the “is this chick trippin’?” dialogue that’s running through your mind right now).

Well, 52% said that B was thrifted…


Dress: Plato’s Closet ($12)
Wedges: GW ($3)
Jewelry: GW ($3)
Triumphant expression: aaaaalll mine ($0)
TOTAL: $18
Dress: Beall’s ($15)
Wedges: Dillard’s ($8)
Jewelry: Beall’s ($4)

TOTAL: $27

…and 52% of you were aaaaaalmost right.

It was A.

In addition to being one of the closest-to-call T+G’s on record, it was also one of the closest in terms of $$, mostly because I bought my “owl dress” (which I can now longer think of as anything else) at a new local thrift/consignment store called Plato’s Closet. 

The prices are anywhere from 20% more than my Goodwill (for shirts and skirts) to 50% more (for dresses) to 1,000% more (for designer jeans).

But they only carry of-the-moment looks, and the store is well-organized and clean—with an especially promising and and reasonably priced shoe section—so I’ll definitely be going back.

Oh, and my favorite commenter from this week was a no-brainer.

Becca said:

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again- this game is so fun!!
I think A is thrifted because that navy dress is too blue to be worn in…
unless of course it was thrifted brand new-ish…
then B would be thrifted, because A is not {then the poison would be in my own glass, unless of course you used reverse psychology, then you would have put it in my glass…Princess Bride, anyone?}
Love your hair cute preggers lady!”

Um, hello?

She compliments my hair and my goofy fashion game AND she references the Princess Bride all in one fell swoop?

That’s an automatic win in my book.

(Plus her blog rocks!)

P.S. I’ve been trying to think of a way to word this without sounding desperate for compliments but can’t, so I guess I’ll just say it, and you can take it how you like:

Thank you all so much for your kind words on my pregnancy Wardrobe Wednesday posts.

In “real life,” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say: “Whoa! You’re practically as big now as you were when you had Della!!!”  in the last several weeks.

(I mean, really, was that “whoa!” absolutely necessary? Much better to go the Mandy route and exclaim, “Twins?? But you’re so tiny!” Now, that’s a good woman, there).

Now, I know that people aren’t trying to tell me I’m huge or fat or a whale (yet), but from a preggo’s emotional point of view, the constant amazement at the size of my belly (in terms of largeness) is such a direct contrast to the constant amazement at the size of my last pregnant belly (in terms of smallness) that’s it’s hard not to hear: “DANG, girl, are you sure you should be eating that cookie?”

Please believe me when I say that I’m not hoping that you will leave me a flood of compliments today assuring me of my tininess.

I  can promise you that other people aren’t the only ones who have noticed the difference in “the belly” (it’s twins, for crying out loud), and I am under no delusions that I will (or should be) getting called small by anybody in the next several months, but it is nice to have the perspective of folks who have never seen me pregnant before to help when my whiny, “I’m HUGE!” pregnant alter ego tries to take over the rational being that is buried somewhere under all the hormones.



A while back, the Nester did a post on pet peeves and got about 5,467 responses (okay, actually 324, but who’s counting?) to her request that her readers share their own “drive-me-crazies.”


Well, because she’s the Nester (duh) and because we humans sure do like to vent.

Now, I’m not saying that her post was a bad idea…at all.

In fact, the responses were by turns hilarious, insightful, and quite telling…

But it got me thinking about what the opposite of pet peeves might be?

If x, y, and z are the things that totally make my skin crawl, what are the a,b, and c that make me do happy dances every time they occur?

For me, the short answer is unexpected blessings.


Sure, I like spectacular sunsets, double rainbows, random flowers from my husband, and snuggles from my babies,

But…who doesn’t?

What I mean are the small, fun moments in life when you just can’t help but grin and said, “Thanks for that, Lord.”

So, here are 5 things that are on my list of what I’m calling “Pet Loves,” in no particular order:


Being in a hurry and having dreaded thoughts like, “Oh shoot, I forgot to put the clothes in the dryer, so my exercise shorts aren’t ready,” or, “Oh shoot, I bet the boys didn’t put their shoes back, and now we’re going to spend 10 minutes we don’t have looking for Simon’s flip-flop,” or, “Oh, shoot, I need that gift card, but I don’t remember putting it my purse, and now I don’t have a clue where it is”…only to discover that, either angels have been at work, or I actually did remember to do all of those things, and I’m not going to be late (or have to succumb to the urge to gnaw my own big toe off) after all.


Discovering $5 in my back pocket, a forgotten balance on a gift card, or a $67 Amazon credit I didn’t even know I had.


This one’s very similar to #2, but there’s not much in the small scheme of life that can beat getting to the register with your items and finding out, “Oh, by the way, everything you’re holding is an extra 50% off today,” or, even better—as happened on my last trip to Hancock’s where I bought the last yard or so of fabric on a bolt—“It’s on the house.”


Looking for bloomers to go under one of Della’s skirts only to remember that she’s wearing a snap onesie, so I don’t need them (am I the only one who has trouble keeping up with all the baby girl paraphernalia? Oh dear. I’m in trouble).


Finally managing to remember what/whom something/someone reminds me of because it’s been bugging me all. day. long.

(Okay, so maybe calling that last one a “blessing” is a bit of a stretch, but it sure does make my brain go, “Aaaaaaah”)..

So, what about you?

Do you have “Pet Loves?”

I’d (pet) love to hear them!


  1. Hmmm… how about when you are the type of person who loans out some money and then forget, but the person you loaned it too eventually remembers and randomly hands you twenty bucks? Sort of the opposite of being mad at people who never pay you back, when you’re the person who forget’s you loan.


  2. Oh my goodness Abbie! You are too cute. I think you look amazing and we’re pretty much friends now that I’ve commented about a bazillion times before, which means that I’m telling you the truth and not just buttering you up. I’m pretty sure people were constantly asking me if I was sure I wasn’t having twins because I was quote “getting big so fast”. Ugh. I think all I wanted to hear all pregnancy was, “you look wonderful”…that’s it. No matter what. It’s funny how much you’re analyzed while being pregnant. No one comes up to you in non-pregnant state and comments about how big or little or radiant or tired you look that particular day.
    Funny story: I work at a coffee shop (because what else do people do here in Seattle?) and there was a regular who came in, slightly odd, but kept to himself mostly and was cordial at the register. I didn’t really make it known to many customers/regulars that I was pregnant….so at 8 months people started noticing a significant weight change in my face and occasionally asked in a nice way, “you have a glow going on…is there something exciting you need to tell me?” (also side note: that is pretty, um, dangerous to say to anyone, especially if you’re not sure they’re pregnant…yikes).
    So said customer is in line, two people back from the register while I’m making drinks. The woman in front of him is on her phone and out of nowhere he says, “You know, you’re gaining a lot of weight. Did you know there’s an obesity epidemic going on. You need to be careful”… crickets….pin drop…and every woman within earshot is looking at me. I proceeded to tell him, well, that’s what happens when you’re 8-months pregnant. The lady on the phone is now relaying the unbelievable turn of events to her friend on the phone. Then he says, “oh, well, you’re pregnant, then that’s ok” What the what? I still laugh at how outrageous people can be sometimes! I think people feel like they should say something when you’re pregnant but aren’t entirely sure what.
    So, I’m not sure how that will make you feel any better, buuuut, I think you look amazing and I keep thinking about your little girls growing in there, happy as clams and so lucky for what’s in store for them when they get here.
    Happy Thursday Abbie!

  3. What…earthquake…honestly, north TX gets everything but hurricanes! You look fantastic btw.

  4. OK, seriously? I look as pregnant as you do, and I had my baby a year ago. You look FANTASTIC!

  5. Pet loves – what a great idea. One of mine would be the feeling of thankfulness that comes over me some days as I turn on the road that leads to the school where I teach. It was such a God thing on how I got hired. Teaching high school has it’s ups and downs, but I’m so blessed.

  6. So, I totally chickened out on voting, because I just couldn’t decide.
    Believe it or not, I was 52% sure that A was the thrifted outfit.
    But I didn’t vote, so I know it doesn’t count. 🙂

    I love your Pet Loves.
    I can relate to all of them except the fourth – but that’s super cute. 🙂

    I love it when I am practicing something on one of my instruments that I mess up over and over… and then suddenly something clicks and I just get it.

    Actually, I love any moment in which it feels like I am in a deep cloud, and then I suddenly understand.

    I loving finding a great recipe and realizing that miracle of miracles, i have all of the ingredients.

    I love thinking that I was bad and didn’t make the bed… and then running up to see that I DID make the bed!

    I love finding something that I was positive I had lost.

    Happy Day! Thanks for all of your fun posts. 🙂
    (You look amazing!)

  7. When you are tight for time, have the kids in the back, and have to pick up something at the shops. When you roll into the car park, you find a space right. at. the. door. Easy unload, no traipsing them through the carpark, and THEN you find exactly what you want in a matter of moments.

    Those days that are hectic and full on where you feel as though your head has been down all day while you run frantically around, trying not to ‘trip’ over anything and remember all the stuff that you need to do whilst seeing to the kids needs. And then a breeze blows on you and you lift you head up to breathe it all in. Your soul quiets, and you just get a moment with God that says “Every thing’s OK. I see you. I’m here. You are enough. Just the way you are.”

    Thanks for the post Abbie – it’s been a really hectic week here. Oh, and even though you “carry small”, you ARE tiny. You rather look like I did at 3.5 months with this ONE (my 3rd). 🙂 Eat what ever you need. 🙂

  8. That’s what my mind said, so I win. ha!

    You look amazing! When I was 6 mos, a man stopped me in Kroger, wide eyed and told me I looked like I was about to burst. No lie. I did my best not to burst..out crying…in the middle of the store! UGH.

    I love those moments when it’s quiet and one of my boys comes up behind me and I hear that voice say, “I love you, Mom.” It’s the most amazing thing ever…sigh.

  9. Oh, you do look tiny! Don’t let those comments bother you. I tend to get so large when pregnant (all six times!) that people start asking about twins when I’m only a few months along. I just smile and thank God for the chance to have another baby. Soon, I’ll be too old… However, it would be nice if people wouldn’t make size comparisons of pregnant bellies.

    My favorite little gift is hearing a song that fits my need. It’s like God is bending down to whisper in my ear.

  10. Oh! Thanks so much for the wonderful post. I like focussing on ‘pet loves’ too C:

    I can’t believe I was right! Mind you 50/50 chance.

    I would have to say my biggest pet love is a totally random kindness from a stranger. It reminds me of all the good out there despite the barrage of news.

  11. Love this post! I agree, we’re all quick to rant about things, but how often do we look at the little positives? One of my pet loves, my little girl, out of the blue, telling me she loves me and giving me a big hug. And definitely the getting to the check out and finding out your purchase is way less than you thought. I was at Old Navy and had a pair of clearance jeans that were $15. When the cashier scanned them her jaw dropped. They rang up at $2.98!!! You can rarely get jeans at a thrift store for $3. Another one would be, when I’m not feeling well and the thought of cooking dinner is looming over my head and then I remember I had something in the freezer I can just throw in the oven. Dinner is served!! That actually happened last night. = )

    ~ Catie

  12. Yay! I voted right! What fun that T&G is 🙂
    Hugggggs to you on the preggo comments! The only comment I ever make is to tell a momma she looks great! Which I really mean, any woman who shares her body with a baby(ies) for MANY mos is to be commended in my book……and she always looks beautiful! Which you do, BTW. I was thinking after reading your cupcake post (but forgot to comment, sorry)! That you don’t even look like you are having twins. I was bigger than you were with baby #2 & #3 at 20ish weeks and I was only having ONE! You are rocking it for sure!
    Pet Loves…how fun! hmmmmm…..
    1. I’m so with you on the onesie/bloomer thing….having a girl is challenging in that way for sure. Gotta get the hair accessory too. I love it when I find a bow in my purse when we head out & I forgot to put one on lil girl.
    2. When my boys play nicely for an extended period of time without fights & arguing & sharing problems…they are 5 & 3. Man, that time is bliss!
    3. When baby girl happens to be napping at the same time as above sweet play time……priceless!
    4. Being in a long line at the store with 3 kids and someone opening up another register & you get to be the first one in line!
    5. Those unexpected bursts of energy when I actually get more done than I was planning on….rare but wonderful 🙂 haha!
    Fun post, Abbie! Thanks for making me think of things I’m grateful for….even if they are small & fleeting 🙂

  13. Ok, I just have to comment in hopes that this will make you smile. Or giggle. Or laugh out loud! I was pregnant with my first and sadly crossing the hospital parking lot after being told this baby wasn’t ready to make her appearance yet. While I was on the phone explaining the situation to my mama, a lady drove by, quickly circled around, and yelled to my husband, “Sir, is your wife having twins?”. And, no, I wasn’t. Just hugely pregnant. Now that’s what every expecting mama wants to hear, right?

  14. Great post, as usual. My pet loves, in no particular order: being the person handing off the extra 50% coupon and seeing that astonished look on another person’s face; getting to Sonic just-in-time to get a half price cherry limeade, the smell of my baby’s hair even if he’s been playing hard and sweaty all day long, making the light when I’m in a hurry (mental fist-pump!), and winning an online auction cheaply for something that I’m really jonesing for.

  15. Since it is 5 Things Thursday I will give you 5 of my “Pet-loves” (also because I love things in groups of five. OCD – Maybe, but I’m okay with that)

    1. When my Soon-to-be husband sends me an encouraging text out of the blue (I know that is “mushy”, but I am engaged, I’m allowed to be mushy)

    2. When my Sunday School kids (ages 3-5) get really excited about the lesson and then, after church, can still tell me what we learned.

    3. When I get real mail (not bills or spam) and the postage stamp is placed perfectly square in the corner (Okay maybe I am a tad OCD)

    4. when a man holds the door open for me with a smile ( I live in the north, this is a rare occurrence)

    5. When my cheese is perfectly welted and gooey in my Mac and Cheese or Grilled Cheese…MMMMM….

  16. Just discovered your blog yesterday and I love it! Yay, I was right about the Thrifted vs Grifted!! Boo, I didn’t leave a comment so I couldn’t win! I love the term Pet Loves! One of my favorites is seeing the light on the dishwasher indicating it’s finished, going to empty it, and finding that someone already has!

  17. I LOVE Plato’s closet!! My only complaint is the one I go to has skinny aisles, making it difficult to push a stroller down. But, now my kids are out of strollers….which just means lots of hiding under racks 🙁

  18. one of my favorite things…reading your blog and smiling cause you are saying (much more eloquently) what I would like to say. Extra money in the pocket? Happened to me yesterday…a $20 bill. Go me!! And, and…I went to Michaels, about to check out and the woman in front of me passed me a coupon she didn’t use. 50% percent off an item…thank you thank you!!! Sorry, I don’t relate to the snap onesie. But, it sounds delightful 🙂

I love hearing from you guys!