Okay, I simply cannot let you start your weekend off without first seeing this:


Isn’t it great?

I stole it from one of my friends on my personal FB page and put it on the blog page, and apparently, it struck a serious chord with all the word problem haters out there because it has 250 likes and 1,100 shares and counting as I type this 24 hours after I put it up.



Look who inherited her mama’s love of polka dots and multiple accessories (no, she didn’t technically dress herself, but these are the things she brought me to put on her and was pretty insistent that I comply).


Okay, I kind of think my own daughter looks like a total spaz in this pic, but it’s so cutely spazzy that I just had to show you. (We were teaching her to say, “CHEEEESE,” and she was definitely bringing the cheddar!).


Pardon the blurry shot, but I just had to brag a bit on my toddler’s stellar “downward dog” form.


Gah! She’s such a sweet girl!


Posing—the better to show off all three of her hair accessories.


It’s hard being this cute, but somebody’s gotta do it.

And now that I’ve featured my adorbs daughter, I get to feature your talented selves.

I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, but that in no way means that it’s not good.

Check out these fun embroidery hoops from About Blogging Time. She says they’re super-easy, and I love the results!

I also love this wonderful stenciled table from Domestic Imperfection. That paisley print ROCKS!

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs shared her recipe for yummy, whole wheat crepes, but if I make them, I’m not sure I’ll be sharing with anybody in my family.

Decorate with a Little Bit transformed some antique windows into some very creative (and pretty!) headboards, and I think the effect (the whole room, really) is absolutely charming!

Two Story Cottage claims that this wallpapered dresser redo represents her first attempt at a furniture revamp, but with results this good, I don’t know if I believe it!

Rambling of an Ophelia shows us just how far a little gold paint can take a trunk turned table.

And finally, in yet another stroke of shoe makeover genius, Etcetorize transforms a pair of basic black pumps into something special with just a few key ingredients (this was already on my list of things to do, but now, I’m so in)!

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And now it’s your turn again!

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  1. Sitting here on a Sunday afternoon trying to print out all the great tutorials you linked to before my little one wakes up from her nap- sheesh! Next week don’t post so many projects that I can’t do without!

  2. Whole wheat crepes? No way! I have to go check that out. Your daughter is so adorable! My son is just at that age where he’s starting to have an opinion about what he wants to wear. It’s always “hockey shirt!” Which is too small, poor boy.

  3. The polka dot girly is cute, but about that math word problem thingy…… for those of us who suffer from that scenario, it’s like reading what we see in our head. Validation for our affliction.


  4. Oh my goodness your little girl is adorable, I think she is practicing her poses for her very own Thrifted or Grifted 🙂 Her eyes sparkle just like her Momma’s. And, I have to tell you that I stole, your steal of that word problem card, it made me laugh outloud. At the time though I couldn’t remember where I saw it whether on facebook or where. Have a great weekend, and thanks for the post!!

  5. Good gravy, that girl is the cutest! Love that big smile…it’s so hard to catch that on film. What a great way to start the weekend.

  6. Oh my goodness, you’re daughter is SO CUTE!!!!!! I can’t stop smiling. Almost makes me want to go and wear three hair accessories to see if I can be so cute.

  7. OH, thank you, thank you for the feauture! I told you it made my day.
    And I’ve got nothing this week but I’ll visit some links tonight for sure…
    And math problems give me the shivers so I LOVE the e-card thingie. 🙂

  8. Thanks again so much for featuring my crepes Abbie! Love it!
    And your little girl is soooo cute! Love the hair accessories!

  9. Cutest little baby girl EVER! Love these pics…she’s oozing with creativity like her mommy! Thanks for hosting Abbie! XO, Aimee

  10. How about?

    Q. How many Surrealist Painters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A. The fish!

    Ok, likely only a teacher finds that funny. Have a great weekend C:

  11. What a cutie!!!! and I love that wallpapered dresser, wow what a great idea!! Thanks for hosting again!

  12. LOL, I am a math geek, I tutored for several years after college while I was substitute teaching to make some extra money, however I still love that ecard. There is always a time when your tired and you try to compute in your head and you feel like your brains are oatmeal. Thanks for the laugh and the party.

  13. Thank you for hosting! You little girl is adorable! My tot rocks the “downward facing dog” as well 🙂 they all seem to like that one!

I love hearing from you guys!