It’s Friday!

Not sure how that snuck up on me so fast…except maybe that I’ve been busy dreaming of “twin this” and “twin that” all week, and somehow the time just flew by!

Hope your week has gone just as quickly and your thoughts have been just as pleasantly occupied.

Of course, perusing Pinterest for ideas for the twins’ nursery hasn’t exactly been a huge productivity boost, but it sure is fun!

I came up with this:

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


I’m thinking this is bound to happen around our house at some point (unless the girls just use their identical brainwaves or their “twin language” all the time, in which case, they could plot all kinds of mischief without our knowing it…oh dear).

And this:

Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


Yes, I know. Elegant in the extreme. (But oh so true).

And THIS, which I think is just the cutest.


Source: via Abbie on Pinterest


With a white background, I actually think it could be a really fun complement to the Amy Butler wallpaper I showed you on Tuesday, which looks like this, in case you’ve forgotten or haven’t seen it yet:



That’s what I got.

I will not show you my piles of laundry. Or my unmopped floors.

But I will be happy to show off some of your splendidness (#1 reason to host a linky party! Even if you have an unproductive week, about 50,000 people out there churned out the coolest stuff ever, which either helps you breathe a sigh of relief at having somebody to cover for you…or makes you feel really guilty for being a bum!).

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (and my own sweet mama’s birthday the day after), I’m loving all the inspiration for yummy breakfasts and brunches.

Like these strawberry scones from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Or these Banana Chimis from Crumbs and Chaos.

Or these yum-mo looking cinnamon roll pancakes shared by From Dahlias to Doxies.

OR, if sweet isn’t your thing, these stuffed mushrooms from Will Cook for Smiles.

I know your stomach is rumbling, but don’t run off to the kitchen just yet because I also want you to see this beautiful window box revamp from Decorate With a Little Bit.

And this jaw-dropping stenciled rug transformation from Creatively Living

And this acrylic paint shoe makeover from It’s Just Laine.

I love to do fun stuff with my hair, but I must admit, I’ve gotten pretty lazy lately. Craftionary pretty much takes away all my excuses with her round up of fun summer hairdos, though. I want to give them all a try!

This peacock blue wine bar makeover from Markham Street Design definitely caught my eye (click over for a fun little surprise detail from the side view).

And finally, this porch spruce from Design, Dining, and Diapers just put a huge smile on my face!

Feel free to grab a button from the sidebar if you’ve been featured!

And now it’s your turn again!

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  1. Hey Abbie! Somehow I missed linking up Friday. I remembered when I was checking out those tasty chocolate covered strawberries and cup cakes. Ahh, you’re killing me! lol Hope your week is off to a great start. =) Thanks for hosting.

    ~ Catie

  2. How much fun are you going to have shopping/decorating for twins? Hopefully enough to last through the diaper stage…;) Thanks for hosting, and I finally have something to link up!

  3. You will have to confirm for me if the age old wives-tale is true that twins have the Olympic event of synchronized pooping. If so, you will need two of the same onsies altered a bit….Ipood & Ipood2


  4. Thank you so much for hosting! I have enjoyed your blog in so many way! More than five to be exact! : ) I would love to know what time you start your party. I am trying to get a party list organized. I am always pulling up late to everyone’s party. Please let me know when you get the chance! Love, Me

  5. Hi Abbie! Congratulations on your twins! My dad is an identical twin and I have observed one of the most magical relationships ever between him and my uncle. I think identical twins have a special connection that the rest of us don’t have. What a huge gift. PS Thanks for hosting. 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for featuring my Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Abbie! Those iPood iPeed onesies are hilarious! You’re awesome for hosting!

  7. Thanks for hosting and congrats on your double bundles of joy! 😉

    Kim @ Little Rays of Sunshine

  8. Thanks for hosting. I have had a good month working on the yard/garden and so much is in blossom.

  9. I love seeing the new nursery finds- so much fun!! Thanks for hosting, and your features were gorgeous! I”m off to check’em out better!
    xo Becca

  10. Happy Friday!!! Thank you so much for featuring my porch! So exciting! Also, thanks for hosting 🙂

  11. Such adorable twin decor 🙂 And a great list of features…thanks for including my Banana Chimis! Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. I joined your party today! I linked my daughter’s dresser….

    I LOVE those pear prints. And I pinned that Amy Butler wallpaper a couple months ago; I don’t know that I’ll even do anything with it but I can wait to see someone use it!! Soooo cute. 🙂 🙂

  13. Yay Abbie! Thank you for featuring our vintage window shadowbox! (and those twins item are sooo darn cute) Thank you too for hosting another great party! Little Bit

  14. This is so exciting! Thanks for featuring me and hosting another fab party.. 🙂 Have a great weekend

  15. Thanks for hosting! I am LOVING those first prints. You need them. : )

    I’ve already bookmarked the post about hairstyles. That was a great feature! My mom is getting married next Sunday and this girl needs to do her own hair…I have a feeling it’s going to come in handy. Hair experimentation this weekend? Sounds good. : )

  16. Girl…I’ve been thinking about twins all week, too! I’m so excited for you!! Thanks for hosting…and keep up the chitter chatter about it…SO FUN!!! Identical Baby Girls…unreal!!! Love it! Total blessing!

  17. Congrats on the twins! What adorable goodness you have found in preparation for your new arrivals…I’m torn between the Pears and the tin can phone prints…when in doubt get them both 🙂 All of the other features are equally delightful…may have to add those stuffed mushrooms to my Mother’s day brunch menu. Thanks for hosting!


  18. I’ve ALWAYS wanted twins and those onesies are not helping the urge!! SOOO CUTE! Grats on the double blessing! 🙂

  19. ….and just for the record, my kids are getting a real kick out of those onesies! –Katie

  20. Hey Abbie,
    Thanks sooo much for the feature! Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend!!!

    –Katie @ Creatively Living (I think you have it as Living Creatively up there lol.)

  21. Ok those onesies are totally making me laugh this morning!!! Too cute! And I can’t wait to see what you put together for your girls room…you have such a fantastic style sense so I know it will be adorable!! Thanks for hosting!!!

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