Okay, people.

I’m about to be that girl who doesn’t want to talk…but still wants your help anyway.

Because, quite honestly, today, I don’t have much time to talk (not if my guests for the big dinner party on Friday night are going to actually get any of the dinner that’s kind of implied in the event title, anyway).

And I haven’t been wearing anything you would want to see anyway, since my uniform for the last week has consisted of sweaty workout clothes and sweaty, paint-smeared project clothes.

But I would still love it if you’d stick around and help me because I have a very serious, important, and momentous decision to make.

I bet you already have an idea of what it is too!

THE party dress!

If you’ve ever had trouble deciding what to wear to an event that’s important to you, imagine (or remember) trying to nail “the dress” while you’re in a most inconvenient stage of pregnancy—not big enough to need a full-on tent but too big for all the cute, little summer dresses out there that require you to have a waistline (the nerve).

Now, compound that with the fact that you’re a miser like I am and don’t want to spend a lot (otherwise, that perfect Kate Spade frock I spotted online last week would already be on my doorstep), and you’ve got yourself a real pickle.

Which is where you come in.

I’ve been scouring the local Goodwills, Ross’s, Marshall’s, and clearance racks in general, and, while I haven’t found the one that makes me go, “YES!” (don’t think that’s happening again until well after the twins are born anyway), I did manage to dig up some options that I like well enough to say, “Yeah, that could work.”

Here they are, in no particular order.



Note: I’ll need a full slip since this one’s a bit transparent




Note: Ditto this one, which might require Spanx too (do they make those for pregnant people?), since the material is thin and a bit clingy,




Note: the bodice on this one’s too big, so I’ll have to do a few nip/tucks.



Note: this one’s still on its way, so I have no idea how it will fit.

I would also absolutely love to wear a necklace very similar to this one from J. Crew (though not actually that one because—hoo-ah!—it’s $150!!!):

bubble necklace

…which looks like this when worn:

bubble necklace1

(mine won’t be as big)

But any other suggestions for accessories (particularly shoes) or hairstyles or last minute places I can find the perfect cheap dress for a preggo girl who still wants to feel attractive at a fun, summer party…I would LOVE to hear them!

I’m including a poll for easy voting, but you know I will love you (even more) for-evah and evah if you explain your choice in the comments.

And now I’m off to vacuum something (it’s pretty much a take-your-pick kind of deal).


Which one is THE dress?

Thanks tons ahead of time for your help!


  1. I love #3. It’s a fun, summery dress that gives the girls room without the material being too clingy. Also, the color of the necklace would look great against the purple. 🙂

  2. Well since 95 percent of my wardrobe is black, that’s the one I would wear, however for you I pick the blue and white number. It looks young, and fun and party like.


  3. Crazy about #3. I seems perfect for a summer dinner party! I know you’ll dress is up with all the right accoutrements! Can’t wait to see what you decide! ~Lori

  4. I voted for number 2. I love a pretty maxi dress. I think it would look gorgeous with some coral accessories for a pop of color. The neckline is detailed enough so you don’t need anything too busy, but a pair of chunky drop earrings would be beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you pick. Anything you choose will look beautiful, I’m sure!

  5. Option 2. The colour will look hot with the necklace, it looks like it has room enough for you to eat comfortably with a baby bump ANNND… you won’t have to shave your legs! (Which is a prob if you can’t bend well). You’ll be find without the spanks.
    I do love both option 1 and option 4 as well. Option 1 looks like it will need heels or wedges to complete it (and maybe that black sparkley necklage your friend gave you – you wore it with a red top for G or T).
    Option 4 is lush. Make it summery with some coral coloured accessories or something.
    Option 3 makes me think of shopping trips or maybe a picnic (teamed with a short sleeved cardi). Whatever you choose, you will look wonderful girl, ’cause you just know how to pull things together. Oh, and you DO NOT look fat. Let’s just get that straight right now. You look wonderfully feminine and pregnant – a look that some envy. (So maybe they don’t know about the difficulty it causes in bending, but hey, I’ve worn lace up bodices as a bridesmaid before – and you can’t bend very well in them either!)
    Ok, epistle enough. Wear a smile and a gorgeous twinkle in your eyes, and you will look stunning in anything!
    S x0x

  6. so as you have probably been informed already, they absolutely make spanx for maternity needs and I loved them! They are very comfortable since I hated anything on my actual stomach, but they even seems to help as I got bigger because they were great support for my legs as I was feeling so heavy. So go to Nordstrom RAck (or beg off another prego girly) and love your preggo spanx almost as much as the regular ones. I voted for #3, but only if you feel good serving in your strapless bra- pregnancy is the only time you can really show off the ta ta s a bit without feely suggestive (hello, belly right there already), but if you are not loving the strapless bra, go back to #2- color would look so good on you, could still wear your hair up and out of the way, some fun sandals and a chunky bracelet and enough room to eat whatever you want!
    I was prego 3x during the summer having all fall/winter babies- lived in maxi dresses from Forever 21 (like $9) and just added a cardigan on top when needing more coverage. Have fun Friday night!
    amy Miller

  7. I think the third dress would look beautiful on you and you could quickly make a yellow sash to attach where the existing waistband is and this would incorporate the yellow and allow you to do a quick tutorial on the nip/tuck and sash for all of us to enjoy!! 🙂

  8. Here are my thoughts…#1 will make all the girls jealous that you are THAT cute and the men will be thinking…”Honey, where can we get a dress like that for you?” #2 is a little plungy in the neck area…and I’m the kind that gets offended when cute girls are showing my husband their assets. #3 is cute too, but I don’t know about the strapless part of it. It would look darling on you though. #4 is very elegant, but black is not a “summer” color.

  9. I voted for #3. Just like the color & pattern. I was kinda liking the long blue one, but thought it might show every line & such w/o the Spanx. Yes, they do make maternity Spanx. I own a pair and wore them for some special occasions while preggo.
    AND check out this post about that necklace (you might also get sucked in my her fab hair tutes). She was also swooning over it, but found a knock-off on ebay for $18! Sweet!
    Can’t wait to see post-party pics! I’m sure you will look fab in whatever you choose!

  10. I love the long blue one–seems very garden-y & relaxed…kinda like “yah? This whole outdoor party thing, no biggie”. And the blue would be gorgeous with your eyes. I would belt it on top of your “bump” with a neon green belt. Very earth-mother gorgeous. Good luck!!

  11. I really like #3 and think it would look great with brown or metallic sandals (they could be flat or wedges). I just put myself in your shoes and thought I would be most comfortable in that.

  12. Abbie,
    You mentioned recently that Plato’s Closet as recently opened near you. Often times Clothes Mentor (as sister company??) is located right next door. They carry more “mature” clothing items including a fantastic maternity section!

  13. I was torn between 3 and 4. Love 3 for that little bit of structure, the print and I know you would really be adorable in it cuz blue is a great color for you. That said, if your party vibe is more casual than formal, I’d go with 4 (or 2 without worrying over spanx because you’re adorably preggo, NOT FAT). 4 (and 2) are much more boho and you could even rock some barefoot sandals with either! I can see it with your hair up in a multibraid bun that you showed in pictures for the blogger convention. Add some long sparkly earrings instead of the chunky necklace and you’re set. I think the main thing is that you feel comfortable – sitting, standing, bending over (that is a HUGE one for me, no pun intended, cuz “the girls” tend to want to escape if I’m wearing anything remotely low cut).

    See, I love parenthesis, too. 🙂

  14. While all of them are cute, I vote for the third one. Seriously, no pregnant girl should have to wear Spanx to a dinner party. That’s just wrong. : ) You will look cute no matter what you wear! Have fun!

  15. I vote for number four- this is an outdoor party, right? It looks cool and sophisticated and great to pop some jewelry with- you won’t be pulling or tugging at anything, won’t need a slip, won’t have to alter anything, and you can drape the magnificent baby bump in class! Not sure you’ll look as elegant in number three. Just my opinion- but my mantra is that you can never have too many black dresses or white shirts! Good luck with the party- don’t work too hard!

  16. Clearly, I have good taste, as I picked the most popular dress. But I WAS torn between dress 1 and dress 3…

    I can’t wait to see pictures from this FABULOUS party!!

  17. Option 3 has the fit-and-flare kind of look that I tend to like on not only pregnant figures, but everyone with any amount of curves. I just stumbled upon your blog the other day via pinterest, and I am hooked! THanks!

  18. I am 18 weeks pregnant. I know exactly what you mean about not needing a tent, but not having a waist anymore! I bought three maternity maxi dresses from Target. They all look great and make me feel pretty. https://www.target.com/p/Liz-Lange-for-Target-Maternity-Sleeveless-Maxi-Dress-Black-Camel-Cream/-/A-13933261, https://www.target.com/p/Liz-Lange-for-Target-Maternity-Sleeveless-V-Neck-Maxi-Dress-Blue/-/A-13983136, and https://www.target.com/p/Liz-Lange-for-Target-Maternity-Sleeveless-V-Neck-Maxi-Dress-Sunburst-Purple/-/A-13979360. They aren’t too clingy, so no spandex needed! But they do require a tank top underneath. (Though Motherhood Maternity sells maternity spandex if you’re interested.)

  19. I’m pregnant too, our due dates are weeks apart, so I’m totally with you on trying to find a cute dress that looks cute, and doesn’t “tent” me and make me looke huge, but also doesn’t cut into my stomach area making me wish I was in drawstring sweatpants. So, with that said I went with option 2, since maxi dresses are my jam.

    Actually, then never have been before I got pregnant, but now that wearing clingy clothes actually makes my stomach cuter, instead of accentuate my muffin top, I’m all about them. So, I have found 2 stores that rock at cheap (under $20) maxi dresses. H&M- I think they are $17 and they have black, grey and a blk/grey/blue patterned, all which are cute and easy to dress up with fun jewelry (which they aso have cheap) and a cute thin belt- they are jersey fabric, and pretty slim fit, but really cute- looks like they don’t have it online but they have a ton in store if you have one close to you.

    Old Navy also came through for me with a cute striped maxi that is also cheap $19 I
    think. Again, it’s not online, but in stores.

    Good luck!

  20. Love #4, this is sort of my uniform for the summer and when I was pregnant I wore something similar all the time. Takes you anywhere and with a funky necklace dressy for any occassion.

  21. i loved option #1 until i saw option #3 and i love that one more. UNLESS your decor will match with the dress (you know what i’m saying’) ‘cuz there’s no way you want to MATCH your decor. coordinate, yes. match? no! so depending on your decor and how fat you feel the day OF the party depends on which dress you wear. i think you’ll “feel” more pregnant in option 1 but if you’re having an “i’m fabulously pregnant with twins!” day then you’ll still love yourself in option 1. enough ramblings. b/c i’m sure i haven’t actually helped you out yet with your decision. but there you have it. option 1 if you’re having an “i’m fabulous!” day and option 3 if you’re feeling pregnant FAT (b/c that pattern will help hide the preggo bump).

    disclaimer: you are adorably pregnant. you are not fat. i’ve had three kids and i know it’s not about how you look to others but how you FEEL yourself. yep. it’s true. and now i’ve begun rambling again.

  22. #3 for sure! One and two are out because of the whole slip idea. Did you forget you live in Texas? It’s too dang HOT for a slip! And #3 just screams casual elegance which is YOU, dear girl. Nip and tucking the bodice is the only reason I would shy away because who needs one MORE thing to do? But you can get ‘er done. I have faith. xoxo

  23. I voted for #4, first off I absolutely love #1, why? just because, it is amazing the vintage lace look, the straps are comfy, the little black tie belt, but really a slip would suck to wear when pregnant, I’ve been there, no extra layers really, so basic black it is, comfy style, but still sexy, you will look awesome and hair up, necklace on, and what belly, where did it go, ya, eyes will be up on your neck, face and hair! You rock, love your posts, have a great time 🙂

  24. #4 – Classic, Comfortable, Can be Dressed Up or Down, Can be worn with wedges, heels or flat sandals, Gold Jewelry or Silver Jewelry or COLORFUL Jelwelry, Hair up or Hair down…the possibilities are endless 😉 Whatever you pick – Have Fun!

  25. well i love #1…that cream lace=so sweet, the black trim=so chic
    my thoughts on #2…the phrases “spanx” + “pregnant” (with twins, no less)=should never be uttered in the same sentence.
    #3…darling. but maybe a tad dressy. that design in it made me think of something royal and really fancy–don’t know if your party is that dressy. and having to add “alter the bodice” to my to-do list would send me right over the edge. you don’t know me, but let’s just say that me and a sewing machine are not bff’s. and i have the handmade bear with it’s arms on backwards from homemaking class to prove it.
    #4…the one i voted for. i think it’s classy, but casual and would look so cute with any accessory you choose.

    can’t wait to see which one you pick!

  26. I voted for number three! It’s dressier, which is always fun at a dinner party, and doesn’t require anything potentially uncomfortable underneath. So cute and cozy, can’t go wrong there! I’d wear nude heels with it, pin your hair up with some loose curls left down and a statement necklace in turquoise. I can just see how cute you’ll look now. 🙂 My second choice was number one which I LOVE. But I know that when I’m the hostess – I inevitably get something on me and would worry all night about a white dress. So that’s really the only reason I didn’t pick it.

  27. I chose option 1…I’m a sucker for lace. Since it’s black and white you could wear any color of shoes and jewelry.

I love hearing from you guys!